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Duce Coleman to the Sunshine State’s beautiful parks where he can brush up on his flora fauna and wildlife and importantly collect the missing stamps for his park passport bookBut as the old saying goes the apple doesn’t fall far   Serge is thrilled to discover he may be related to a notorious serial killer who’s terrorized the state for twenty years and never been caught Which one of his newfound relatives will be the one to help him hunt down this derange

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Tropic of Stupid

Serge A Storms embarks on a tour to meet his long lost relatives in this latest madcap entry in the bestselling series from Florida’s “compulsively irreverent and shockingly funny” Boston Globe Tim DorseyDevoted Floridaphile Serge Storms is a lover of history so he’s decided to investigate his own using one of those DNA services from late night TV Excited to construct a family tree he and Coleman hit the road to meet his kin Along the way he plans to intro

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D maniac Serge doesn’t know that a dogged investigator from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is also hot on the trailThen Serge meets a park ranger who’s also longing to make a family re connection But all is not as it appears on the surface and Serge’s newfound friendship in the mysterious swamps of Florida may lead to deadly resultsFinding his own relatives has made Serge understand the importance of family Of course he’ll do anything to help  

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    TROPIC OF STUPID is the first book I have read by Tim Dorsey I point this out because a this is the twenty fourth book in the series and b if you have read the other twenty three you are going to read this too and c for anyone else it's a uestion of whether the other twenty three are worth reading or not I do not think that you have to have

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    Serge A Storms has a new outlook on life one of wringing every precious second out of it and making people happy He is a lover of economy motels and taking photos of old signs in his beloved Florida He is also wo

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    Not as funny as some but still very enjoyable Serge seems to be getting a bit less violent lately but does have his moments Coleman will aways be ColemanI do enjoy the history of Florida lessons

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