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Generations of brilliant editors artists and writers who struggled with commercial mandates a fickle audience and over matters of credit and control one another Written by Sean Howe former comic book reviewer and editor at Entertainment Weekly Marvel Comics The Untold Story is a gripping narrative of one of the most extraordinary beloved and beleaguered pop cultural entities in Americas histo.

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Sean Howes history of Marvel makes a compulsively readable riotous and heartbreaking version of my favorite story that of how a bunch of weirdoes changed the worldThat its all true is just frosting on the cakeJonathan LethemExhaustively researched and artfully assembled this book is a historical exploration a labor of love and a living illustration of how the weirdest corners of the countercul.

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Ture can sometimes become the culture at large Chuck KlostermanIn the early s Marvel Comics introduced a series of bright costumed superhero charactersincluding Iron Man the Hulk Thor the X Men the Fantastic Four Daredevil and the Amazing Spider Manthat would evolve into a modern American mythology for millions of readers Over the last half century these characters have been passed along among.