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A freewheeling lifestyle Life is much less complicated without dating Especially dating a man like Cord Barton a rock star who’s too gorgeous too young and too carefreeCord knows his life needs change but he doesn’t expect it in the form of a beautiful pie maker named Reese She’s a much needed star in his burnt out life Because when it comes to plans he wants her for than dessert RIVERBEND by Ciara Knight Bestselling AuthorFive years after the death of his wife Dr Mitchem Taylor is ready to share his life with someone Only one thing stands in the way of giving love a second chance the strictly enforced no dating rule A rule that pierces his heart every time he thinks about his university assistant Cynthia When a handsome man shows interest in her Mitchem must choose between love for his career or love for his beautiful assistantSince the day she saw her boss Mitchem care for his son’s knee at a little league game Cynthia Gold has been in love with him Pining away over a love she can never have forces her to make a drastic change a new job thousands of miles away But can she walk away from her life she enjoys and a b. Botanist Audrey Summer is going to a friend s wedding She s also looking fo a Marcos Alfaro who hires her assistant She s afraid that Mr Alfaro is trying to steal her work of a richer strain of cocoa She meets Nino who is Marcos Alfaro She spends time with him and actually likes him She tells him some of her work and how she s angry about Mr Alfaro hiring her assistant He really likes her but he s afraid of commitment So he doesn t tell her the truth He doesn t trust people thanks to his father who left him and his mother homeless and penniless When Audrey finds out who he is she test him Twist and turns in this story Will try love conuer all Will Nino make a mistake and let her go I love it


And then He Kissed Her

Oy who’s like a son or keep her heart bound to a man who may never love herALONG CAME YOU by Hildie Mcueen Bestselling AuthorOff to an awkward start Gina Mills and Jake Weston attempt to ignore the attraction between them and stick to the business of selling his house Unfortunately circumstances keep cropping up that make it difficult When the past collides with the present a surprising turn of events makes them rethink if they were meant to be after allUPTOWN HEIRESS by Lindi PetersonAt an after party for the reality series Love Atlanta Style hotel empire heiress Grace Adams has an epiphany Love isn’t a game and neither is life It’s time to find a job and prove she doesn’t need Daddy’s moneyWaiter Justin Walker is biding his time working for the rich crowd who thinks they’re owed everything But his service pays off when he meets the beautiful Grace Adams He asks her out oblivious to the fact that she’s a hotel heiressWhen they find out they are competing for the same job Grace and Justin try to maintain their budding friendship and romance until Justin discovers the truth Grace represents all he tries to avoid. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Always a Bridesmaid Melinda Curtis Can you imagine being a bridesmaid 13 times I sure can t That s exactly what Nicole had been through She was a master baker and had set her eyes on a man who just didn t know she existed beyond catering gigs Call it the curse Chef Sean usually works the catering gigs alongside Nicole and doesn t want her leaving NY for LA and has plans of his own to break the curse Just wait until you what happens with his plans This book was full of love humor and suspense It was a light and fun read Riverbend Ciara Knight Dr Mitchum Taylor widow has a lovely assistant named Cynthia who has wanted than that for the last four years They decide to attend an awards ceremony in Dr Taylor s honor Little did they realize that this night would change the dynamics of their whole relationship I really enjoyed this book It had just the right amount of suspense and doubts that you would expect from new relationships I also found it kind of sweet since one of the characters was a widow with a child Along Came You Hilde Mcueen Jake client of real estate agent Gia is in no mood to be in Augusta Georgia He lost what feels like his only family his grandmother a few months ago and now needs to sort through her stuff and list her home on the market This is why he s meeting Gia He never expected to fall for her Gia never expected to fall for Jake and she never expected to fall in love with Jake s grandmothers home The first time she stepped into it she knew she had to make an offer but was that an offer on the home or on her heartAlong Came You is one of the sweetest books that I ve read in a while I can still feel that ooey gooey feeling you get when you ve read something so mushy that you just have to keep it a little while longer You will not regret this choice in books Trust me Uptown Heiress Lindi Peterson Once in a while love does cross the boundaries of money and places in society Grace Adams a rich woman trying to make her own way in the world Justin is the lower class waiter at her dads hotel trying to get a leg up in the world Their paths cross several times and when they begin to fall for each other Grace is left wondering if they can actually make it work despite their levels in society and the fact that she has hidden her true identity from Justin I enjoyed this book and I really liked that it made you feel good about someone rich trying to make their way on their own Charmer Brinda BerryReese and her plans for life HA Her niece Olivia on the other hand had her own plans for Reese and really wish that Reese would trust her Reese and Olivia meet Rock star and it turns Reese s life upside down This was a cute story It was relatable to real life Has a lovely ending too

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ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID by Melinda Curtis USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning AuthorNicole Edwards has walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid thirteen times Thirteen times In an effort to change her luck this master baker plans to give up waiting for Jake – who doesn’t know she’s alive – sell her business in New York City buy a food truck in Los Angeles and find her own happily ever after Chef Sean O’Malley could use Nicole’s dessert skills at his restaurant in New York City In fact he’s banking on a joint venture with Nicole although he hasn’t yet approached her about it When he learns during a pre wedding event they’re both working that she’s moving to LA because she’s giving up on Jake he decides to give her a crash course on how to be noticed Sean has after all three younger sisters He knows how a woman’s mind works But he doesn’t factor in how his heart works or how easily it could be broken CHARMER by Brinda Berry Reese McClain has a solid plan in place finish raising her teenage niece run her pie bakery and avoid entanglements with a tempting man After all her sister deserted her own child for. I read and am reviewing Riverbend by Ciara Knight This is the first book I have read by the author and was in love with every bit of it If I had one complaint it would be that it was too short I wanted MORE LOL Riverbend was sweet and refreshing My heart really went out to Mitchem and Cynthia they were both pretty much clueless of what the other person felt Of course Mitchem is still trying to live in the past and is not sure if he s ready to move on but once he realizes things he knows he cant live with out the one that s been standing in front of him this whole time but it just might be too late Cynthia has been chasing Mitchem for far too long and she cant stand by and wait any longer and is debating whether or not she should just move on I really loved reading Riverbend and am now excited to read by Ciara Knight

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    I read and am reviewing Riverbend by Ciara Knight This is the first book I have read by the author and was in love

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    There is not

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    If you are looking for a book that will have you laughing out loud throughout you have found it Grandma Dottie's antics are super cr

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    Botanist Audrey Summer is going to a friend’s wedding She’s also looking fo a Marcos Alfaro who hires her assistant She’s afraid that Mr Alfaro is trying to steal her work of a richer strain of cocoa She meets Nino wh

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    I read and reviewed Charmer by Brinda BerryA sweet fairytale love storyI have intention of finding out the other two books of this box set

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    I loved the title of this contemporary set but then I noticed two authors I loved and I was sold on reading it Cia

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    I really enjoyed this box set They were packed with emotion and I loved the first kissesAlways a Bridesmaid by Melinda CurtisMaster baker Nicole had been a Bridesmaid 13 times All she wants is someone to love and love her back But her grandma has told her she is cursed That she has her love of baking and her drive for success and there is no room for love So she gives up Valentine weekend to work for TiffanyChef Sean is the wedding caterer

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    This anthology of 5 books is the perfect book for summer It could be a delightful beach read or a curl up and read on the porch read or just read anywhere it's cool read I loved them all and only wished they were a little longer because I enjoyed the characters so much Only one author Melinda Curtis was familiar

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Always a Bridesmaid – Melinda Curtis Can you imagine being a bridesmaid 13 times???? I sure can't That's exactly what Nicole had been through She was a master

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    Kindle Copy for ReviewThis is a set of five different stories from five different authors about finding love in different situationsFirst we

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