(epub / Pdf) The Way We Live with Color AUTHOR Stafford Cliff

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Concluding section of the book is a rich seuence of images depicting how color is used differently around the world Taken together this book is sure to be a source of inspiration for anyone interested in interiors and decorating.


The Way We Live with Color

Proceeding from the general to the specific the book begins with different styles and forms of housing and how these are affected and influenced by color For example the simplicity of white clapboard New England colonials lend t.

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Hemselves to formal approaches while the lighthearted pastels of the Caribbean invite informal juxtapositions of style The book then explores how varying materials and textures open up new areas for exploring color and mood The.

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    Nice to read alongside a book of all white decorating This book is organized by color family and includes lots of photos of the colors outside of decoration too

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    Not as fun as I was expecting