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Amily’s cabin on their own but when Sissy’s boyfriend bails on her for the umpteenth time and Sam’s on again off again girlfriend gets sick and can’t go the two of them find themselves alone and get into far trouble than two siblings ever should Selena Kitt’s Daddy’s Favorites where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo daddy daughter fantasy to life Darla Daddy’s Favorites Sheltered Darla never knew her real father and now her stepfather has a whole new life and family she only feels peripherally a part of When her stepfather asks her to babysit for her younger stepsister Darla takes the opportunity to ask her daddy to prove his love for her in a way so illicit and wicked it shocks them both but leaves them craving Tina Daddy’s Favorites Chubby Tina thinks she couldn’t hate herself any than she already does when she overhears her skinny mother telling a friend “We’re going to be stuck with Tina forever No guy is ever going to want her” It’s her first year of college and she vows to move in with a girlfriend instead of stay with her parents any That is until her stepfather catches her with going out the door in the middle of the night with a suitcase Tina finally tearfully confesses and is surprised by her stepfather’s insight and perspective and how willing he is to show her just how beautiful and loveable he thinks she really isAnna Daddy’s Favorites Bookworm Anna is always reading something unless it involves her school work Her mother and stepfather have tried everything to get her to get good grades and now that’s she’s at community college they’re worried she’s never going to make it Her stepfather comes up with an ingenious incentive plan to pay his stepdaughter for getting A’s but Anna tells him she wants something far naughty than money She wants her stepdaddy insteadChrista Daddy’s Favorites Spoiled Christa has never wanted for anything in her life She’s the head cheerleader at a major university dr. I ve reviewed each book in this collection individually up until the last one Becca Becca is about a tomboy an 18 year old girl who wants her stepfather romantically and sexually He wants her too The fact the her motherhis wife is away from home on business over 90% of the year gives them plenty of time to foster those feelings and ample opportunity to act on them Once Becca is over 18 and wants to trade in her tomboy attire for seductive attire she goes over the top and vamps it up for her stepdad s benefit He notices and punishes her in a very adult mannerThe collection as a whole was enjoyable The step sibling stories showed ore originality in plot and character development each story a complete departure from the last The Daddy s Favorites collection was cookie cutter with each successive book the featuring the same formula and plot pointsthey key differences being only which stereotyped personality the daughter has and the reasons behind why her mother is a bad enough parent and wife that the stepfather stepdaughter sex is justifiedThe book is recommended overall offering a sizeable collection of highly readable pseudo taboo shorts

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Taboo The Collection

Get all of Selena Kitt's taboo offerings in one racy forbidden collection Explore the naughty wild brother sister fantasy in the Sibling Lust series including On the Bus In the Fold In the Barn and Under the Stars Then experience the Daddy’s Favorites series Darla Tina Anna Christa Clara and Becca where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo Daddy daughter fantasy to life You’ll discover shameless displays of the taboo so scandalously hot and wrong you’ll wonder just how they could feel so very right Selena Kitt's Sibling Lust where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the sibling taboo fantasy to lifeOn the Bus Sibling Lust Two stepsiblings on a cross country trek to California find stimulation than just the scenery Emily is getting tired of listening to Danny practice trivia for his Jeopardy try outs and both of them are anxious about meeting Danny’s dad again after years of separation but neither sibling could have predicted that a journey of forbidden sexual exploration would begin for them together on the busIn the Fold Sibling Lust Stepsisters Rachel and Abby belong to a closed religious sect called The Hands of God By day they’re both innocent and pious following Daddy Zeke’s orders but by night these two sensual wanton sisters share the same bed breaking their spiritual covenant but creating bonds stronger than any man or God could tear asunderIn the Barn Sibling Lust The temptations of the flesh prove too much for devoutly Amish Sarah and to make matters worse the devil has come in the form of her own adopted brother Eli When she discovers him doing something strangely exciting in the barn Sarah can’t help letting her hair down in ways than one and together the siblings give rise to a new definition of sinUnder the Stars Sibling Lust Sissy and her adopted brother Sam are embarking on a long awaited camping trip in Michigan’s UP They’re both in college now and their parents are finally letting them plan a trip to the f. If Erotica is funny then you re not doing it right Nhya This book gets 3 stars only because of the last 2 stories ofClara Becca in this book There was one I didn t read In the fold cos I m not big on the ff love so I skipped that one If it had not been for the last 2 stories this one only would have gotten a 2 star rating from me for just making me laugh cos OMGOODNESS This book was not at all what I thoughtor feared it would be For one it s not hot Two it read like really bad comical porn I can t believe I was scared to read this These stories are super cheesy and were cracking me up D And why does almost every Daddy story end with them packing their bags running away with the daughter after they re done screwing Every male with the exception of the last 2 stories in the Daddy books could have been the same guy Their mannerisms their words their temperment ALL THE SAME And the wives seem to always be screwing someone else or just completely absent rolls eyes As if this is some kind of justification for them to be screwing their stepdaughters These stories sucked from either bad character developement sex or both There were some that gave you a decent intro and character building then the sex ruined it Or you get a story that sucks on both fronts But as I said before the last 2 stories got ALOT better When it comes to the number of stories you get in this one10 I would say you get your money s worth But if you re looking at the overall uality of what s on the pages I would strongly suggest borrowing this one But seriously the whole book just came off like a comedy to me So I did get a good laugh from it I guess it wasn t a total bust

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Ives a brand new Mustang and will graduate summa cum laude this year All the boys want to date her and every girl wants to be her but Christa has been keeping a secret Her parents divorced over a year ago and her mother re married over the summer No one knows that her new stepfather watches her practice her cheers in the yard from the bathroom window and steals her panties out of the laundry and watches her get undressed at night because Christa leaves her door wide open No one knows how much Christa wants to get back at her parents or how much she desperately wants to steal her new stepfather right out from her mother’s nose And spoiled Christa always gets what she wantsClara Daddy’s Favorites Clara is a typical farmer’s daughter getting up in the morning to gather eggs and milk the cows before heading off for her first year at community college She knows her stepfather can use all the help he can get now that her mother has left them both for a richer life in California with a younger man The two of them have picked up the pieces and developed their own routine but when Clara approaches her stepfather with a uestion about sex and boys both father and daughter discover that they are far lonelier than either of them ever realizedBecca Daddy’s Favorites Tomboy Becca has always been the girl who caught frogs made mud pies and climbed trees She’s never cared for or even paid attention to boys much unless they were tossing a ball in her direction but when a new girl shows in up in her class at community college all that changes How does the new girl get so much attention just for wearing skimpy clothes Becca discovers she does want the boys to notice her after all and decides to find out how to make that happen And what better place to start her experiment than at home Because the person she wants to notice her the most just happens to be her stepfatherWarning This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot careful it may just melt your ereader. Know that right now while I m writing this review I m pointing out that I already forgot the story LOL So to say it didn t leave a mark is an understatement I ve read a lot of books over the weekend and this is one of them The only good thing about it is it was short

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    I've read a few books by Selena Kitt over the years and if my memory doesn't lie this were not the best of herB

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    If Erotica is funny then you're not doing it right Nhya This book gets 3 stars only because of the last 2 stories ofClara Becca in this book There was one I didn't read In the fold cos I'm not big on the ff love so I skipped that one If it had

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    Selina Kitt goes down as one of my all time favorite erotica authors Her scenes are steamy the story adds to the action and I've never encountered an awkward sex scene from her Speaking of awkwardness this book is about incestuous relationshipsimage error

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    hewhewhew i read a dirty book25

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    I've reviewed each book in this collection individually up until the last one Becca Becca is about a tomboy an 18 year old girl who wants her stepfather romantically and sexually He wants her too The fact the her motherhis wife is away from home on business over 90% of the year gives them plenty of time to fost

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    Great read ifyou are looking for uick reads short story collections extremely hot sexual scenes erotic moments and controversial themesSide Note CAUTION This book is not for you if you're looking for true substance

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    I loved the stories in this one Stepfathers with stepdaughters Stepsisters with stepbrothers Filled with angst and desires for one another I loved also that one of the tales was with a plus sized girl and her handsome stepfa

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    Know that right now while I’m writing this review I'm pointing out that I already forgot the story LOL So to say it did

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    A couple of the stories were major turn ons and well written others not so much Either way I love me some taboo

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    35 rounded up I love love love Selena Kitt's books but when reading a whole bunch of them back to back they start to sound identical way too similar

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