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After her family is killed by corrupt warlord Aric Athair and his bloodthirsty army of Bullets Caledonia Styx is left to chart her own course on the dangerous and deadly seas She captains her ship the Mors Navis with a crew of girls and women ju This is the feminist pirate story that I ve been waiting for all my life with badass women who promote sisterhood and fight with each and every muscle of their bodiesDo you even know how hard it is to find a good pirate story without ridiculousness misogynistic pirates who think of women as property and bad pirate jokesIt s hard man it s really hard There s The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue that a lot of people seem to love I guess but personally the male hero rubbed me the wrong way and I just could not finish it But I enjoyed myself tremendously with this book It follows a large group of female pirates with Caledonia as their captain who hides a terrible secret These women do not care about makeup dresses gossip or Justin Bieber These are women that will order you to give them twenty if you speak out of turn and kill you if you turn your back on themThese badass pirates especially hate Bullets who terrorize the sea and its ships Even kings and ueens on land respond to Aric s commands because his powerful influence extends beyond the waters and his blood thirstiness knows no respite But Caledonia and her crew has had enough of him They want to take him down one ship at a time It s exciting It s different It s uniue Adventurous Action packed Full of themes like loyalty trust friendship family and revenge There is even an unexpected love story There are LGBTIA characters but the lesbian relationship that is included is so shoved into the background that I can t tell you much about it sadly That was very disappointing But I was still pleasantly surprised with the person Caledonia fell in love with I approve Things are bound to get really interestingBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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Seafire By Natalie C. Parker

St like her who have lost their families and homes because of Aric and his men The crew has one mission stay alive and take down Aric's armed and ard fleetBut when Caledonia's best friend and second in command barely survives an attack thanks to

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Help from a Bullet looking to defect Caledonia finds herself uestioning whether to let him join their crew Is this boy the key to taking down Aric Athair once and for all or will he threaten everything the women of the Mors Navis have worked fo Honestly the only disappointing part of this book was the fact that I expected so much gayness There is a sapphic side couple though And I love it I thought this would be a sapphic pirate book though Also look at me finally writing a review on Goodreads Is this a milestone or whatAnyways this book is set in a world where this guy Aric runs entire fleets of men called Bullets and also fleets of women but I forgot what they are called so anyways he controls them by drugging them with Silt something that basically runs through their blood and gets them addicted This about an all female ship led by Caledonia Styx whose entire family was basically killed because she didn t kill a Bullet so she now has a neverending hatred of all Bullets I feel like if you enjoyed Daughter of the Pirate King you ll enjoy this one because same vibesKiersten White Julie Murphy and Dhonielle Clayton blurbed this what else is there so sayBut besides the unfortunate lack of gayness the beginning was interesting but a bit slow However during the last 50% it gets from 0 to 100 real uick I just think that we should pray that in the seuel sapphic pirates are introduced because yes characters I think these were my favorite part of the story Caledonia was the main character who is supposed to be the leader but literally everything in her life is falling apart including her friends and her ship and just I think that s a metaphorical definition of me She s literally the definition of a mom friend and she s so loved by her ship and I just I FEEL THE WARMTH OF ALL OF THEIR LOVE Hime is the tiny girl who whenever she stands up everyone immediately screams at her to sit back down she needs to be protected And that s literally my definition of her I love her so much She also uses sign language to communicate with others and was formerly a Bullet the female version and she s lowkey traumatized from it and I just Have so many fuzzy feelings for her Did I mention she s sapphic because that triples my love for her x9000 Pisces is the definition of Your Annoying Sister but Caledonia still loves her for it even though they fight 247 throughout this novel She s Caledonia s oldest friend and was there when their entire family basically was massacred and she helped rebuild their fleet and their friendship is SO STRONG and so REALISTIC and I just love the altogether girl on girl love and feminism in this book Also she s a poc and brown skinnedOran is the only main male character in this story and he s the only male I condone He s also a former Bullet just like Hime and he s basically captured in a ship for like A while but he still survives and retains his witty and clever personality I m half in love with him His personality doesn t really show until like the last 25% percent of the book because He s like gagged the first 75% but it s ok We love him anyways setting I love stories that are mainly set in the sea Our characters travel for like 100% of the book and I know that a lot of people hate travelling stories but pls stay and setting is magical and gorgeous and all in all worth itWe basically stay on the ship for most of this since this is pretty character driven but there s Cloudbreak which is basically this merchant s place and it s messy and we love a confusing trading center Then there s the Slagger s village which is a self sustaining scavengering village that live in a swamp like area and this book needs a map thanks relationships Caledonia and Oran are honestly a power couple because Caledonia is this fierce feminist girl and Oran is highkey afraid of her and metaphorically speaking if Caledonia and Oran were lights Oran would dim himself for Caledonia because for some reason I like turning the characters into lights But anyways their relationship is a slowburn and basically enemies to lovers except not really enemies and it s just about Caledonia learning to be trustful of former Bullets and trusting Oran and Oran being magical and amazing and I love them both HIME AND AMINA ARE SUCH A CUTE SAPPHIC COUPLE THEY ARE ICONIC AND LITERALLY HIME COULD BE PENT UP WITH ANGER BUT AMINA WOULD LITERALLY JUST STEP WITHIN FIVE FEET OF HER AND HIME WOULD CALM DOWN THAT S LITERALLY ONE OF THE SCENES IN THE NOVEL I would die for Amina and Hime to be together and watching their relationship felt like that warm feeling in your stomach when you drink hot chocolate conclusion I think we ve all realized that this book is amazing and feminist and fierce and also that I deserve a star for putting so much effort into a goodreads reviewalso here are some sapphic pirate books These Rebel Waves The Abyss Surrounds Us The Unbinding of Mary ReadeI wasn t ready for that ending

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    This is the feminist pirate story that I’ve been waiting for all my life with badass women who promote sisterhood and fight with ea

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    ARC provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review “Never underestimate the girls of this world” And the award for best prologue of 2018 goes to Seafire Seriously this prologue was beyond words amazing It not only made me feel every single emotion under the sun but it had me on the edge of my seat for the entire twenty pages Perf

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    This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionDNF 33 tual Rating 15 stars “Never underestimate the gi

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    Is 2018 going to be the year of pirate books Because you would not hear me complaining nope not me no way

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    Never underestimate the girls of this worldI mean it is a girls only pirate ship The level of badassery is sky

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    pirates It's a yes from me

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    4 12I really enjoyed this More so than I thought I would honestly It has awesome female pirates who root for each other and not tear each other downI thought the plot moved along nicely as well The only thing I didn't love was the romance I thought this book could have gone completely without itOverall would def recommend this book

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    Something that not everyone may know is that I have a huge pirate fetish always have and always will When seeing Seafire by Natalie C Parker the first time I knew this was a must read a whole trilogy of badss female pirates I couldn’t get a copy fast enough and thankfully I did because wow this was amazingThey story begins a few y

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    Honestly the only disappointing part of this book was the fact that I expected so much gayness There is a sapphic side couple though And I love it I thought this would be a sapphic pirate book though Also look at me finally

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    “remember when they call you girl they’re trying to tell you something they’re trying to tell you that they’re than you that the body you’re in makes you less but you know and i know that you’re exactly what you need to be” yeah no i wanted to love this i really did i was totally on board for female pirates who empower fellow females but that was the only aspect of the story that i have enjoyed the portrayal of sisterhood was