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The tables on the sensual doctor But once he tastes her passion he goes straight from the frying pan into the fire He wants to trust her but what if he gets burned As their sizzling affair flames into a culinary feast for all the senses will love be the final cour. One of the best romantic books I ve ever written If I could give it 10 stars I would Maureen Smith you now have a forever fan

review Recipe for Temptation The Wolf Pack #2; St James Sisters #2

Recipe for Temptation The Wolf Pack #2; St James Sisters #2

And the sexy celebrity chef's mouth watering kisses have her eating right out of his handand hungry for Furious at discovering Reese isn't the food critic he expected Michael vows to teach the delectable deceiver a lesson Seduction is the first course as he turns. The scrumptious looking hottie on the cover was a bonus to another great read from Maureen Smith This novel is about Reese St James a doctor from Houston and Michael Wolf a celebrity chef living in Atlanta GA Michael is the brother of Marcus Wolf who heated things up with Samara in Taming the Wolf I highly recommend Taming the Wolf by the wayThe book started off slowly which was fine by me because it gave me a chance to get to know the main and minor characters Another reason for the slow progression of the romance was the fact that Reese had a boyfriend she didn t want to cheat on Michael still somewhat scarred from the affair his mother had when he was younger had a code of conduct which didn t allow him to pursue women already in relationships What I liked about this book1 Descriptions of the food and restaurant life were a treat for a foodie like me2 The fact that the hero and heroine didn t jump into bed right away with each other despite the chemistry between them uick sex happens so often in romance novels it was a refreshing change I was able to see them through each other s eyes what they liked how they interacted with the people in each other s world and so it made sense that the instantaneous attraction lead to love3 Plenty of double entendres between the two played well escalating the sexual tension4 Moments where Michael showed his romantic tender side He s hot can cook and he s romantic sigh5 Steamy uniue love scenes which is typical of Ms Smith I really like the way she writes the intense feelings her heroes feel for the heroines It s an all consuming love that leaves these manly men helpless and vulnerable in the heat of the moment Words spill from their lips with such earnest intensity the power of their feelings practically jump off the pageWhat I didn t like1 I was disappointed that Reese ended up cheating on her boyfriend I realize these things happen and she felt guilty about it but when there s cheating in a book I need something to justify it It wasn t justified The fact that Victor worked hard and she felt their relationship was already over wasn t enough it wasn t over so she should have ended it before she slept with Michael In addition Michael s aversion to pursuing women already in a relationship didn t stop him from pursuing Reese I suppose I could simply say that their love for each other was the catalyst for their behavior but it still bothered me However I know better than to let my personal opinion affect the rating of a book that is well written which this one is 2 The so called black moment at the end bothered me too Every romance novel has one where it looks as if the couple won t get to their HEA After overhearing a conversation between Michael and his producer Reese s uick jump to the conclusion that everything they d shared had been fake and a joke didn t ring true for me and so I was very disappointed in the abrupt way she left town without a word and planned to break off their relationship After sharing such intimacies and such closeness how could she leave town so abruptly without speaking to him How could she plan to break things off without talking to him first My disappointments were minor when compared with the totality of the work I think Recipe for Temptation is a great book and can t wait to read Whatever You Like

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A two month sabbatical from her high powered career is just what the doctor orderedespecially when Reese St James eyes the hunk of her secret fantasies on the menu From the moment she walks into Michael Wolf's world famous restaurant she's given the VIP treatment. Finally I wasn t sure I d I would make the ending Let s just say this isn t a Touch of Heaven For some reason I loved that book Although this wasn t bad it was just tough reading a boring book

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    LadiesIf you CAN'T stand the heat don't read Recipe for Temptationthe passion between Michael and Reese is SIZZLINGthe pages were so HOT they singed my fingersLOLReese is DEFINITELY a sexy spitfirewhile Michael had it going onthe brother was cooking it up ALL over the placeand all I can say is where can I get the recipe for the Triple Choc

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    Finally I wasn't sure I'd I would make the ending Let's just say this isn't a Touch of Heaven For some reason I loved that

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    The scrumptious looking hottie on the cover was a bonus to another great read from Maureen Smith This novel is about Reese St James

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    I really don't understand how this book is so well liked Reese spends basically the entire book cheating on her boyfriend who is sending her flowers and telling her he misses her the whole time I get that they weren't right for each other but she didn't have the decency to officially break up with him before jumping Michael's bones repeatedly? I'm sorry but unexplainable disloyalty is one of my buttons and this book pr

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    Funny whitty sexy you can't get much better than that The banter back and forth between Reese and Michael was so hilarious and they had so much chemistry and passion as well I was reading this in public and laughi

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    LOVED ITFrom the very beginning Resse and Michael had great chemstrySIZZLING HOT to say the leastGreat StoryWishing it was a little longer finshed this in onedayCouldn't put it downWOWWhat a MAN What a MAN

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    Oooh ChileLove me some Michael and Reese I love the way the Author built up the sexual tension not only between M

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    One of the best romantic books I've ever written If I could give it 10 stars I would Maureen Smith you now have a forever fan

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    I love itThere's nothing to dislike about Reese and Michael They are the perfect match His ying to her yang And on top of that they're very comical

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