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Summary Nurse Lavinias Mistake

Nurse Lavinias Mistake

T agree And in fact she found her new life unexpectedly rewardingShe could hardly bear to think what her life would have been if she hadn't met Roy Conli.

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She couldn't miss this opportunityBut that's not how her friends saw it They thought it was a big mistake when Lavinia Bolland decided to change from a b.

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Usy hospital to a girl's boarding school They couldn't imagine her fitting inWorn out by the responsibilities of being a staff nurse however Lavina didn'.

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    An interesting little story with the heroine Lavinia leaving a busy hospital to take a position as a school nurse in a rural area of England Everyone said it was a mistake including her boyfriend who was taking her for grantedAs soon as she arrives Lavinia meets Roy a teacher at the nearby boys school He's helping out with sport at Lavinia's

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