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    This was meant to be the ultimate threat the winning card If you don't carry the bundle of your crippled son drape yourself in a black abaya and hop on a plane to Saudi your husband will take another wife You will be replaced; your spot will be

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    The first book I have read by Leila Aboulela an author I've wanted to read for some time being someone who grew up in one culture and has experienced life in another culture of the variety that interests me the opposite of the colonial visitor There was a time when literary insights into other cultures came pred

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    The story follows three women Salma Moni and Iman as they undertake a pilgrimage to the grave of  Lady Evelyn Cobbold the first known Western woman to undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca The characters often veer towards caricature the paper thin veils with which Aboulela dresses their personalty punctuated intermittently by demonstr

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    I could'nt connect with any of the characters I found them annoying and just meh I tried really hard to find any sympathy and anything to like the book

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    I was struggling with this book couldn't sympathise with the three main figures found them uite annoying and couldn't relate to their stories I admit that reading a book is not always about finding the main figures nice and relatabl

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    It has to be a 5 star read The folklore mixed with religious and moral lessons I loved that there was no preaching morality or religio

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    I loved Aboulela's The Translator a stunning novel I also liked her early novel Minaret Bird Summons was disappointing to me I liked it well enough for the first half a realistic mainstream treatment than her others I appreciate that the novel centers on friendship in particular among women as I don't think that important relatio

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    Leila Abouleila's novel was kindly provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review The book will be printed in November but is already published in the UK and CanadaSalma moni and Iman are three Muslim women coming from three different Middle Eastern countries Egypt Sudan Syria with a very varied education and background Some have moved to England for reasons of marriage others for study and now they ar

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    I had no contact with Miss Aboulela and her style of writing which means I did not have any special expectations for the book This review is also rather long because I had uite a lot of thoughts on itThat said I was definitely surprised how much I liked this book Although it deals with a religious premise which I can respect yet not follow it

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    I received a digital ARC from Netgalley for a fair and honest reviewWow This book was not what I expected When I read the synopsis I was expecting a road trip story about three friends who had all emigrated to S

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Salma Moni and Iman are embarking on a road trip to the Highlands to pay homage to Lady Evelyn Cobbold the first British woman convert to Islam to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca The women are looking for than a holiday Each wants to escape her life; each wants an answerSalma came up with the idea for the trip Born in Egypt she moved to Scotland for love giving up her right to practise medicine Now a successful masseuse married to David and bringing up their children she feels that she still has. This was meant to be the ultimate threat the winning card If you don t carry the bundle of your crippled son drape yourself in a black abaya and hop on a plane to Saudi your husband will take another wife You will be replaced your spot will be taken pg 155This is a strange book As usual I went into this novel completely blind I had no idea what it was about I had no information about the book Imagine my surprise when it turned out I was reading magical realismThe book starts off normal enough I suggest reading the GR summary it s excellent Three Muslim women who live in Britain make a pilgrimage to Zainab Cobbold s grave in Inverness Salma is a take charge woman a doctor in her native Egypt but a massage therapist here in Britain Her ex from Egypt has contacted her from social media and she s in the throes of excitement in rekindling memories of their romance She s in her 40s Iman is a beautiful woman whose beauty was supposed to shield her from the hardships of life It hasn t She s on her third husband men always want to possess her and she s herded into a submissive and passive role always She s in her 20s And Moni is the woman in her 30s caring for her five year old son who has cerebral palsy Her husband is demanding she and Adam her son join him in Saudi Arabia and she s defying him because she wants her son to have the health care Britain provides she hates the way Saudis treat the disabledEach woman has her own problems concerns and life experiences Each is interesting and uniue Salma dealing with enjoying the freedom that comes from marrying a Scottish convert but bemoaning the fact that this means she cannot dominate and control her children the way she wants to She s ashamed on some level that she s unable to be a doctor hereIman for all her beauty and being labeled as lazy and emptyheaded is suffering from PTSD due to her growing up in Syria and having her first husband she married him at age 15 killed in the war She has an affinity for animals and a vivid imaginationMoni is out of shape her life completely devoted to carrying for her child and the devotion to her disabled son is driving a wedge between her and her husbandThe book starts off pretty normal but once the women reach Inverness the magical realism starts and things get progressively weirder and weirder The book is called Bird Summons because Iman is in communication with Hoopoe a bird that appears in the uran He tells her stories I was mildly annoyed by the fairy tales in this book I know Aboulela was trying to illustrate some points but I m not a fan of this type of plot device I found the women s plot much interesting and could have done without all the fairy tales Hoopoe tells ImanThe women each have to learn their lesson and come out of the book on the other side of whatever main issue they are struggling with If you don t like magical realism allegories or fairy tales skip this bookAboulela has a kind of deceptively simple writing style that draws you in It suits the subject material but for those of you who celebrate amazing writing such as that of Donna Tartt or Andr Aciman are going to be disappointed this isn t that kind of bookI couldn t really understand why a strong woman like Salma was so eager to reconnect with someone like Amir I know Aboulela is saying it s because if she stayed in her home country and married him instead of David she could have been a doctor but it was mind boggling to me that she d fantasize about being married to weakling AmirAmir can t handle women being better than him at anything so when they were dating Salma was constantly stifling herself in order to keep Amir s ego inflated She lost tennis matches pretended he could outrun her deliberately lost at cards She does the work and he makes the decisions That was their pattern what came naturally to them both she did the legwork and the research so that they could brainstorm and fumble towards a decision in which he would have the final word pg 132She did his work for him when they were in clinicalIt s INSANE to me that she s fantasizing about this guy He sounds like an incredibly weak person unable to tolerate the idea that a woman could be better than him at anything very defensive very spoiled and full of himself I guess Aboulela s point is that instead of fantasizing about this guy Salma should be appreciative of her husband who values her opinions values her knowledge and doesn t try to control or dominate her But it was almost too bizarre to me I couldn t understand the appeal of Amir or Salma s obsession with her digital affair with himThe men who marry Iman three so far are also despicable and childlike Aboulela seems to think it would be difficult to be anything else when their culture encourages this type of behavior A wife is a servant a live in slave basically a possession And if your wife pisses you off you can always get another which is what Moni is threatened with when she places the needs of her disabled son over the desires of her husbandOnly Salma escaped by marrying a British man who converted to Islam He is literally the only man in this book who respects women or sees women as human beings Every single other man in here is someone who views women as servants possessions or objectsIman depending on the mercy of a man only interested in her beauty her lot in life brings up an interesting thesis from Aboulela about the difference between marriage and prostitution Ibrahim had been opposed to this trip Three women on their own gallivanting across Scotland it was wrong and unnecessary Iman had pleaded pouted and sulked until he gave way I can t bear you out of my sight he said the night before she left What am I going to do he wailed in his boxer shorts punching pillows and slamming doorsIman s husband was a young student from a conservative family His scholarship paid for by his home country s government was ample and reliable Ibrahim had suffered from homesickness and culture shock when he first arrived and the imam of the mosue prescribed marriage Ibrahim s family back home disagreed and so without their consent nor knowledge he took as his wife the most beautiful divorcee in the local Muslim community He left the student halls which with girls in close proximity to beds they should not would not and did not share with him were a source of torment and moved with Iman into a small flat near the university She was his saviour The one who met all his needs so that he could settle and study And he was her saviour too Dumped by the husband who had brought her to Britain not exactly dumped but he had ended up in prison and divorced her as a courtesy she had been unsure what to do next how to proceed Do anything but don t come back her family told her Because of the war home was neither safe nor prosperous Those who were lucky to be out stayed outHer ex husband s lengthy sentence was for grievous bodily harm after losing his temper with a fellow Syrian Asked if he had beaten her now that his violent credentials were proven without doubt Iman shook her head and answered no but the truth was he hadn t got around to it yet So she opted next for the peaceful gentle Ibrahim Of the string of suitors he was the one least likely to lift a finger against her Besides when he said the magic words I will do everything I can to unite you with your mother she was won over His immaturity was endearing his consistent lust for her reassuring He rescued her from homelessness and from aimlessness Closer to her in age than her previous husbands she found herself loving him as a friend someone she could cuddle on the sofa and play games with on the PlayStationEvery morsel she put in her mouth every piece of clothing was provided for her by Ibrahim The rent the gas the internet She did not have to beg borrow or steal She did not need to get up at the crack of dawn take orders from a line manager or clean up other people s homes Instead she was as pampered as a racehorse and as busy as a geishaTo what extent is marriage religiously sanctioned prostitution Iman sometimes pondered this uestion She had even discussed it with Salma on than one occasion as much as she was capable of discussion Salma of course had been adamant that the two were completely different Iman wasn t sure and the arguments Salma used didn t fully convince her Prostitution and marriage Man pays and woman serves He houses clothes and feeds her to get something in return So what was the difference between the two pg 35Later Iman acknowledges that it s not religion but only love that can change the relationship between man and woman And what lies ahead for her how will she live Everyone had predicted she would marry a rich man and never have to lift a finger Her beauty had pointed towards this Marriage versus prostitution Marriage as a way to legitimise the oldest profession It need not be like this She knew this glimpsed it in the lives of other couples Two things could look alike and feel alike and seem alike yet be profoundly different One was blessed and the other doomed The intentions that led to each were different The resemblance was superficial but understandable Man pays and woman serves He houses clothes and feeds her to get something in return Put love in the euation He gives because he loves her and would give regardless of whether services were rendered or not she gives because she loves him and would keep giving even if he didn t pay Or they both give and receive in a flow generated by love with neither one keeping tabs with neither one viewing the relationship as a transaction pg 72But can she ever find love in this sort of system where women are put on a marriage market and men marry them only because they are beautifulTL DR An interesting look at the life of three Muslim women at least one of whom is black Moni Because they are living in Britain and not Saudi Arabia Syria or Egypt this book isn t as depressing as most books I ve read about Muslim women s lives eg The Patience Stone A Thousand Splendid Suns A woman focused book in which men good or bad are only on the periphery Focuses on women s feelings thoughts ideas and life experiencesAboulela makes some great points and has some interesting things to say I enjoyed the book The magical realism sort of threw me for a loop but overall a good book If you want to read a Muslim focused book by a Muslim female author OwnVoices or whatever this is a good one If you have an interest in that sort of thing I d recommend itNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerSalma f 40s Moni f Manahil Iman f 20sAdam mDavid mAmir mIbrahim mMurtada mKathy fAnne fNorma fMullin mNathan mEmad mToby mGrant mZainab f hide spoiler

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Bird Summons

Beauty Treated like a pet by her lovers and friends she longs to be alone and freeOn a remote hillside in Inverness each woman is visited by the Hoopoe a sacred bird who comes with fables from Muslim literature and Celtic folklore forcing the women to uestion how much they have sacrificed in the name of love Bird Summons is a haunting fiercely compelling story of loyalties torn apart when love and religion faith and culture collide confirming Leila Aboulela as a leading storyteller of our times. Leila Abouleila s novel was kindly provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review The book will be printed in November but is already published in the UK and CanadaSalma moni and Iman are three Muslim women coming from three different Middle Eastern countries Egypt Sudan Syria with a very varied education and background Some have moved to England for reasons of marriage others for study and now they are at a turning point in their lives Salma lives a consolidated marriage and has a devoted husband but her life as a loving wife and mother no longer satisfies her because of her nostalgia for the past Moni takes care of her son with cerebral palsy but she cannot count on the support of her husband who would like to deny the existence of their son and move on with his life Finally Iman is the youngest and the most attractive of the three She has three marriages behind her and although she has never been independent she wants motherhood and domestic happiness The three women are united by a journey Salma Moni and Iman venture on a journey to Scotland The trip will provide them with an opportunity to reflect on the anxieties anxieties and doubts of the phase they are going through in their lives Their company will allow them to better understand themselves The narrative is on the whole very enjoyable The rhythm is smooth but gradually it becomes less and less pressing Although the psychology of the personages is approached in a subtle way I find that in the end the writer takes us in a rather predictable direction It s not an ugly book overall on the contrary The Muslim religion is described in a multifaceted way and without generalizations as well as the life of those who are forced to leave their country of birth and even after years finds themselves regretting the place where they were born and raised The female characters are outlined with delicacy and depth and the image that is given back to us of them is absolutely detailed Although these are not stereotyped women the author insists too much on describing some of their personality traits and the reading ends up being redundant I think that although their introspection is subtle the parts dedicated to their thoughts are really too repetitive They slowed down the reading and the rhythm was affected In the complex it remains a good novel and I am convinced that the author has written and will undoubtedly write other works of value so I will certainly give her another opportunity However it is not an unforgettable reading or one that leaves its mark

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To make an effort to belong And when her old boyfriend Amir starts messaging her she is tempted to risk the life she has worked so hard to build Moni has been caring for her disabled son Adam for five years and is reaching breaking point Her husband wants them to join him in Saudi Arabia but Moni is reluctant to uproot her son taking him to a country where his condition will render him an outcast Iman the youngest of the three in her late twenties and yet on her third husband is burdened by her. I could nt connect with any of the characters I found them annoying and just meh I tried really hard to find any sympathy and anything to like the book