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The world I have fame an endless supply of beautiful women at my feet and money than I can spend in my lifetime It’s all meaningless without the girl I can’t forget So when I see her in the last place I expect I don’t think twice I vow to get her backLivThey say you never forget your first love but I wish I could Sebastian was the boy next door the one who stole my heart only to give it back bruised and broken I’ve tried my best to move on to erase him from mind but how can I do. They all say how good it is to see me they re beyond happy I ve finally found my way back home I peer at Liv when I hear those words because it s the absolute truth Liv is my home Here s a confession You can most probably always count on me to appreciate stories about reunited ex lovers Always Well not exactly always but you guys get the point Truth be told there s just something that I find appealing and enticing with finding lost love and with having the chance to finally meet again the one that got away I m genetically created that way I guess Mehehe I want to believe so but then I remember what it s really like to be in so deep that the feeling overwhelms all of your senses and the person you love becomes everything And there are days when Liv is still my everything Also I appreciate that they decided to use Oasis Wonderwall I go weak for that song As much I did love this I m not all too crazy about it but still consider it as a good read to pass up the time On the other note that little extra bonus at the end about the next book has me feeling a bit over excited since it sounds like just my cup of tea 4 stars I love this girl with my entire being I don t care that I m only sixteen and that most people will dismiss my feelings as young love a crush I know what I feel the emotion inside me isn t fleeting it isn t a phase My love for Liv is the kind of love immortalized by literature and movies It s epic and it will transcend than a lifetime I can live a thousand lives and my soul will always search for hers I m bound to Liv for all eternity I know it in my bones I m not even a sappy romantic and look at what kind of thoughts erupt in my mind when I look at her I have it bad

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Wonderwall Love Me Im Famous #1

SebastianIf there's one thing I’ve learned in my life it's that fate is a fcking bitch So don’t get too comfortable my friends Don’t think that just because you are happy now your life is going to be an eternal parade of pink unicorns and sunshine Once upon a time I had everything a person could hope for great parents loyal friends and Liv She was everything to me my best friend the girl of my dreams my kingdom come And then bam I had nothing Sure now it seems like I’m the king of. WOW justwow I think I wanted to alternately kiss MH Soars rip her throat out or embrace her in a warm hug I ve read all of MH Soars books so far and I always loved them but they were about aliens prophecies and very fast paced stories When she offered me the opportunity to read her latest creation I was delighted but at the same time a little apprehensive This story was not about aliens and YA than the Prophecy of Arcadia Would it work Would I love it tooWell judge by yourself I began reading the book this morning and was so engrossed in it that I skipped my Auagym class for the first time in years I simply could not put it down As I did not want to feel guilty for skipping my exercise routine I semi walkedran on the treadmill Kindle in hands Let me tell you it was not my brightest idea as I nearly lost my footing when I read about Sebastian and Olivia s coping mechanism I escaped unscathed but it was a close call never to be repeated So now I m happy as I know what happened to these lovebirds but I m blaming MH Soars as I m waaay behind on all my choresSo yes I frking loved itThe story is a classic high schoolneighbors sweethearts separated for years and finding their way back to each other Sebastian and Olivia have been neighbors and best friends for years since Olivia offered a stuffed teddy for Valentine s Day and came the day after with a leather jacket and sunglasses for the teddy to wear naming it The TerminatorYears later their friendship evolved in love and I loved reading about Olivia tricking Sebastian into kissing her Sebastian is part of her family and I laughed so hard at the family banter about a Virgin Mouth and the prank Olivia s dad played on SebastianThey re no sooner together when a drama hit Sebastian pushing him in a very dark place and he ll leave Olivia for years without a single word of explanation She was devastatedFive years later they ll meet again and Sebastian realizes he left the best thing he s ever had Olivia He ll be dead set on winning her back but it won t be easy Sebastian is part of a famous boy band now any resemblance to other real boy band and his producer is milking the cow playing with Sebastian like a pawn and forcing him to do things he does not want toI loved MH Soars when I read about the family interaction the pranks the blossoming love things Sebastian did to win Olivia backI hated MH Soars when she was cruel with her character Poor Olivia had to read all about the public romance of Sebastian and Gretchen forced by her boss to do so her heart shred to threads each and every time Or when Sebastian asked her to be his dirty secret That s no way to treat your characterI wanted to hug her real hard when she made everything all right when she created the great side characters all interesting all adding something to the story I loved all the little side stories and drama because it makes it real In real life you re not only focused on your own personal life or drama but you re part of a social circle of a family where stories and drama happen too That s what you find in that story and in everything of her stories so farSo yes the plot is a classic but it works extremely well as MH Soars pays attention to little details to make her story solid and captivating So captivating I could not put it downIf you like high school sweethearts stories with a side of fame go for it and I hope you ll enjoy it as much as I did

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That when he is literally everywhere There's no escape when your ex boyfriend is on the cover of every magazine when his music won’t stop playing on the radio Was it a stupid decision to move across the ocean to the same city he calls home Maybe I was only following my dream I didn’t expect Sebastian to crash back into my life He is different than the boy I once knew darker and much dangerous to my heart Resisting him would be the smart choice I just don’t know if I’m strong enoug. I did receive this novel as a free ARC book in exchange for an honest review This book was wonderful The book does start off in the present day and then it goes back 5 years into the past with our two main characters So it does back track so we can understand some of the history between the two Olivia or Liv is one of the main characters She seems like a girl who knows what she wants out of life doesn t seem to know that she s a hotty until her girl best friend Saylor has her change from the frumpy clothes into girl clothes skirts and tops Liv likes her boy best friend Sebastian But Sebastian is too wrapped up in school and hockey to really notice her He s always thought of her as a friend but never really given into his feelings until she starts wearing the girl clothes showing off her legs and her curves Sebastian Liv start going out in high school and their relationship uickly heats up I think because they were friends before they know each other They don t need to take time really to get to know each other as they already do A terrible tragedy takes place and Sebastian blames Liv leaves the US They haven t spoken in the 5 years they are apart Liv has a lot of hurt feelings towards Sebastian Liv Sebastian finally meet again Although they are drawn together they remain distant for awhile Liv needs to understand why Sebastian left her and what happened Sebastian needs to talk with Liv and make her understand what he was going through But Sebastian is now a popular rock and roll star They don t have the ability to be casual as they once were and sit and talk They are always on guard due to the paparazzi stalking Sebastian They do meet in secret and Liv gets tired of always having to hide Will Liv Sebastian be able to move on from their past Will Liv be able to forgive Sebastian for leaving her 5 years ago Will Liv Sebastian be able to have a relationship now that he s a famous rock star

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    45 ^True love never dies^ stars It's not a secret that i love second chance storiesMaybe because I'm a hopeless romantic What can i say???And this book wasn't an exception for meI loved it I loved Sebastian and Olivia I loved the scenery I loved the story I loved the secondary characters So i think that i really loved Mrs Soars writingIt was easygoing and beautiful It made me feel joy agony sadness excitementIt kept m

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    3 StarsThat pretty much sums it up Overall I had a decent time reading this but Liv's I love you I hate you emotional turmoil began to work my last nerve mainly because I would've enjoyed this had she given Sebastian the swift kick to the man parts I felt he needed While I love a good NA read something about t

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    WOW justwow I think I wanted to alternately kiss MH Soars rip her throat out or embrace her in a warm hug I’ve read all of MH Soars books so far and I always loved them but they were about aliens prophecies and very fast paced stor

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    They had the perfect youthful fairytale romance They had been best friends and next door neighbors forever so when the cupid’s arrow struck

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    This is my first MH Soars book and I can honestly say it definitely won’t be my last When we first meet Liv and Sebastian they are neighbor

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    They all say how good it is to see me they’re beyond happy I’ve finally found my way back home I peer at Liv when I hear those words becaus

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    455 Stars Wonderwall by this author is the third I have read by her She also writes a YA ParanormalSci Fi series titled Arcadian Wars two of which I have read and enjoyed So when I saw this for review of course I said yes I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest reviewTeenagers in love? Not necessarily my go to read but I do enjoy YA books way than I ever thought I would However th

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    I did receive this novel as a free ARC book in exchange for an honest review This book was wonderful The book does start off in the present day and then it goes back 5 years into the past with our two main chara

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    I was given an ARC for an honest reviewOlivia aka Liv and Sebastian aka Bas have been best friends but there is a change in the air and their f

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    'Wonderwall' is the story of Liv and Sebastian a young couple torn apart by events outside of their control This is an exceptionally well written contemporary new adult romance novel emotionally charged and with a storyline that grips from the start and doesn't let go I went through Liv's heartbreak with her and also sympathised with Sebastian's problems even if they did keep him from the girl who tried so ha

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