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    Although this book was difficult to understand for a lay person it is a good guide for those in the therapy field It discusses life in diffrent way and how to improve you mind by using different means through art music meditation and ones ownself understanding

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    Caris mixes art and science with folklore to present literary and visual paradoxes in perceptions The slim volume includes several ex

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Herbert Hermann Hesse Carl Jung Ursula Le Guin Pablo Picasso Plato Tom Stoppard and Edgar Varese Some of the important ideas investigated include personal transformation microcosm macrocosm gender duality perceptual viewpoints magic theater of the mind intuitive use of signs paradoxical thinking sacred geometry and continuing the uest Softcover 138 pages illustrations bibliography ind.

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Foundation for a New Consciousness

Guided by Hermes’ art Caris finds the path to a higher consciousness one grounded in a holistic and alchemical matrix that encourages the growth of a healthy mind All the arts including music art and literature are rooted in the sacred tradition and form the center of meditation From ancient times the arts have conveyed mystical knowledge besides practical skills of their crafts The.

Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á John Caris

Treasure discovered on the golden path is paradoxical thinking the key to a higher consciousness Offering the reader a dare Caris shines light on the path to cultivate a higher consciousness Many examples selected from literature philosophy art and music illustrate paradoxical thinking and its blossoming Among those artists and philosophers discussed are Bela Bartok M C Escher Frank.