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    In Zander's second novel following her flawed but extremely likeable debut The Girl Below Poppy and Lukas are teenagers raised on a commune Gaialands in New Zealand The story follows them from 1978 to 1989 as their relationship which could very accurately be described as star crossed is tested not only by a move

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    Poppy is one of 7 children raised on a vegan commune off the grid in a valley of New Zealand It’s a wilderness encampment of hard work survival When while cleaning a pig pen a gypsy style wagon and its towing car crash into their toils life’s course is set to change Shakti is unlike anything they have seen tho already auatinted with their leader HunterHailing from Berkeley but deeply rooted in commune life Shakti brings exc

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    I loved 'The Girl Below' and 'The Predictions' is another singular coming of age story by the talented Bianca Z

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    It’s 1978 and teens Poppy and Lukas have grown up at Gaialands a commune in New Zealand This is not a smoke pot and groov

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    An adult novel written with the fast pace of a YA this is the coming of age story of a teen raised in a New Zealand commune in the 1970s and her efforts at a new and different life in 1980s LondonI can't give les

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    Wonderful writing with a great sense of place and time A good book for me not a great one

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    A great journey through the culture of the times If she weren't so young I'd have believed that the author lived t

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    A good fun read with a killer line about hippies right at the end

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    This was ok not amazing but an easy read

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    This was a very interesting book It's about life in a commune in the 1970's and early 80's and the impact it has on a group of kids raised thereI liked reading the scenes of them in the commune because they all seemed so close but underneath it all there's a lot of damage To the parents and the children Some of the adults didn't really want to live the way they did but didn't voice it or stick up for themsel

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characters ¹ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Bianca Zander

E reality is complicated and sometimes fraught especially as its children reach adolescence Poppy is drawn to handsome sixteen year old Lukas who's increasingly skeptical of Gaialands and the adults who shape its rulesTo help 'heal' the commune's energy new arrival Shakti harnesses her divination powers in a Predictions ceremony All of Gaialands' teenagers receive a card outlining their futures Poppy predicted to find her true love overseas joins Lukas when he follows his dream of starting a punk ro. Wonderful writing with a great sense of place and time A good book for me not a great one

summary The Predictions

The Predictions

Ck band first in Auckland and then on to London where punk has given way to 80s pop and hair metal Struggling simply to survive as they navigate the city's suats pubs and burgeoning clubs she and Lukas drift apart Poppy finds a life that looks very like the one her prediction promised but is it the one she truly wants And if not can she define her own happiness even if it takes her in unanticipated directions The Predictions is a mesmerizing magical novel of fate love mistakes and finding your place. This was ok not amazing but an easy read

characters ¹ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Bianca Zander

From the author of the acclaimed The Girl Below comes a stunning novel of one woman's attempt to outrun the destiny that is predicted for her moving from a remote New Zealand commune in the waning days of 1970s free love experimentation to the heady music scene of 1980s LondonGaialands a bucolic vegan commune in the New Zealand wilderness is the only home fifteen year old Poppy has ever known It's the epitome of 1970s counterculture a place of free love hard work and high idealsat least in theory Th. I loved The Girl Below and The Predictions is another singular coming of age story by the talented Bianca Zander It starts in a 1970s Coromandel commune with a gloriously mucky pig shit shovelling opening scene A stranger comes to town or precisely Gaialands in the guise of a Californian hippy Shakti is a brilliant character A fortune telling free loving trickster spirit she destabilises the spartan ideology of the commune She holds a predictions ritual for the 7 teenagers and it s this prediction that propels the story forward will Poppy our heroine fulfil or defy her prophesy Is it destiny or a load of shit I revelled in Poppy s journey from the rickety commune cabins where they ate dense brown bread and home grown vegetables to the music festival Nambassa where the attendees stripped naked and danced in body paint Poppy and Lucas leave the commune a bad social experiment in Lucas mind for Auckland and then London Lucas wants to make it in the music world and rather than emulating obvious 80s phenomenons like The Smiths or Joy Division Zander chooses to explore the world of hair metal Tight lycra pants big blond perms loads of drugs this part of the novel is a trip Zander is very skilled at infusing ordinary human experience with a glam rock sensibility And the settings are spectacular We move from the wild green of New Zealand to London suats mansions European metal band venues back to the commune and to Wimmin Only Grey Lynn villas of the late 80s All are vividly drawn with a cinematic uality about them I kept thinking that this book would make a good filmThere is a lot on the surface to make this a page turny kind of novel and below Zander grapples with some big ideas How much our life is determined by other people s vision of it What constitutes good parenting Can children be brought up by a village or is there something essential about the mother child bond What if this bond shuts out other people in the child s life Having known people who grew up on communes I was intrigued to see how the characters might embrace or shun their upbringing This is an excellent follow up to The Girl Below filled with thrilling plot turns Zander has stepped back on the magi realism but plays on our own willingness to believe in the occult I can t wait to read what she comes up with next