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Rgence and consolidation of the Ottoman Safavid and Mughal Empires Contributors include Abbas Amanat Mohammad Ali Amir Moezzi Paul Ballanfat Shahzad Bashir Ilker Evrim Binba Daniel De Smet Devin DeWeese Armin Eschraghi Omid Ghaemmaghami Ahmet T Karamustafa Todd Lawson Pierre Lory Matthew Melvin Koushki Orkhan Mir Kasimov A Azfar Moin William F Tuck.

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Unity in Diversity

L largely under studied aspect of this immense issue namely the role of mystical and messianic ferment in the construction and re construction of religious authority in Islam Sixteen scholars address this topic with a variety of approaches providing a fresh outlook on the trends underlying the evolution of Muslim societies and in particular the eme.

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What are the mechanisms of change and adaptation in Islam regarded as a living organism and how do they work How did these mechanisms preserve the integrity of Muslim civilization through the innumerable hazards divisions and devastations of time From the perspective of history and intellectual history this book focuses on a significant though stil.

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