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    Another great book by Alison Leigh she is one of my favourite authors and in this book the second in a trilogy about a baby left abandoned on a rancher's doorstep and the search to find the child's birthmother before the state makes him availab

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    It's always a pleasure to return to the Double C series Although the setting for this story was in Braden Wyoming rather than Weaver The last of the Templeton sisters Greer finally gets her chance at happiness or

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    It's always a pleasure to read another Double C series by author Allison Leigh I adored Maggie and Ali's stories finally get

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    Let me start by stating that had I known how far into the Return to the Double C series this novel was I'd never h

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    I received a free advance copy of this book from NetGalleycom This is my unbiased and voluntary review Ryder Wilson is shocked when 3 strangers come to his door claiming that an abandoned baby is his He had already fought off a false claim of paternity once before and was not going through that again His wife ha

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    I'm not sure what I was expecting but struggling to finish was not one of them The story in itself was what originally cap

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    Ryder has be burned before and now when he least expects it a couple of people show up at his door claiming a child is his While trying to locate the child's father local lawyer Greer and her family has been taking care of the chil

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    This is book 19 in the Return to the Double C series and the last Templeton triplet to find her love Greer is a public defender and court appointed lawyer to help find abandoned baby Layla's father When they finally find rancher Ryder Wilson he is beyond surprised he has a daughter When Greer and Ryder decide a marriage of conven

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    The Rancher's Christmas Promise by Allison Leigh Rancher Ryder Wilson was married for a couple weeks before his wife left

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    A Family for LaylaClear communication is crucial in the success of any relationship but Ryder and Greer are seriously lacking in that area The spark is there but each of them is afraid to risk being hurt again Feelings go unsaid and

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“We believe the infant girl under our protection is your daughter” With that rancher Ryder Wilson’s world turns upside down But he’s determined to. It s always a pleasure to read another Double C series by author Allison Leigh I adored Maggie and Ali s stories finally get Geer s As much as I love the little town of Weaver Geer and Ryder s story takes place in Braden which isn t far from Weaver Read More

summary The Ranchers Christmas Promise

The Ranchers Christmas Promise

Make a home for the baby his late estranged wife left on a stranger’s doorstep Local lawyer Greer Templeton is there to help after growing attached to. Let me start by stating that had I known how far into the Return to the Double C series this novel was I d never have reuested an advance reader copy to read and review This is also the first novel I ve read by this author and although the novel was technically well written I spent a good part of it lost and confused by the sheer multitude of secondary characters their different past issues and interrelationships For this reason and several other which I ll get to I can only give this novel a 2 star ratingThe hero of this novel is rancher Ryder Wilson and to say that he s a man of few words is putting it mildly It seems he mostly communicates with a raised eyebrow or a half smile We later learn that he wasat one time a rodeo rider and National Champion bronco buster and that he was once married to a woman named Daisy who ran out on him two weeks after their wedding leaving him bitter and confused but certainly not heartbroken as this apparently was of a lust match than a love match So you can imagine his surprise when less than one year later 3 strangers arrive at his ranch with an infant baby girl in her carrier and Ryder learns that she s supposedly his daughter who was left abandoned 3 months earlier and they are the first to inform him that his runaway wife died in a car crash Since he never bothered to divorce Daisy he was still legally married to her making the baby his He s all set to deny paternity until he hears that the baby is named Layla Daisy once told him during their brief time together that if they ever had a daughter she wanted to name her Layla in honor of Ryder s grandmother So without bothering to have DNA testing done he accepts that the baby is his Now his big problem is trying to find someone to care for her while he s busy working on his ranch In short order several nannies uit on him in the first month mainly because his ranch is rather remote and isolated and his long time housekeeper gives him a week to find a replacement housekeeper and nanny and she suggests that what he really needs is a wifeDuring the 3 months that the authorities were trying to find Ryder and establish her paternity little Layla was for a time cared for by the large Templeton family and they all fell in love with her and want to be involved in her life Unfortunately one of the three Templeton sisters married Daisy s brother Grant and Grant blames Ryder for Daisy s death There s no love lost between these two men and there hasn t been for some time The only single Templeton sister is Greer a lawyer working 80 hour weeks as a public defender She s extremely career driven but when her car breaks down en route to one of her sisters baby shower both her sisters are pregnant Ryder comes to her rescue and there s some chemistry between these two from the start Greer s been too busy to worry about a social life and Ryder hasn t bothered with one since Daisy s departure Greer wants to arrange visitation for her family members to spend time with Layla but Ryder is far concerned about finding someone to care for her and while she agrees to help him search for a live in nanny he jokingly asks Greer to marry him She can t get away fast enough which is not to say that she s certainly giving the matter serious thoughtWhile all of this is going on Greer s job performance has suffered and when she learns that she s about to be canned and relocated to work in a town 85 miles away she uits her job and eventually agrees to a business deal with Ryder a marriage of convenience Ryder will get a mother for Layla Greer s marriage to Ryder and her adoption of adorable baby Layla means that the Templeton family will also finally get to spend time with Layla something that Ryder had been refusing to permit Ryder will also help renovate the old Victorian house Greer shared with her sisters until they married and he will turn it into an private law office for Greer While I usually enjoy the marriage of convenience trope there really wasn t much that endeared me to either of the two main characters Neither character had much depth but at least we got some reading on Greer s emotional state as the novel progressed What was truly odd was that she seemed far interested in and obsessed with keeping and caring for baby Layla than she was interested in Ryder Ryder also didn t fare so well in the personality department He was tall dark and handsome but very uncommunicative He didn t really spend much time in self reflection either and by the end of the novel we know only the bare bones of his history However his reasons for marrying Daisy in the first place and his reason for not pursuing or looking for her after she left him seemed utterly cold and unfeeling and were as much a mystery at the end of the novel as they were at the beginningHad I been following this series from its inception I probably wouldn t have minded or been so confused by the plethora of interrelated secondary characters in this novel and I can t recommend reading it as a standalone As romance novels go this one was seriously short on romance and at best I d call it a mediocre readAs stated at the outset I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel The opinions expressed are my own

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Little Layla during the search for her daddy It’s enough to make Ryder propose a marriage of convenience But does love factor into his Christmas promise. Ryder has be burned before and now when he least expects it a couple of people show up at his door claiming a child is his While trying to locate the child s father local lawyer Greer and her family has been taking care of the child and grown to even love the child Ryder is trying to find a nanny but can t seem to find one to think and how thinks a marriage of convince might work out and Greer seems to be the person who might agree If only they can keep their hearts out of the euationThis book was pretty predictable but still enjoyable I loved getting to know the characters I loved seeing how the two were with the baby I loved getting to know the characters and how everything played out in this book Overall pretty good book I really enjoyed it