The Poem of the Man God Vol 1 {PDF ebook} by Maria Valtorta

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    Maria Valtorta is a bed ridden woman who claimed one day that she could hear voices voices that would urge her to write them down on a piece of notebook Later she realized that these voices came from God himself Everyday she would write them down often she claims that she herself doesn't understand what she has written She herself proclaime

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    This is uite possibly the best book I've ever read Insightful and detailed If you have any uestions about what it means to be a true Christian or simply about love in general this book is incredibly helpful It teaches lessons about respect humility and compassion through clear and practical scenarios that are uniuely written Abstract concepts are made practical the gospels are brought to life I've discovered so many tool

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    I can't say enough about how wonderful this book is and how it has changed my life I recommend it to anyone who wants a better unde

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    WOW Best thing I ever read Hands down 5 volumes at about 1000 pages each Took me over a decade to read it as I read it in fits and spurts but I'm ready to start all over again

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    One of the most extraordinary books I have ever readI came to it after the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich which I found deeply impressive;but Valtorta is eually impressiveThis kind of literature defies conventional analysisThe claims it makes for itself are so far reaching that one has to make a very personal judgement

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    Controversial but incredible re telling of the Christ story by a sickbed italian women I think it was written in the 1950's This is a self revelation and not part of Church teaching but Maria had an incredible way of writing Kind of like the Gospels meet Lord of the Rings

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    I've read and reread it I think everyone who is interested in the subject of God especially in the subject of Jesus Christ and Christianity should read it This book provides plenty of food for meditation

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    Amazing life changing books

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    The greatest book ever written and that's saying something Massive but every page is a thing of beauty as we learn about the background to the Gospels Sadly it has been dismissed by religious 'experts' and by the Catholic Church which is not surprsing given that groups history over the past 50 years Nothing in it deviates from the

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    A 'WOW' book Simply beautiful and touching

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Summary The Poem of the Man God Vol 1

The Poem of the Man God Vol 1

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Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Maria Valtorta

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