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Tan Project; the debates within Truman's Administration and the armed forces as to whether to modify unconditional surrender terms to include retention of Emperor Hirohito and whether to plan for the invasion of Japan's home islands or to rely instead on blockade and bombing to force the surrend.

characters The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb

The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb

This book is a balanced account of the political diplomatic and military currents that influenced Japan's attempts to surrender and the United States's decision to drop the atomic bombs Based on extensive research in both the United States and Japan this book allows the reader to follow the para.

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Llel decision making in Tokyo and Washington that contributed to lost opportunities that might have allowed a less brutal conclusion to the war Topics discussed and analyzed include Japan's desperate military situation; its decision to look to the Soviet Union to mediate the conflict; the Manhat.

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    From Pearl to V J Day World War II in the Pacific a symposium sponsored by the Air Force History and Museums Program and the Air Force Historical Foundation 1995The author starts out noting that we have no way of knowing if the atom

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