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El juego de Ripper

Istic healer is a free spirited bohemian Long divorced from Amanda's father she's reluctant to settle down with either of the men who want her Alan the wealthy scion of one of San Francisco's elite families and Ryan an enigmatic scarred former Navy SEALWhile her mom looks for the good in people Amanda is fascinated by the dark side of human nature like her father the SFPD's Deputy Chief of Homicide Brilliant and introverted the MIT bound high school senior is a natural born sleuth addicted to crime novels and Ripper. Ripper grabbed me from the start with this line Mom is still alive but she s going to be murdered at midnight on Good Friday Racing through its last pages an earthuake couldn t dislodge me from my seat An entertaining good read with a game worked into the plotLooks like I m going to be the rogue reader here I really liked Ripper and here s whyAllende does characters studies well and those in Ripper were solid if a bit uirky I liked them wanted to know them and cared about what happened to them I particularly liked the main character Amanda Like Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley I found Amanda a smart thinker and fun Amanda s older but uite wise and her team of sleuths are interesting associates Her grandfather describes Amanda as idiosyncratic of appearance timorous of character but magnificent of mind Agreed Second most liked character is the Purebred Belgian Malinois Attila smarter and stronger than German Shepherds and they keep their back straight so they don t suffer hip problems A former war dog you d not find a loyal companion He was rescued by a former navy seal discharged honorably after he lost his leg in combat Attila had been trained to defend and attack to sniff out mines and terrorists ward off enemies parachute swim through icy waters and a variety of things that were not much use in civilian life Long after Ryan the seal had been discharged Attila was severely injured by a bomb expected not to survive but not left behind as in battle you never leave a fallen comrade behind Now eight years old the murders gave him a new purpose in life Allende is a storyteller There are a few skips in plot and some stumbles but all in all I enjoyed the storyAllende s stories always include some magic realism and there s enough of this here for me One reviewer turned up his nose claiming Ripper could only satisfy an undemanding reader Guilty as charged Most fiction I read fits this bill If I want demanding I ll find it somewhere else I read primarily for my own entertainment not to make it work I loved the idea of a group of teens playing a role playing game that soon becomes a race to find a modern day ripper let loose on San Francisco I wanted to play and hope I m invited if there is another book Translated from Spanish Ripper originally was to be a collaborative effort of Allende and her husband Willie Gordon but that was seen as a fast road to divorceMy sincere thanks to Harper Collins for allowing me to read this before it s publication date of January 28 2014

Summary El juego de Ripper

Isabel Allende the New York Times bestselling author whose books including Maya's Notebook Island Beneath the Sea and Zorro have sold than 57 million copies around the world demonstrates her remarkable literary versatility with this atmospheric fast paced mystery involving a brilliant teenage sleuth who must unmask a serial killer in San FranciscoThe Jackson women Indiana and Amanda have always had each other Yet while their bond is strong mother and daughter are as different as night and day Indiana a beautiful hol. I can not tell you how disappointed I am in this book Isabel Allende is a great novelist and I was looking forward to her foray into mystery writing It was so bad that I couldn t believe she has written it I puzzled whether some non talented relative wrote this under her name It is the only scenario that makes sense to me It has an unbelievable plot full of holes and cardboard charactersLet s start with the characters Indiana is Amanda s mother and a holistic healer She practices Intuitive massage Reiki magnet therapy crystal therapy and aromatherapy Amazingly she struggles to make a living She has an ample diva bosom a blond mane sinuous curves long lashes and the sexiness of a gangsters moll Sound a little trite yet She also dates a man who is a scion of a wealthy San Francisco family who is so embarrassed by the way she dresses that he doesn t take her out in public Amanda is a typical geeky teen ager who has a small group of geeky friends that meet on line and solve crimes Amanda s father is the SFPD deputy chief of homicide thankfullyand provides her insider information on cases that her group tries to solveIt s just as corny as it sounds It gets pedestrian Amanda goes to a party that is raided by the police and she manages to hide out in a carton Indiana s rich boyfriend suffers from erectile dysfunction Indiana has the ability to heal by her mere presence It just goes on and on Nothing is realistic Everything makes you roll your eyes Will it ever get better No It just goes from one cliche to another Stop itThis book should never have published It is certainly not up to Allende s standards and I am not sure it would pass a college composition class It s so very sad Please don t waste your time with it You ll be as disappointed as I was

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The online mystery game she plays with her beloved grandfather and friends around the worldWhen a string of strange murders occurs across the city Amanda plunges into her own investigation discovering before the police do that the deaths may be connected But the case becomes all too personal when Indiana suddenly vanishes Could her mother's disappearance be linked to the serial killer Now with her mother's life on the line the young detective must solve the most complex mystery she's ever faced before it's too late. There are a number of problems in reading this bookThe Number One problem is Upfront Bald Faced Lying in the marketing of the book1 The title has nothing to do with the contents of the book on any level It supposedly is the name of a video game However the video game is never played or used as a clue or ever referenced again after being used to explain how a club in the book starts Ripper references nothing about ripping or anything knife y which occurs in the book Instead it is used as the name of a kind of meek role playing club which meets online to figure out real life crime The crimes the club tries to solve are actually based on stolen inside information that the leader of the club Amanda Jackson who is either 16 or 17 her age is given as both in different places in the book but since she is going to college soon and it mentions her almost being 18 several times I decided that the earlier reference to her being 16 was an editing error acuires Her father Bob Martin is a deputy chief of homicide in San Francisco and it s his information that Amanda rips off although Martin could care less when he finds out and he actually provides Amanda with whatever she wants to know later These are the only two possible reasons I can think of to use the title Ripper neither of which is one that a buyer of the book will assume is the reason to use it All of the publisher s advertising about the book says this novel is a murder mystery so everyone including me thinks it s about a serial killer who uses a knife like Jack the Ripper the famous London 19th century serial killer Not2 The book is being advertised as if it were a genre mystery Not It absolutely is not It is a mild mannered friendly easy going romantic comedy chick lit novel for 400 pages It actually had me on the path of thinking this was a family oriented Romance genre author attempting to write an Armistead Maupin book such as Tales of the City only a lot less interesting dramatic engaging or cute A defined mystery finally becomes important at page 400 or so but until then the mystery reader must be satisfied with uickie peculiar murders which pop up every ten chapters or so that the characters completely ignore or briefly converse about the Ripper Club The murders NEVER impact anybody or anything having absolutely no intersection with the life of any character in the book In fact whenever anything mysterious or murderous pops into the universe of the book it is only noticeable in how it uietly tiptoes away3 Amanda Jackson is billed as the amazing blazing wunderkind at the center of the book girl detective Instead she is a peripheral character barely on stage She s a nice girl with an occasional walk on part The endThe plotIndiana Jackson is an earth mother of the type who includes a tremendous amount of New Age beliefs and customs in her life and philosophies but strictly of the urban fantasy kind She runs a small massage healing business utilizing aromatherapy and meditation in San Francisco and most of her friends are astrologers mystics and acupuncture specialists Her daughter Amanda her father Blake Jackson her ex husband Bob Martin an ex Seal Ryan Miller and his war dog Attilla and various other relatives friends of relatives clients and small business owners revolve in and out of Indiana s social life interacting in a variety of romantic comedy cute meet and greets Amanda grows up under all of this slightly unconventional but warm love so that she is spunky with her mom dad granddad and wants to start a murder club with some of her Ripper online video game friends The club itself serves as bridge to move the plot forward occasionally They put information together about some murders which they miraculously link up but half of the time it didn t matter Three times what the club comes up with only serves to help the club members think about possible connections but ultimately they and their conclusions are meaningless to solving the crimes because the information they figure out is already out there on some level and either the cops or other people have it as well When they do figure stuff out that s important cool because the story briefly begins to have a heart beat However the information wasn t acted on except for the last two bits of stuff they figured out near the end of the book By this time I was already wondering what was the point of this club Sorry to say but it was of a chick lit social club to discuss the poor health of most of the members than anything else and a way for Amanda to playfully bully her beloved grandfather Blake Amanda and Blake really are uite charming together But every member is a walk on and forgettableThe club members are all damaged physically disabled suffering from cancer socially shy etc They met each other through the online game Ripper All of them have ridiculous avatars which seems to be a point of the book although it doesn t ultimately mean anything The author includes them as if they will be people who matter but they don t except to be able to pass on a vital fact around page 450There are several characters who annoyed me terribly One character who may have been written in for the purposes of a red herring or a lovable crank or comic relief but all I know is I was strongly hoping she d be a murder victim by page 50 Celeste Roko astrology consultant She annoys half of the other characters in the book as well but to no real purpose I was not real happy about a heroine character either Indiana Jackson Amanda s mother She is one of those ridiculous people who think massage and smelling flowers cures everything except cancer Unfortunately she is the center of the book We readers are supposed to adore her I didn t The blurbs on the cover of the book reveal she disappears and Amanda marshals her mystery team together to save her This is SO misleading and wrong A number of strange murders happen Bob Martin is in homicide but he has no idea they are connected After all there are a lot of murders in San Francisco Amanda figures it out by no means I can see and puts it to her video playing friends to think about Meanwhile her gorgeous mother Indiana is at the center of a circle of women and men who are fascinated by her All of them are mesmerized by her full figure and unaffected unadorned personality After she massages them they want nothing than to follow her around call her date her or be her friend She believes she cures their aches and pains through massage and aromatherapy but they think it s the being with her that gives them peace So for 400 pages we see how these various Indiana enchanted folks intersect their lives with Indiana meeting for coffee competing for her hand in lust etc When there are 75 pages left to read Indiana finally disappears The Ripper club figures out a clue Amanda calls Ryan Miller and Martin and everybody bumps it up a little into a thriller with an identity mystery cleared up that I had figured out by page 200 simply because of a certain character s social weirdnessI m not a genre martinet ok If new authors or established literary novelists want to try genre writing or escape an author hell of writer typecasting that s ok with me I don t freak because Stephen King writes literary horror books and I easily rate with a clear conscience many mystery novels five stars while giving literary classics and award winners of prestigious prizes three stars or worse Books are a subjective experience in the end right RightThat said this book is ok but it s messed up If you ordinarily like gentle family friendly chick lit this might shock you horrifically with the free floating scenes of brief and unattached and two incidents of unnecessary murders I suppose you can skip those pages If you wanted a mystery this book will bore you to death I recommend avoiding this book If Romance is what rings your bells this book will massively disappoint you by the end Again I d recommend avoiding this book While there is gentle humor and perhaps some sharp elbow but underdone digs at the California New Age milieu there is no real literary or gutter satire or irony Literary readers will be scratching their heads Isabel Allende is an experienced award winning literary writer of many many books and she has millions of fans If there was anything metafictional or illuminating of the human condition in this novel I missed it If anything it s mostly a chick lit read but not for the sensitive I freuently see reviews where some readers are upset by a single scary mild attack by a bad guy or throw a book out with the garbage at the first darn yet strangely those readers would like 23rds of this book I think However they would be throwing up their lunches every 50 or 70 pages by the murders which by the way are not really graphicWell In re reading what I wrote I guess I m saying everyone will be disappointed by this book but with completely different complaints and disappointments Bravo Isabel Allende The Marketing Department of Harper Collins should be ashamed of themselves

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Isabel Allende Llona is a Chilean American novelist Allende who writes in the magic realism tradition is considered one of the first successful women novelists in Latin America She has written novels based in part on her own experiences often focusing on the experiences of women weaving myth and realism together She has lectured and done extensive book tours and has taught literature at s

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    The problem with being too nice is that sometimes you let the bad ones inIn this novel we learn the story of Indiana a masseur and exceptional h

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    I can not tell you how disappointed I am in this book Isabel Allende is a great novelist and I was looking forward to her fo

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    So Many Descriptions Of People Have we not heard of show don't tell??It was like Indiana is a reiki healer Amanda

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    Isabel Allende was as always a good read Her new adventure into murder mysteries was delightful yet a bit drawn out and really over populated with too many characters For each character there was a comprehensive backstory and it became too much in the end for me The book is 512 pages and could have been at least

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    I read in the NYTimes book review that Isabel Allende had a good time writing this her first mystery novel She might have

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    Ripper grabbed me from the start with this line Mom is still alive but she's going to be murdered at midnight on Good Friday Racing through its last pages an earthuake couldn't dislodge me from my seat An entertaining good read with a game worked into the plotLooks like I'm going to be the rogue reader here I really liked Ripper and here's whyAllende does characters studies well and those in Ripper were solid if a bit uirky I liked them wan

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    Busting with terrific vibrant San Francisco life energy Multiple stories within the 'THE STORY' Engaging Interesting Characters Entertaining POWERFUL subtle messages In a world of crime murders drug trafficking hustlers poverty disabilities broken relationships fear loss grief etcThe Only thing that can heal people is Love

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    Um YikesSo this is clearly an Allende novel because her style and voice as an author are so distinct There is no doubt in my mind that she wrote this book and that is what is most shocking Isabel Allende wrote THIS bookThis

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    There are a number of problems in reading this bookThe Number One problem is Upfront Bald Faced Lying in the marketing of the book1 The title has nothing to do with the contents of the book on any level It supposedly is the name of a video game However the video game is never played or used as a clue or ever referenced again after being used to explain how a club in the book starts 'Ripper' references nothing about ripping or anything knife

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    Don't read it for the mystery read it for the things which make an Allende novel so rich and satisfying a large diverse cast with complex backstories and complicated relationships Solving the mystery is the driver of the plot but it isn't compelling in the way that Amanda's relationship with her family is The teen characters playing Ripper together aren't explored very deeply But the adults are There are the divorced b

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