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What triggers it and who can get it and also discusses additional problems such as sleep disorders depression pain in the joints and difficulties with the eyes ears and balanceA well researched comprehensive guide LIVING WITH ME is THE book to buy for any ME sufferer who wants information not speculatio. A very thorough and interesting round up of all the research surrounding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME It was a little inaccessible in parts but I found it helpful to have so much information in one place A great reference book and one I d encourage every ME sufferer to read

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Living With ME Chronic Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

It is estimated that there are over 100000 people suffering from ME in Britain today Although not a new disease ME also known as 'yuppie flu' is at last being recognised and taken seriously ME is short for MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYSELITIS a term which relates to the parts of the body affected MYALGIC the muscl. I have had this illness since 1989 and have found this book a good help

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Es; ENCEPHALO the brain; and MYSELITIS the nervesUntil recently many people suffering from ME had great difficulty in finding a diagnosis and a way of dealing effectively with their chronic fatigue This comprehensive guide provides much needed information about the disease It describes the symptoms of ME. This is one of the first books I got after becoming ill with ME and it is partly responsible for my remaining ignorant of the basic facts of the disease for so long and also played a role in the illness severely worsening over timeShepherds book is an utter contradiction It has a small amount of solid information and research about ME in it but it also strongly reinforces some of the most damaging stereotypes and myths about the illness put about by vested interest groups This combination makes it extremely dangerous the good information giving the bad information so much weight and authority as it doesThroughout this book although a small amount of excellent information on the history of ME is included you get the feeling that what Shepherd is describing is not ME but a short lived post viral fatigue syndrome such as post glandular fever fatigue These types of symptoms are the only ones he really mentions fatigue mild cognitive problems aches and pains etc None of the symptoms or characteristics which separate ME from these fatigue states is included NMH POTS and other cardiac and cardiovascular effects seizures the profound cognitive effects none of these are mentionedFor example despite the fact ME is known as and classified as a neurological illness he talks about the transient neurological effects of the illness he also claims that involvement of the heart is very unusual this despite the fact that many of the symptoms of ME are known to be caused by cardiac and cardiovascular problems and that these are an essential and core part of the illnessShepherd claims that vomiting should never be ascribed to ME and even bizarrely that nausea only affects a minority of patients The illness Shepherd describes seems to bear no relation at all to Ramsay s METhe information contained in this book is contradicted by many of the reputable ME experts as well as large body of medical research This book is confusing and very misleading about many of the facts of the illnessThere are barely even mentions of the moderately affected patient in this book let alone the severely affected Shepherd claims to have had ME himself but says he was only severely affected for two DAYS The potential severity of ME and all the types of symptoms which can cause this severity are not even mentioned in this bookShepherd also comments alarmingly and extremely ignorantly that being confined to the bed should not last any longer than a few days or at most a week and that any longer than this should be avoided and is not necessary Considering that 25% of ME sufferers are severely affected and that many of these patients may be of absolute NECESSITY confined to bed for many months or even years at a time and will relapse extremely severely if forced to do otherwise these comments are not just ignorant but extremely dangerous They leave the most vulnerable patients open to the worst physical mistreatment these comments actually invite such mistreatment in fact The physical and emotional damage that could be caused by doctors or parents or carers of very sick ME patients who have read this book and who believe Shepherd when he says that no ME patient needs to be bedbound as ME is just not ever that severe for than a few days defies description This book glibly arrogantly and unapologetically invites the very worst type of abuse upon extremely vulnerable severely affected ME patientsDespite very clear and conclusive evidence to the contrary Shepherd also completely denies that ME can ever be fatalMany have commented that he seems to be playing both sides not differentiating between fatigue and post viral fatigue sufferers and ME sufferers advocating against CBT and GET for ME one minute and then supporting it in other ways the next having links to Heathwatch along with Simon Wessely and much As ME advocate Kevin Short writes The MEA s Dr Shepherd has consistently undermined the WHO listing of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and the protection this gives to patients and repeatedly obstructed the proper separation of psychiatric fatigue patients from true ME sufferers via full biomedical patient screening by the NHS See many of the papers by Professor Malcolm Hooper Margaret Williams and Eileen Marshall for information on Charles Shepherd as well as the book Skewed by Martin J Walker which details Shepherds and Wessely s links to HealthwatchDo NOT buy this book if you have ME or an interest in ME There is no useful information on treatments in this book none of the core symptoms of ME are even mentioned and nor is the potential severity of the illness and many of the most ignorant and harmful myths of ME which cause ME sufferers so much harm ARE included There are so many other better books out there books better than this one in every single wayDespite the fact 25% of ME sufferers are severely affected and may be unable to speakunderstand speechtolerate any noise or lightfeed themselves or eat solid food etc Shepherd says glibly and ignorantly It should be possible for anyone with MECFS not just to manage on their own but still obtain real enjoyment out of life This may be true for post viral fatigue or other fatigue syndromes but this is an ignorant and stupid comment when you are aware of how truly devastating and disabling true ME can be This comment is an absolute slap in the face for severe ME sufferers as well as those who have had family members and friends die of the illnessClearly what is being discussed in this book is fatigue and CFS NOT MEWhat patients need to know isME patients were treated appropriately and correctly diagnosed until around 1988 when there was an increase in the number of ME patients and outbreaks in the US Some medical insurance companies and others decided that they would prefer not to lose many millions of dollars on so many new claims and so they created a new vague fictional disease category called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to try to confuse the issue of ME and to hide ME in plain sightUnder the cover of CFS certain vested interest groups have assiduously attempted to obliterate recorded medical history of ME even though the existing evidence has been published in prestigious peer reviewed journals around the world and spans over 70 yearsME is a distinct scientifically verifiable and measurable acute onset organic neurological disease CFS in contrast is not a distinct disease CFS doesn t exist Every diagnosis of CFS based on any of the CFS definitions can only ever be a misdiagnosis A watebasket diagnosisThe fact that a person ualifies for a diagnosis of CFS a does not mean that the patient has ME and b does not mean that the patient has any other distinct illness named CFS ME and CFS are not the sameFar fewer than 05% of the population has the distinct neurological disease known since 1956 as Myalgic EncephalomyelitisChronic Fatigue Syndrome is an artificial construct created in the US in 1988 for the benefit of various political and financial vested interest groups It is a mere diagnosis of exclusion based on the presence of gradual or acute onset fatigue lasting 6 months If tests show serious abnormalities a person no longer ualifies for the diagnosis as CFS is medically unexplained A diagnosis of CFS does not mean that a person has any distinct disease including ME According to the latest CDC estimates 254% of the population ualify for a CFS misdiagnosisThe patient population diagnosed with CFS is made up of people with a vast array of unrelated illnesses or with no detectable illness However while CFS is not a genuine diagnosis those given this misdiagnosis are in many cases significantly or even severely ill and disabled CFS is made up of people with cancer MS Lyme disease depression and hundreds of other unrelated conditionsSub grouping different types of CFS refining the bogus CFS definitions further or renaming CFS with some variation on the term ME such as MECFS would achieve nothing and only create yet confusion and help to continue and further entrench the mistreatment and abuseThe problem is not that CFS patients are being mistreated as psychiatric patients some of those patients misdiagnosed with CFS actually do have psychological illnesses There is no such distinct diseases as CFS that is the entire issueDue to outrageous political influences on medicine and govermnent policy the vast majority of ME patients will not be able to be correctly diagnosed with ME Most ME patients will unfortunately be misdiagnosed with CFS It is extremely important to note however that only a very tiny percentage of those told they have CFS will be ME patients The overwhelming majority of those misdiagnosed with CFS do NOT have ME CFS is NOT just another term for METhe name Myalgic Encephalomyelitis must be fully restored to the exclusion of all others and the World Health Organization classification of ME as a distinct neurological disease must be accepted and adhered to in all official documentations and government policy ME patients must again be diagnosed with ME and treated appropriately for ME based on actual ME research For this to happen there is a real need for patients and others to participate in genuine advocacy and activismThe bogus disease category of CFS must be abandoned All those misdiagnosed with CFS must immediately reject this harmful misdiagnosis and begin the search to find their correct diagnosis whether this be ME PVFS depression cancer or any other disease Correct diagnosis is vital in obtaining the correct treatmentFor information on genuine ME read books and articles by genuine ME experts such as Dr Hyde and Dr Dowsett This book should be avoided by ME patients and the CFS misdiagnosed non ME patient alike None of us need the facts muddied even further this only makes it harder for us all to start slowly getting wellJodi Bassett The Hummingbirds Foundation for ME

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    I have had this illness since 1989 and have found this book a good help

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    This is one of the first books I got after becoming ill with ME and it is partly responsible for my remaining ig

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    A very thorough and interesting round up of all the research surrounding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME It was a little inaccessible in parts but I found it helpful to have so much information in one place A great reference book and one I'd encourage every ME sufferer to read

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    I’ve given it four stars because there is some helpful advice here and it’s certainly very comprehensive however this book is very out of date and overdue for a rewrite So much research has taken place since this was written that it needs a complete overhaul in terms of the scientific information and some of the medical advice As medical advisor to the ME Association Dr Shepherd is in a good position to provide up to date fa