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Immunological Concepts in Transfusion Medicine provides a thorough discussion of the immune aspects of blood component transfusion with in depth information on the intricacies of immune responses to blood components and the immune processes that may be initiated in response to blood exposure Written to increase knowledge and awareness of immune challenges such as alloimmunization and transfusion related acute lung injury this title bridges.

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Immunologic Concepts in Transfusion Medicine E Book

Includes an immunology primer as an introduction to in depth chapters covering allergic immune reactions to blood components transfusion related immunomodulation fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia and neonatal neuthropenia complications of haploidentical and mismatched HSC transplantation chimeric antibody receptor therapies and much Consolidates today's available information on this timely topic into a single convenient resourc.

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Current basic scientific discoveries and the potential effects seen in blood recipientsComplies the knowledge and expertise of Dr Robert Maitta an expert in immune responses and antibody functionstructure studiesHelps clinicians in the daily practice of caring for patients in need of transfusion support as well as physicians in training when considering utilizing blood transfusions in a limited scope or in the setting of massive transfusion.