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Tral roleIbil is set in the backdrop of Afghan and Ira Wars The Islamic State or Ira and Syria ISIS succeeds in starting a novel virus epidemic in the Middle East and many countries have to work together to stop the virus from spreading throughout the globe.

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Ibil By Adeerus Ghayan

Ibil is a fast paced biopunk action thriller that raises the critical issue of terrorism and explores the sentimental and environmental forces which trap an individual in this abyss The novel revolves around the epidemics of MERS and Ebola viruses and bring.

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S to light their ancient roots It grapples with the factors that lead to different types of terrorists from foot soldiers to lone wolves This novel also discusses the contributing factors to the recent surge in terrorism for which corrupt regimes play a cen.

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    Fast paced action packed and on terrorism like his previous one I enjoyed this one as wellIbil is much better than his last terrorism novel Bullets and Train It is technical and goes in depth about the Ebola and MERS pandemics of the 2014I liked the connection of corruption and terrorism which the author has again explored in this

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    A fast paced techno thriller that changes as fast as you can finish the page I'm sure it will be turned into a movie sooner or laterThe story is about the threat of bio terrorism and its global reach A team of heroes is trying to stop a terror network from getting their hands on a deadly virus Strangely enough the protagonist is not one of the heroes He reads like a side story clearly getting built up for a second book

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    It is a techno thriller with detailed descriptions of viruses and their mutations Enjoyable for anyone fond of a fast pace and action thrillerA few grammatical issues but nothing that hampers the uick read or lowers the enjoyment fac

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