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To read For the first time she's sharing stories about her life as a slave And his father and his friends are finally getting the respect and positions of power they've earned in the Wilmington North Carolina community But not everyone is happy with the political changes at play and some will do anything including a vio. Ever heard of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 I hadn t until I read this book In 1898 white supremacistsDemocrats went on the rampage overthrowing the elected government which included several Black citizens of the city of Wilmington North Carolina in a coup d etat They mobbed and set fires and killed dozens of Black leaders and citizens and ran thousands out of town marking the beginning of severe racial segregation disenfranchisement and Jim Crow I def didn t realize this was written by a white woman when I picked it up and I have mixed feelings about that and there were some slightly annoying messages of just follow the law and everything will be ok when clearly that isn t the case as the events of the book demonstrate Oh also wouldn t a 12 year old in 1898 know what lynching was And prob about how light skinned babies were born to slaves I dunno but I also like seeing MG and YA books that focus on politicalracial history in time periods other than the Civil Rights decades in the 20th century Learning about the post Civil War years is imperative in understanding our current situation in the US

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The summer of 1898 is filled with ups and downs for 11 year old Moses He's growing apart from his best friend his superstitious Boo Nanny butts heads constantly with his pragmatic educated father and his mother is reeling from the discovery of a family secret Yet there are good times too He's teaching his grandmother how. Last spring I accidentally tripped over a Goodreads Newbery 2013 prediction list This small gem of a list has had me blazing through many great novels the past few months Actually I was blazing a few months ago Now I m snatching time here and there Anyhoo check out Crowa worthy recommendation It is my latest all in good fun guess for the Newbery winnerI have found it fascinating to read how professional reviewers look at Newbery predictions and discuss the details of what might make or break a Newbery winner as it competes in a pile of high uality contenders For instance one reviewer said that The One and Only Ivan had language that was too flowery or contradicted the fact that the gorilla claimed to be simple and plain Another claimed that Wonder had a point of view that didn t forward the plot A third stated that Three Times Lucky had plot points that were too unbelievable and clues that didn t always add up Crow was critiued by a reviewer who felt the plot was forced with Moses presence at every historical event Some of these details discussed by reviewers I noticed on my own Most I didn t I m not so great with the details I tend to go for the overall story Did I like it Did it move me Is the author a stylesmith Did the plot move forward Did the characters change Were their voices strong Was the story uniue My answer to those uestions with Crow is yes yes and yes I m no good at guessing Newbery winners but I have found the discussions from professional reviewers uite fascinating and it has opened my eyes a crack as to what the process entails in choosing the best fiction book for the yearSixth grader Moses lives in Wilmington North Carolina in 1989 where a black middle class has emerged and holds government and city positions of power Moses father is the brilliant editor of a black newspaper and a city leader Moses friend Lewis comes from a wealthy black banking family but Lewis thinks he s important than Moses because of his dad s position and he is bossy to Moses as they play together in the neighborhood But Moses doesn t care he has fun with him and puts up with his attitude When Johnny an uppity black boy whose dad runs the port decides to be friends with Lewis he purposefully excludes Moses and is outwardly prejudice toward him because he is not as wealthy as Johnny or Lewis s family As Moses deals with the every day issues of friendship there are hints that all is not well in the city That racial tension is high and hatred simmers under the surface of daily livingMose s Grandma Boo Nanny foreshadows bad things to come when buzzards appear in the sky Moses peaceful life is turned upside down as hatred builds in the city to the point where the government is illegally disposed of by a white supremacist group that seizes power People are murdered in the street businesses burned and the black middle class leaders driven out of town during this grim period of history The strong characters and inspiring prose kept me flipping through the pages and while the topic is dark it is filled with hope and love as evidenced by Mose s family The contrasting strong personalities of Boo Nanny and Mose s father add wisdom and depth to the story and while Moses is a good kid he doesn t always make the right choices He s very real and I chuckled when he got back at Johnny then felt ashamed for his behavior afterwardsThe theme of prejudice is not only between races but between humans regardless of color People are prejudice because of differences such as status education or physical disabilities The author captures the dichotomy of Boo Nanny being illiterate but a survivor with street smarts than her highly educated son in law Mose s dad who fights to create a better future for blacks but doesn t always seem to grasp the extent of people s hatred toward his race He even tells Moses that hatred can t be fought with reason and he s at a loss as to how to deal with it in the community But he does deal with it He insists on fair treatment of colored people in small ways whether that be refusing to step down as Alderman or using a front door instead of a servants door Boo Nanny on the other hand is illiterate and blind however when Moses reads an article and marvels that while he understands the words he doesn t get the meaning whereas Boo Nanny seemed to grasp it immediately though she didn t know half the words Boo Nanny grew up as a slave and she s seen so much hatred she refuses to talk about her past When Moses is distressed at their uarreling his mother says So when your daddy and Boo Nanny uarrel I want you to think I m the luckiest boy alive Cause I got myself two ways of looking at a thing not just oneWords are shown to have power and Moses father teaches his son new words from the big dictionary in their house as well as shows the value of words that make laws for governing and providing freedom of speech Words can also hurt and keep people in their place from the mean comments the boys fling at each other to the derogatory comments from white people in the community calling blacks Sambo forcing them to use a different coach on the train telling them to leave their white neighborhood and Moses dad uses small steps to change people s attitude and not back down when others are not being fair or doing the right thing He chooses his battles and tries to fight injustice with words Moses changes throughout the story as he learns to emulate his fatherThere is one section regarding the father of Mose s mother I am not sure kids will understand it because it involves Boo Nanny and her previous slave owner It isn t explained but an adult can infer what happened the detail moves the plot forward by showing Boo Nanny s horrible suffering as a slave Yet there is an unfinished feel by having no explanation I m torn I really don t want the details but it seems like something should be said I would love to be a fly on the wall at a Newbery committee meeting If you liked Lions of Little Rock then you ll love this book too My only complaint is the cover I think it s ugly On the positive side many Newbery winners have ugly book covers I have to really talk up The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Bud Not Buddy to get students to read it Don t let the cover turn you off Grab this winnerReading Level 46

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Lent plot against the government to maintain the status uoOne generation away from slavery a thriving African American community enfranchised and emancipated suddenly and violently loses its freedom in turn of the century North Carolina when a group of local politicians stages the only successful coup d'etat in US histor. I ve been naive I ve taught you to live in a world I wanted to exist not one that actually doesNothing makes me happier than to blindly stumble into a great story With the right recommendation even the flap is a spoiler Boo Nanny is the first reason to fall in love with this book As Moses tells it she takes in wash from the white people in town which clues us in to the time period Jack Thomas dad of Moses works for a newspaper the first black daily Over the next 120 pages we coast through Moses s 5th grade summer getting a feel for life in post Civil War Wilmington North Carolina The black community is thriving Firefighters police lawyers Jack serves in local government in addition to reporting the news Race certainly isn t ignored but given the time and location the lack of animosity is heartwarming Boo Nanny s superstitions hint at trouble to come but it isn t until 160 pages in that we get our first taste of just how ugly racism is Until Moses and his dad wind up caught in the middle of a white supremacy demonstration injustice was served as something you persevere through The kind of everyday belittling where you kept your chin up and eventually you would change attitudes The first half of the book lulls you into a 10 year old child s view of his world The second half exposes a hatred that forces Moses into adulthood For the first few days I had to set goals fifty pages here twenty five there There was no way I was putting Crow down once Moses and I reached that turning point And about 34 of the way through I began fearing the worst That this novel was actually based on true events Sure enough the historical note is absolutely infuriating Barbara Wright took her time suckering us into believing this was a story about the country on its way up Which it was Until through intimidation and violence the once prosperous city of Wilmington is taken hostage by a vigilante militia As heartbreaking as the back half of the story was it s nothing compared to historical events depicted as Crow unfolds Wright expertly stitches together speeches documentation and historical figures to weave a story that reads like fiction But as is too often is the case the facts are far worse than anything invented The vigilantes eradicated the city of its upstanding black citizens through threat of violence re segregated neighborhoods and passed legislation stripping black citizens of their votes effectively laying foundation for the Jim Crow mentality that persisted for another 160 years And that s not the infuriating part What causes me the most trouble is that this story remained untold until a commissioned report on the riots was released in 2006Crow is brilliantly told It certainly couldn t have been easy crafting the first half of this story knowing what was about to transpire It was good enough to make me ignore the warnings peppered throughout Here s the problem I desperately want every student to experience and understand this event Crow delivers the horror of racism directly to the heart But this story reuires patience A patience that I m not sure the majority of my students have So how do we build it Well one way would be to make it a reuired read However Diary of Anne Frank is reuired reading for entering 7th graders and in 5 years I still haven t found a student that hasn t hated it That s the problem with forcing people into a story Then there s reading it aloud If all you have is 15 minutes a day max you re asking kids to stick with you for at least 3 weeks What about several excerpts from the first half straight through the second If you have an opinion I d love to hear it

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Barbara Wright grew up in North Carolina and has lived in France Korea and El Salvador Her novels include Crow Random House Easy Money Algonuin and Plain Language TouchstoneSimon & Schuster which won a Spur Award from the Western Writers of America She has worked as a fact checker for Esuire Magazine and as a screenwriter She lives in Denver with her husband and plays tennis and jaz

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    Have you ever heard about the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 ?It is the only coup d'etat to ever occur in United States history It should be as well known as the Rosewood massacre or the Tulsa race riots but I have never heard of it before I

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    I wish I were smart enough to write a review on this amazing book Nothing I would say could do this book justice

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    Last spring I accidentally tripped over a Goodreads Newbery 2013 prediction list This small gem of a list has had me blazin

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    I Love this bookThis book takes place 1898 A 11 year old boy named Moses is growing up in a small town in North Carolina It was really was exciting and sad and very interesting The end of the book is really sad I need to read books from her

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    Ever heard of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898? I hadn't until I read this book In 1898 white supremacistsDemocrats went on the rampage overthrowing the elected government which included several Black citizens

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    I've never read historical fiction about this time period in the South and really enjoyed learning about the post emancipation cultural transitions I particularly liked the generational differences in this family where the grandmother was a slave the mother was born into slavery but freed as a baby and the 10 year old protagonist was born free Recommended Listened to the audiobook

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    I've been naive I've taught you to live in a world I wanted to exist not one that actually doesNothing makes me happier than to blindl

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    Highly flawed the author wanted to provide the reader with a historical fiction account of the events leading up to and during the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 Her choice to present the account in the first person perspective of a 12 year old boy forced her to explain him into situations The way he 'just happened to be there' became extremely tedious and unbelievable as the story wore on Eye roll inducing The voice of the main character was

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    A troubling book without easy answers but I'm not sure of its audience andor whether it's hitting that audience I feel like the best r

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    you got a mess of trouble coming to your door Bad times a comin These are only a couple of the warnings given out by 11 year old Moses's grandmother Boo Nanny in this story about the events leading up to the Wilmington Massacre of 1898The story is slow for the first 50 pages or so before it becomes a page turner as Boo Nanny gives o

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