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Igro Dream Dream Dream Michael Weems Fat Dick Daniel Guyton and a Half Minutes Outside a Gelateria Jon Caren Foodies Jenny Lyn Bader The Great Gaffe Jennifer O Grady Heartland Andrea Fleck Clardy Here Comes the Drone Arlene Hutton LaRuta Mayank Keshaviah little Red Riding Hood Grandmother s Revenge Deborah Zoe Laufer The Maltese Walter John Minigan No More Maids Anne Garcia Romero No One is Home Abby Rosebrock A Rebel Among the Wretched Andrew Biss Run Out of Sky Leslie Bramm Snatch and Release Elise Lockwood Snow White Zombie Brenton Lengel Supermoon Sofia Alvarez Ten Picnics Mark Harvey Levine Work Catherine Castellani You re Hired Donna Latham.

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The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2016 (Best 10 Minute Plays)

In this volume you will find fifty terrific new ten minute plays all successfully produced during the theatrical season They are written in a variety of styles Some realistic plays some are not some comic some are dramatic Included is a comprehensive list of theatres which do ten minute plays Plays for Actors include Before or After Christopher Lockheardt Best Lei d Plans Kelly Younger Broken James McLindon Family of Flechner Gregory Fletcher Future Girl Visits Barbie s Mom Ellen Davis Sullivan For Charlie Even if You Wouldn t Have Taken It Maya MacDonald God in the Goat Suzanne Bradbeer The Incredible Egg Laurie Graff How Violet Met Watson Susan.

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Goodell Kissing Weird Liam Kuhn Lost and Found Elyne Heilveil Lunchtime at Westfield High Nicole Pandolfo The Magic Fish Andrea Fleck Clardy Murder Bekah Brunstetter Objectum Sexuality Ron Burch Occupy Hallmark Cassie M Seinuk The Pee Test Donna Hoke Prick Perfect CS Hanson ueens of the Realm Ian August Soft Little Song Like Doves Libby Emmons Something in Common Robin Pond Storm on Storm Gary Garrison Time Wounds All Heels Glenn Alterman Train Stop Mark Cornell Viola Darrah Cloud Plays for or More Actors Are you Sure George Sauer Believin Sharon E Cooper Billy Bitchass Ira Gamerman The Crocodile s Bite Vanessa Garcia Curse of the Wolf Man Don N.