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On Wall Street fortune favors the prepared mind Pitch the Perfect Investment accelerates the learning process giving the college or MBA student the edge they need to succeed whether they are pitch­ing a stock idea in a job interview in a stock pitch competition or for a student run investment fund Echoing this sentiment Aswath Damodaran a prolific author of over books on valuation and a professor at New York University said this is a book that most of my students would have loved to have had before their first interview and job Sonkin and Johnson also seek to push the open minded seasoned investment professional out of their comfort zone and challenge them to think about familiar concepts differently In an industry where even the most successful veterans must worry about younger managers snapping at their heels Pitch the Perfect Investment euips the Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research with new tools enabling them to tighten their analytical process and signifi­cantly improve communicatio If you are young and want to work in securities field you must buy this one For others the book is notable both for being an entertaining if biased read on the proper way of picking securities and that s mostly a good thingSome observationsthe tone is light and entertaining The book is obviously directed at a younger white urban hip audience with cute illustrations and step by step instructions which border on the sublime hair care gets addressed multiple times with the Beatles Gordon Gekko and SNL references galore This is a pretty big departure both in form and substance from most books of this type and make it even valuable for that reason After all to the uninitiated these topics get dry at times but the authors skillfully skirt the boredomthe book is essentially a series of introductory sections in all manner of investment topics including valuation competitive advantage crowd behavior and behavioral finance and lot of other things besides As such it is handy no running to this book or that one but it stands out as a single source volume which will encourage the reader to move beyond which is a good thingif this matters the book favors academic valuation over practical ones and thus fosters the typical snob appeal that many value investors hold over other methods of picking stocks There is for example no mention of Peter Lynch or Jim Cramer or Value Line and if the deep thinking but excruciating to apply books from Damodoran or Mauboussin appeal to you then you will love this one The book reaches a height of this absurdity when it claims that practically all valuation methods euate to discounted cash flow models which even if true becomes absolutely irrelevant just make money There is a danger in assuming sophistication and science in what is a field where art is a vital component in success but given the tone in this book many young analysts may adhere to a rigid dogma instead of a practical process of making sure picks go up Yet this is just a personal uibble and obvious enough to anyone with any experience short hair does not make a successful stock pick and some of the managers described are idiots but it might explain why some oddball profiles on a site like VIC get bad ratings doesn t fit the religion but make tons of moneyAll in all I d highly recommend this one for the Intended audience and it should be paired with Best Practices for Euity Research Analysts for a very strong foundation before reality sets in and the only thing that matters is beating an index and attending to your own personal groomingPS These days it is hard to take any book seriously in this field without knowing the author s investment track record not job title but this one skirts that issue because a co author also helped write Gorilla Game one of the most important and influential investment books of the past 20 years

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Pitch the Perfect Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street (Wiley Finance)

N and efficiency throughout their organization As noted by Geoffrey Moore author of several highly acclaimed strate­gy books in the technology industry Much heartache will be avoided and faster decisions will be reached by any organization that adopts Sonkin and Johnsons recommendationsNicholas Galluccio CEO of Teton Advisors added In this era of hyper competition on Wall Street active portfolio management is under attack by ETFs and passive investment vehicles In this new environment beating the market is evenessential to the active portfolio man­ager and even the smallest edge can make the difference between success and failure Pitch the Perfect Investment will give the professional inves­tor that edge No other single resource will provide students money managers analysts bankers executives salespeople and individual investors with a faster way to improve their performance Pitch the Per­fect Investment is the essential guide to winning on Wall Street uestions Email infopitchtheperfectinvestmen Very well written and insightful

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Please visit our website at pitchtheperfectinvestment to download a sample chapter and sign up for email updates Investors who succeed on Wall Street spend their career analyzing companies and honing and refining their investment strategies But they had to start somewhere Training for research analysts is basically non­existent on Wall Street resulting in a baptism by fire that forces the new analyst to develop expertise on their own through an agonizing process of trial and error To overcome this deficiency Sonkin and Johnson have written the ultimate survival guide for someone embarking on a career as an investment professional Arnie Ursaner a sell side veteran who retired after years on Wall Street said I wish I had this book when I started in the business I re­member my early days being characterized by a lot of hits and misses This book provides valuable short­cuts to experiencehits and fewer misses The single most important element in survival is having knowledge as knowledge dispels fear and If you re a young professional who s read several investment books and is struggling to move from theory to working in the investment business make Pitch the Perfect Investment 1 on your reading stack This practical guide was missing when I graduated university 7 years ago While I had read numerous investment classics and valuation textbooks I found these readings didn t translate well into the field It s one thing to uote Buffett and Klarman It s another to pitch an idea to an aggressive portfolio manager and secure a jobPitch the Perfect Investment provides the missing bridge The book accomplishes two goals i synthesizing investment theory to create practical analytical tools and ii teaching readers to select a security appropriate for the fund she is pitching to and to deliver a well organized and effective pitchThe first section covers familiar investment topics including asset valuation market efficiency competitive advantage and behavioral finance However this section adds to the existing literature by neatly synthesizing the ideas and turning them into practical analytical tools Chapters 5 8 for example synthesize market efficiency behavioral finance and the research process Chapter 5 covers the reuirements for market efficiency information must be disseminated properly processed and incorporated into the share price through trading and then turns theory into a tool by training analysts to hunt for stocks where the reuirements for market efficiency don t hold Chapters 6 7 then review the research on behavioral finance and crowd psychology to help the analyst identify these breakdowns and Chapter 8 concludes by showing how the research process can exploit them The authors also provide a case study to put everything into contextAmbitious young professionals myself included often fall into traps in the real world Common mistakes include pitching deep value stocks to funds looking for high uality companies spending 10 minutes describing a company s business and industry rather than showing how an idea will generate alpha and failing to deliver a pitch in only a few minutes Section 2 is the missing key for young professionals and provides practical advice on selecting a security that will interest the portfolio manager structuring a pitch and concisely delivering a pitch This section could have saved me years in a careerThe book is also a very pleasant read Paul Paul have decades of teaching experience and it shows They concise entertaining witty and avoid verbiage

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    It's said that if you want to fully understand a topic you must be able to teach it to someone else PPI's framework will help you fully think th

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    If you're a young professional who's read several investment books and is struggling to move from theory to working in the investment business m

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    If you are young and want to work in securities field you must buy this one For others the book is notable both for being an entertaining if biased read on the 'proper way of picking securities' and that's mostly a good thin

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    Arrived promptly perfect packaging I have now read the book and would definitely recommend easy to read and includes really good examplescases from which you can learn and useful tips to apply on a daily basis

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    Very well written and insightful

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    This is excellent choice for new analysts or intermediate level individual investors The book explains efficient market hypothesis and how investor should interpret and use that knowledge This discussion is alone worth 10 times the price of t

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    Examples are dated Nothing very useful here

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    this is a masterpiecevery well writtenup to date & informativeenjoying reading