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    In this two pack Bach's story is first then Pani's It was interesting to get both POV's due to the language bar

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    Definitely an interesting and entertaining pair of books I think it was probably the most realistic alien love story I've ever read and I loved that we got the same story from the aliens POV then the humans POV The author was so clever to have the overall themes different for the same events In Bach's book it seemed to me that the main struggle was one of the treatment of inferior beings While in Pani's book the focus seemed to be center

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    If you liked Bach's story than you will love this one has it is essentially the same story just from Pani's point of view You can really see all the emotions that she went thru from once she was abducted to when she was placed with Bach and treated like a pet She sure does get in to a lot of trouble and lots of spankings are delivered in this story as well Awesome followup to say the least

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Pets author Darla Phelps

H has to face the realization that perhaps humans are than just small adorable child like animals They might actually be a race of people in their own rightPets Pani's StoryThere is no panic uite like waking up in a strange house with no memory of how you'd got there unless that strange house is also located on a planet inhabited by giants who look on humans as fascinating child like pets For Judy a successful liberated woman being forced into perpetual infancy is intolerable But how to go about convincing her new 'Papa' that she is not a cute and clever animal but a species of person in her own right Stubborn and willful and abso.

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Lutely determined to win back her freedom at any cost and that includes at the cost of her bottomNoteThis story is different from the other material offered in our age play category It has a very unusual sci fi setting It's darker with severe spankings enema and anal play and the ageplay is forced upon Pani until she comes to want it and him Pets Bach's Story is also written solely from Bach's point of view while Pets Pani's Story is written soley in Pani's point of view But we absolutely fell in love with this novel it's definitely very very thought provoking and unusual Don't miss this one It's a great value and a wonderful stor.

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Pets Bach's Story Bach had never given much thought to owning a pet but after losing his wife and children he decides he's rattled around in his empty house long enough He goes to Exotics Inc and he buys a human the latest fad in the pet trade these days Pani is everything he needs to ease the loneliness of widowhood smart mischievous both looking and acting so much like a real child that Bach can almost forget she's only a pet At least until she begins to do things that go beyond the subspecies intelligence scientifically accredited to the human animal She speaks she writes When she draws out a picture of Earth's solar system Bac.