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Summary Henry Spaloosh Young Hippo Funny S

Welcome to the watery world of Henry Spaloosh Henry is a hopeless swimmer he can splash and ki.

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Henry Spaloosh Young Hippo Funny S

Ons because he has to do swimming lessons with Mr Flotable So why is Henry's nickname Spaloosh.

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Ck as well as any boy but all he ever seems to do is sink Henry doesn't like Wednesday afterno.

2 thoughts on “Henry Spaloosh Young Hippo Funny S

  1. says:

    This book was a wonderful little surprise I have been slowly tracking down and reading all of Chris d’Lacey’s books I fell in love with his writing less than a year ago and have now read 20 books by him And t

  2. says:

    i thought this book was helariouse and fun i loved it i finnished it in 30 mins hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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