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E and hearing sciences and practical information about assessment and intervention practices Unlike some other introductory text books this book also includes chapters on multicultural issues deafness dysarthria and dysphagia NEW TO THE THIRD EDITION Updated content with new information on evidence based practice New online video segments that clearly demonstrate a variety of communication disorders at different ages and severities New chapter on cleft lip and palate New information on cochlear implants and listening New information on spoke.

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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication Sciences and Disorders From Science to Clinical Practice Third Edition is an excellent introductory text for undergraduate students enrolled in their first course in communication sciences and disorders Written by experts in the field this text contains basic information about speech disorders that are related to impairments in articulation voice and fluency; language disorders in children and adults; and hearing disorders that cause conductive and sensorineural hearing losses It includes basic information on the speech languag.

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N language approaches to audiologic habilitation The two chapters on preschool and school age language disorders are now combined into one chapter The two chapters on auditory rehabilitation and deaf education are now combined into one chapter In Text Features Boxes featuring personal stories from the authors and guides to online video segments learning objectives and bolded key terms End of Chapter Features Study uestions Key Terms References and Suggested Readings Instructor Resources Slides in PowerPoint format Test Bank and an Image Bank.

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