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Summary La hermandad de la sábana santa

La hermandad de la sábana santa

The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud is the explosive international bestseller that mixes fact and fiction to tell the riveting story of one of the world’s most controversial relics the Holy Shroud of Turin and the desperate race to save it from those who will stop at nothing to possess its legendary pow. Did you have to waste so many pages Waste of time and energy The book is supposed to be a thriller and I didn t feel any thrill at all It was dulldraggingand tested my patience in many places You can t state few names like shroud of Turin and Knights Templar and expect the readers to accept it as a spectacular thriller Well I m to be blamed for falling for anything with those names in it And the ending It couldn t have been crappy

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Forged by mortal sacrifice assassination and secret societies tied to the shadowy Knights TemplarSpanning centuries and continents from the storm rent skies over Calvary through the intrigue and treachery of Byzantium and the Crusades to the modern day citadels of Istanbul New York London Paris and Rome. Okay I swear this is the last Jesus religious artefact coverup giant conspiracy making money off The Da Vinci Code book that I m going to read I swearBasically you can pretty much predict where the book will go and what will happen from just reading the cover Controversial Church relic Check Shadowy international organization Check A conspiracy to unravel Check Oh the excitementI suppose it was slightly useful in that I learned a little about the Shroud of Turin but really I could have just googled it and learned as much Okay for a mindless read if that s what you re after but for anything than that look somewhere elseOh and I think it was translated from Italian originally or something cause some of the English is a littleweird People use phrases and speak in ways which are not normal for English Just a head s up

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ErA fire at the Turin cathedral and the discovery of a mutilated corpse are the latest in a disturbing series of events surrounding the mysterious cloth millions believe to be the authentic burial shroud of Jesus Christ Those who dare to investigate will be caught in the cross fire of an ancient conflict. Julia Navarro is well known journalist based in Madrid The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud is her first novel For fans of the novels of Dan Brown this is in much the same vein The novel opens with a fire and the death of a tongue less and fingerprint less man in the Turin Cathedral the repository of the famous Shroud of Turin The head of the Arts Crimes Division of the Italian police Marco Valoni suspects there is to a mere fire as two years earlier a thief also tongue less and fingerprint less was caught fleeing the cathedral He begins an extensive investigation with his agents that causes severe conseuencesThe novel although actually telling the story of the Shroud of Turin follows two tracks The first is a proposed history of the Shroud while the second follows the modern investigation and the furor that investigation stirs up As with many of these types of novels conspiracies abound In this case there are two major groups of conspirators The first is a sect of Christians from the Turkish city of Urfa This was a Christian community shortly after Jesus s death In fact the Shroud came there then known as Edessa to heal its king The history moves through the centuries as the Shroud is eventually taken to Constantinople and sold to the Knights Templar and moved to France This sect of Christians from Urfa has spent centuries trying to steal the Shroud back and return it to Urfa The second group is the Templars themselves They are still in the world although carefully hidden The Templars are trying to make sure that the Shroud does not return to Urfa Both groups are treated as though they are able to penetrate any resistance and often know what the other is doing the Templars so than the group from Urfa In fact the Templars are portrayed as almost god like in their power and wealthThe actual Shroud of Turin has been tested by scientific committees many times to determine authenticity In the late 1980s the Catholic Church allowed several small pieces of the Shroud to be taken for Carbon 14 testing This testing revealed that the Shroud dated from the 1300s Ms Navarro offers in her novel an explanation for this discrepancyWith chapters of history mixed with the convolutions and conspiracies of the modern investigation the novel is a fun and fast paced read that leads to an explosive climax And yet that climax doesn t explain it all I didn t find it uite as gripping as Dan Brown s books but it was still nevertheless uite good and hard to put down If one has an interest in the Shroud of Turin enjoys conspiracy thrillers or even religious thrillers one cannot go wrong with The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud I ll be curious to see what Navarro next novel The Bible of Clay is about

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  • La hermandad de la sábana santa
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  • 10 December 2018
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Julia Navarro Madrid 1953 lleva más de treinta años dedicada al periodismo trabajando en los principales medios de comunicación de este país tanto en prensa escrita como en radio y televisiónDespués de publicar varios libros de actualidad política como Nosotros la transición; Entre Felipe y Aznar; La izuierda ue viene y Señora presidenta se atrevió con la novela y consiguió un éxito sin

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    Did you have to waste so many pages? Waste of time and energy The book is supposed to be a thriller and I didn't feel any thrill at all It was dulldraggingand tested my patience in many places You can't state few names like shroud of Turin and

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    “The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud” by Julia Navarro is a novel woven around the history of the Shroud of Turin The protagonist is Marco Valoni Chief of the Italian Art Crimes DepartmentThe author is a Spanish journalist and this is her first novel The book starts off slow but does pick up the pace as it goes along I had the feeling Navarro tried to pack too much information and characters into the story

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    I thought about giving this book a two out of fairness but after forcing myself to finish it I simply can not bring myself to do that I don't know if this book was simply a victim of it being translated into English or if

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    Julia Navarro is well known journalist based in Madrid The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud is her first novel For

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    This book is fantastic While the beginning starts off a bit slow once you get into the story a bit the pace picks up and the story really gets moving This book is based in two different time lines One is the modern time with the police investigating a fire in the city of Turin The other is the time following the crucifixion of Jesus The Sh

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    THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE HOLY SHROUD is an excellent effort on Navarro's part The modern day story is fast paced with believable action and well defined characters The historical storyline however suffers a bit from an overabundance of characters some imagined some historical This does tend to slow down some of the chapters Still given the amo

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    Yet another Spanish romp is Julia Navarro's The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud Just when you thought you were safe from the Knights Templar here they return as heroic in fiction as they have been derided in history This is yet another silly historical thriller joining the Dan Brown wagon If it's not Dante whose books provide clues to modern crimes it's the bloody Templars and their rituals Surely there's enough history in Europe

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    Okay I swear this is the last Jesus religious artefact coverup giant conspiracy making money off The Da Vinci Co

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    One of the worst books I've ever read in my life I seriously wanted to throw this book to the bin Not only it is really bad written but the characters are flat and unlikeable and extremely annoying and the storyline is just blah Seems like a

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    Actuallythis is like 2 12 starsThis book is like a real bad experiment when you try to combine Da Vinci Code and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Too many characters too many ridiculous side plots was the Sophia and Pietro deal necessary?? And for how smart Sophia was it certainly seemed it never showed up oh and I got si

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