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Notes for the Everlost

Ring account of her experience her bereavement and ultimately how she was able to move forward and help other parents who had experienced such profound loss Inglis’s story is a springboard that can help other bereaved parents reflect on key aspects of the experience such as emotional survival in the first year after loss; dealing with family friends a I picked this book up a few days ago at the bookshop that I work at I didn t know anything about this book at all It is a stunning account of grief and loss and living and loving The copy I have is full of highlights and notes in the margins I haven t experienced what Kate Inglis has but I have been through different sorts of grief and I wish I could gift every person I know this beautiful and painful and essential book

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Part memoir part handbook for the heartbroken this powerful unsparing account of losing a premature baby will speak to all who have been bereaved and are grieving and offers inspiration on moving forward gently integrating the loss into lifeWhen Kate Inglis’s twin boys were born prematurely one survived and the other did not This is the powerful unspa 375 Kate Inglis a Nova Scotian photographer and children s author has written this delicate playful handbook something between a bereavement memoir and a self help guide for people who feel they might disappear into grief for ever In 2007 Inglis s identical twin sons were born premature at twenty seven weeks Ben lived but Liam died Every milestone in Ben s life would serve as a reminder of the brother who should have been growing up alongside him The unfairness was particularly keen on the day she returned to hospital for two appointments Ben s check up and a report on Liam s autopsy Unable to sustain the eye popping freshness of the prose in the introduction Inglis resorts to some clich s in what follows Shit is a favourite word bandied about alongside uirky names like The Bootstraps Barbershop Chorus a term for bystanders who offer unsolicited advice as proof that she s telling it like it is This kooky candid book will be valuable to anyone facing bereavement or supporting a loved one through itMy full review is in the March 15th issue of the Times Literary Supplement An excerpt is available hereSome favorite lines Your sacred and lifelong dialogue with death is yours distinctly I appreciate how art rearranges the impossible into a shape we can absorb Loss makes compassion by connecting us to the human experience With pain with almost unbearable hurt But nonetheless we are connected We are awake First we harden up so bitter so upset but then we soften softer softer and softer still until we truly understand why we are here To share love To share understanding None of us have the time for anything less


Nd bystanders post loss; the uniue female state post bereavement of shame and sorrow at “failing” or somehow not fulfilling your role; the importance of community; recognizing society’s inability to deal with grief and loss; how loss breeds compassion; coping with anniversaries; and beginning the work of “integration” as opposed to “healing Notes for the Everlost goes beyond the story of one woman s grief to reveal the story of humanity of our unadorned selves in their rawest form pain shame vulnerability sorrow anger defiance and fear The prose at once poetic and simple broken and whole draws upon everyday things we understand to give sound sight and texture to the many things we don t Inglis brings grief into the experience of living rather than leaving it with the experience of dying and in doing so delivers an utterly beautiful meditation on life

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NOTES FOR THE EVERLOST A FIELD GUIDE TO GRIEF Shambhala Books September 2018 two middle grade novels and picture books with Nimbus Publishing Represented by Amy Tompkins at TransatlanticKate lives along the coast of Nova Scotia Canada where she was born In November 2009 her first novel was published — 'The Dread Crew Pirates of the Backwoods' a book January Magazine calls a spirit

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    375 Kate Inglis a Nova Scotian photograph

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    I was lucky enough to be one of the early readers for this incredibly moving memoir of sorts written by a true talent and wonderful human I've been doubly lucky to know via the Interwebs for many years Having been fortunate enough to read Kate's words in various places online and in print for over a decade I already knew her writing would speak to me as it's done so many times before She and her stories—her soul affirming empathy and hon

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    Notes for the Everlost A Field Guide to Grief is what you will want to read if you have lost a child if you know someone who has lost a child or if you’re a human being I asked a friend of mine to read it She is not a mother whos

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    As a parent that has suffered the lost of a beloved baby this book speaks directly to me Kate so elouently speaks to this sad community and offers a pot of tea lovely writing and immense understanding having suffered the loss of one

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    I picked this book up a few days ago at the bookshop that I work at I didn’t know anything about this book at all It is a stunning account of grief and loss and living and loving The copy I have is full of highlights and notes in

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    Kate Inglis gets it Her baby died too just like both of mine I wish I could have written this gloriously beautiful book Inglis articulates so many things I've thought and railed against And she does it so damn well She weaves in very practical advice validation and reminders that you the bereaved get to decide what you feel and w

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    With her deeply melodic writing voice the guts of a commander marching her troops unswervingly into danger and the soul of an ocean Kate Inglis finally finally helps us understand what Tennyson meant when he penned “it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” Kate tells us that “the erasure of Liam nev

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    Full disclosure I have known Kate Inglis since 2009 but my first introduction to the author came a few years earlier when my partner pointed me to her weblog we were all bloggers back then innocent and prone to oversharing It turned out that Kate lived only a few miles down the road from the blunt rocky nose of Nova Scotian sea shore where

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    Notes for the Everlost goes beyond the story of one woman’s grief to reveal the story of humanity of our unadorn

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    Thought this was so well written Endlessly relatable as someone who lost a partner at a young age I think it’s a valuable read for

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