Lord Lightning Astrology #1 {Pdf ebook} By Jenny Brown – DOC & Kindle eBook

  • Paperback
  • 384
  • Lord Lightning Astrology #1
  • Jenny Brown
  • English
  • 24 August 2018
  • 9780061976056

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    Lord Lightning by Jenny Brown became one of those rare books that after finishing it I uickly re read it again in hopes of unraveling of the story While not complex the story was rich and deep with characters that slowly unravel themselves before the reader’s eyes They have layers and masks they wear in order to hide themselves away from the hurts they suffered in the world I became so engrossed with the st

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    I was really looking forward to this book because my Goodreads friends whose taste are very similar to mine enjoyed it For some reason it just did not do anything for me and I read very uickly skimmed through most of it after the first 100 pages I felt like there were a few times where if things had been done differently then I co

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    Yes I know another romance novel but one with a surprising cast of characters that are not your typical romance stereotypes Sure you have to have your pennilessinnocent heroine from the early 1800s but she is far from the

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    A fun read This novel is intelligent and well written but could use a few characters The couple's emotional struggles misunderstandings and changing moods are absorbing and well drawn but because the few other characters are unsympathetic and undeveloped the duo's alternating inner turmoil gets kind of exhausting Still a promising debut

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    Although this book will not appear in print for another three months I had the fortune of reading it in manuscript form a couple years ago I'm very glad to see it coming out although I'm disappointed with the cover they saddled it with go to and see what I mean The following is an excerpt from my initial feedback to the authorTelling fortunes seems very much in keeping with what I imagine of the era in which this is set And the

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    It was ok Too Much Sex And very silly descriptions I mean come on Luxuriant orbs Twirling nipples

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    Although I have absolutely no belief in astrology etc that didn't put me off reading this novel I liked the way Edward was portrayed as damaged and outwardly cold but really someone who was vulnerable and looking for real love However the actual plot about Edward needing a mistress when he went to stay at his mother's house didn't sound real to me and Eliza was all too uick to fall madly in lustI was also surprised that

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    A fun read This is a fun read even if it gets off to a preposterous start The astrology adds an interesting element to the story and the characters are solid Recommended for fans of the genre

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Lord Lightning Astrology #1

Eduction with a pinch of the paranormal In this fabulous Regency Era set tale a handsome cold hearted rake insists that the beautiful astrologer whose predictions drove away his mistress take her place in his bed I m going four not five only because of the ending I am so sick of authors not letting bad people be bad and the heroes forgiving them everything and loving them right away If they did horrible horrible things for the hero s entire life then let them remain bad Especially between a motherchild relationship Feeling guilty over cheating is NO EXCUSE for leaving scars on a child And yet we are expected to believe that at the end he forgave his mother to the point of harboring no ill feelings toward her So let s set the situation up 1 abusive hateful mother 2 purposely ruined his life and his engagement 3 had heroine imprisoned wrongly 4 heroine was almost raped and sold to brothel in prison 5 hero is so magnanimous that he can forgive all that because her guilt was enough reason to understand her actionsWTF I loved this book I loved everything about it even the very very detailed astrological descriptions Until the end I have two words for the hero author Man up

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An electrifying debut from a fresh and exciting new talent Lord Lightning introduces author Jenny Brown to lucky historical romance fans especially those who love the lush dark and sensual romantic fiction of Lor Yes I know another romance novel but one with a surprising cast of characters that are not your typical romance stereotypes Sure you have to have your pennilessinnocent heroine from the early 1800s but she is far from the twist your anklehelp me damsel in distress that usually turns my head in disgust When her good for nothing father suddenly appears in her life and then just as uickly spends the rest of her small dowry before being thrown into a debtors prison Eliza Farrell sucks it up and uses her skill in astrological fortune telling to try and make enough to save her most precious possessions her books and yes her father The fact that Eliza would do what she could to save her books and not only that but she is also a big fan of Jane Austen had me cheering for her from the get goWhen Eliza consults the stars and unknowingly describes the infamous rake womanizer emotionally unavailable yet seriously hot Lord Edward Lord Lightning Hartwood as being capable of great passionate love among other thingsin his hearing her destiny is changed forever Determined to teach Eliza a lesson for convincing his mistress to leave him and prove her wrong about her characterization of him Lord Hartwood strikes a bargain with Eliza If Eliza accompanies Lord Hartwood to his mother s house for a fortnight as a replacement mistress to help him fulfill the conditions in his dead brother s inheritance will Lord Hartwood will not only save Eliza s books but pay for her father s release and then give her further funds to do with what she wishes at the end of their contract The only conditions are that they will not sleep together Eliza must not fall in love with Lord Hartwood and that she stops trying to find redeeming ualities in Lord Lightning Eliza confident in her assessment of Lord Hartwood s character and in her own acting skills agrees How hard can it be rightThrow in a evilconniving mother from hell a few scandalous scenes some interesting exchanges and a couple of family secrets revealed what follows is a uite entertaining series of events which proves Lord Hartwood and Eliza have no idea what they have gotten themselves into Lord Hartwood begins to realise Eliza is far from the usual delicate ladies he had known before and Eliza catches glimpses of a kind caring man hiding behind the mysterious facade that is Lord Lightning much to Lord Hartwood s surprise and possible horror Hilarious Corniness was kept to a minimal and even though my surprising need for revenge wasn t uite satisfied enough you ll have to read to find out why overall it wasn t a bad read and I wouldn t mind reading it againNote Received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

Summary Lord Lightning Astrology #1

Etta Chase Anna Campbell and Mary Balogh Lord Lightning is a magnificent beginning to Brown’s Lords of the Seventh House Series in which each of the heroes is a different sign of the Zodiac mixing passion and s A HISTORICAL ROMANCE ABOUT ASTROLOGY SET IN BRIGHTON

About the Author: Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown studied history in graduate school Her first professional sale as a writer was a biographical piece about Louisa May Alcott’s childhood Years later her favorite hobby continues to be reading biographies of people who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries She has earned her living in many different ways performing as a singer songwriter in Western Massachusetts and Nashville writin