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    Mark Van Name's Children No More is a hard heavy book I'm not sure I can recommend it enough It's one of those books that makes me re think things and stay in touch deeply in touch with how I feel I'm not sure just

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    Very recommended sf here though not without a couple potential missteps in pacing and over explanation of decisions Our sentient high tech spaceship doesn't get too many chances to show off in terms of firepower and ship to ship combat but with all of Lobo's sarcasm and a demonstration of hisits abilities as hacker surveillance and command and control This is a novel which ruminates on the costs of violence and very much in particular on

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    While every Jon and Lobo novel is worth reading ‘Children No More’ by Mark L Van Name is the story fans have been waiting for In between the fast paced action plot twists and humour part of Jon’s own tale is told Fourth in the series of novels featuring Jon Moore and his companion the sentient PCAV Preda

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    Two stars in some ways four in others First Van Name has taken an important real world message and embedded it in his world in a uite believable way so good for him It was a good story in that regard And full marks for the

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    Go and buy this hardcover The author is donating his royalties from the hardcover sales to a worthy charity I've got than one copy Go buy a couple and give them as gifts Read a good story aid a good cause Five stars for that four f

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    This book was certainly not the best one in the series I still classifies as okay barely as far as I am concerned but I did indeed hope for something betterAs with the other ones in the series the book is well written The dialog bickering between Jon and Lobo can be uite entertaining although sometimes a wee bit tiring It could have been a really good bookUnfortunately it suffers at least from my point of view from th

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    Not a lighthearted romp like the early books in the series but instead a much serious novel that weaves together Jon and Lobo's attempt to help rescue 500 young child soldiers with Jon's memories of his own traumatic childhood experiences The book is thought provoking than exciting but not at all boring It was really interesting to

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    This is the 4th Jon Lobo book and it's the one with the least amount of action and the most discussion of feelings and ideas Which is ok I supp

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    While this book in the Jon and Lobo saga isn't as action packed as the previous books in the series I still highly recommend it It deliverers an important political message about the effects of war on children and it also fills in many of the mysteries of Jon's past Even importantly the author is donating his royalties from the sales to a worthy charity which helps children who are the victims of war

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    The author has a noble goal but I found the characters very one dimensional

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He heart of humanity to save a group of child soldiers and then face an even tougher challenge When we've trained our children to kill what do we do with them when the fighting is overBecause the plight of these children is so near to the author he is donating 100% of his hardback proceeds including his advance to a non profit that helps to reintegrate children soldiers in the Congo For every hardback book that sells Falling Whistles will get a donation from the author wwwfallingwhistlescom For details please see wwwchildrennocom. This is the 4th Jon Lobo book and it s the one with the least amount of action and the most discussion of feelings and ideas Which is ok I suppose I liked it less than the other books in the series but it wasn t because of that facet of it It may be that I was honestly disappointed with which part of Jon s origin story the author chose to tell I realize that his time on Pinkelponker after Jennie left was the part of his life most like the events of the hereandnow and therefore shed insight on why Jon stayed to help Lim but it felt forced Honestly I didn t care that much about the Pinkelponker time I wanted to hear about Aggro but that s only hinted at just like in all the other books In any case it s very likely that there is nothing at all wrong with this book and that the failure lies in me

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Children No More

No child should ever be a soldierJon Moore knew that better than most having learned to fight to survive before he'd hit puberty  So when a former comrade Alissa Lim asks for his help in rescuing a group of children pressed into service by rebels on a planet no one cares to save he agrees Only later does he realize he's signed up to do far than he'd ever imaginedJon's commitment hurtles him and Lobo the hyper intelligent assault vehicle who is his only real friend into confrontations with the horrors the children have experience. Mark Van Name s Children No More is a hard heavy book I m not sure I can recommend it enough It s one of those books that makes me re think things and stay in touch deeply in touch with how I feel I m not sure just now if I ll ever be able to fully say why I like it so much why it moves me as it does but here s a stab at that I hope you pick it up and give it a read and I hope you find it moves you to a depth worthy of taking the tripI say the book is hard and heavy because that s how I experience the emotional impact of the story Van Name pulls few punches in the beginning and the end of the book He doesn t shy from the awful truth even when he does spare the reader some of the horrors of what child soldiers face and what other survivors in other contexts struggle to cope with I picked up Children No More because I found out just enough about it and about Mark s personal connection to the book to be drawn to it I kept reading because his writing is both honest and compassionate facing down trauma with the committment to do the right thing to remain human in spite of inhumanityThis is the fourth novel in Van Name s Jon Lobo series but the first of his books that I ve read I m looking forward to reading the earlier books because Children No More gives you a preuel style look at Jon s past why he is the way he is while telling a story set after the first three books It s going to be fun to read how he got to this part of his life all while knowing where his story started You get hints of those earlier novels here and there and a few characters from them reappear But Van Name gives you just enough info to understand those characters and those past stories without needing to have read the earlier book and without giving away what happenedI find myself not wanting to summarize the story arc not just to avoid spoilers but because what kept me reading was the emotional story within the events What held me to the page especially during the last half of the book was the uncertainty of how Jon the main character would handle the situations he was in The plot of the story is good serving up developments that the reader expects while offering a few well considered surprises But the heart of the story is Jon s heart why he decides to do what he does how he feels about it and how his choices influence his relationships with those around him both past and present In structure the story is two inter related stories The preuel characteristic comes through via memories from his childhood well over 100 years from the present in Jon s life Most of the story is focused on current events but Jon s memories haunt him Reading the memories you gradually understand and anticipate the bind he will be in as present events unfold As the book nears the end the two stories become intertwined in Jon s mind clearly showing how his past influences his present and how his present can influence his past Children No More is a joy to read if one is willing to understand joy in a weighty and profound way Van Name brings Jon through a crisis that touches raw nerves and ressurrects memories Jon would rather be free of That crisis and Jon s response to it will hold your attention I believe And the ending delivers on the promise of the story though I won t say how in this reviewIf you like science fiction tortured heroes or a really good read go get this book and read it Better yet if you like a story that has real emotional impact makes you think about your own choices and leaves you feeling changed not wanting the catharsis to end then go buy it and read it And recommend it to your friends

READ á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Å Mark L. Van Name

D and with a dark chapter from his past  The mission grows ever complicated as they deal with• An assault on a rebel fortress deep in the jungle• A government whose full agenda is never clear•A woman Jon once loved and who still loves him but who will sacrifice anything for her cause• The best con man they've ever known• And toughest of all their own demons as we learn for the first time what happened after his home planet's government yanked Jon's sister out of his lifeJon and Lobo rush straight into the darkness at t. Two stars in some ways four in others First Van Name has taken an important real world message and embedded it in his world in a uite believable way so good for him It was a good story in that regard And full marks for the parallel reveal of Jon s past and how it s relevant to the current story There s never much doubt that he s going to pull off whatever it is he s planning and the much dragged out tension re Jack s arrival is wasted We never really doubt that he ll be there And frankly the Big Reveal is a major letdown That s it Your big play Really There are too many characters who just stand around and watch or listen really they re just there so Jon has someone to talk to Not that he ever tells them anything useful and that s just the first problem I have with this series I ve only read two of the books in this series and I am sure I already have the outline of the others They go like thisJon s bored The phone rings We get the setup Then Jon starts not telling people stuff while he plans Enter a woman Jon agonizes and then spends the rest of the book making her upset and not telling her why Possibly two women Not that he tells men anything either But of course he tells Lobo unnecessarily because Lobo has already figured it out in the giant brain he got from Marvin the Paranoid Android In the end he wins and he explains and everyone goes oh you You re so cute when you don t tell us stuffWe never learn why Jon has never had Lobo reprogrammed with a less smug and annoying personality Maybe something like Neal Asher s AIs would work Lobo is very close to infinitely powerful and like Strak in Doctor Who he always wants to pound something but he never really gets to do anything that would reveal what he can do Well gosh folks I can fly but I never do because then people would know I can and we can t have that Jon is very close to immortal which he can never reveal and his nanomachines are very close to being a Universal Weapon which he can never use because etc etc And this book goes one step beyond Jon can t use his fighting skills either although for this plot that s fair enough Yes folks the author has painted himself into a corner with Jon Lobo He s made them so strong that they can t USE their strengths in which case they might as well never have had them A final plus for having Lobo understand that Jack is actually the SECOND best con man around after Jon who has to be a con man because he can t use any of his other tools Start another series Mr Van Name and I will look forward to it But dial back the heroes a bit