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An elderly widow finds the Holy Grail beneath an old fur coat A stray cat fights and refights a terrible nightly battle to protect his unwary adoptive family. Gaiman is literary bacon short stories young adult fantasy adult fiction he s good in anything Smoke and Mirrors is a collection of 30 or so short stories They run the gamut from sci fi to very short parables to fantasy to magical realism It s not his best work but as a collection it s imaginative and provocative I enjoyed a majority of these stories and Gaiman continues to be one of my favorite authors Some of my preferences were Chivalry Changes We Can Get Them for You Wholesale and Snow Glass Apples One of my favored aspects of Gaiman is his ability to slip seamlessly between realism and fantasy One moment the story feels like an honest recollection of his past and the next we re interacting with angels trolls and werewolves He so deft with his word choice that these transitions happen with ease A good example of this is The Price where Gaiman story about stray cats turns from reality to supernatural in an instant This ability also really stood out to me in a different book The Ocean at the End of the Lane I can t help but admire his mind It s the little things like referring to crabs and fish as filled with things with too many legs and other things with no legs at all In this collection Gaiman is daring taking on explicit sex politics pornography and even sex change Of course this book was originally published in 1998 when navigating these waters were a little less turbulent than today The book includes an Introduction which gives a short description of the inspiration or background of each story I found myself flipping back and forth to this section after each story For example in the particularly sexually graphic story Tastings Gaiman admits that the story took him four years to write largely because he was embarrassed by it I always appreciate short story collections where the author reveals a bit of their motivation inspiration or background of the storiesOne note on Changes it s a creative story idea about the cure for cancer having the side effect of gender change which society turns into recreational use It s laid out almost as author notes for a novel And it could be a fascinating controversial and complex novel But why include it in this form Why not write it Weird and I found it wasteful and disappointingAn aptly titled collection of stories where Gaiman does indeed use sleight of word and a bit of magic to make the unbelievable feel just about real

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Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions

Extraordinary book revealing one of our most gifted storytellers at the height of his powers Includes extra material exclusive to this Headline Review editio. Bearing in mind I read this on my kindle so some stories weren t included in the version I read Also this is hella long All ratings including notes indicates favouriteThe Wedding Present Yes I religiously read introductions4In which a picturesue couple are given a uaint wedding present that seems to be a retelling of their coupling it spins a story of how their marriage could have went wrong Though this premise may seem outlandish and bizarre it s terribly relevant and poses significant uestions about the lives we choose to live It s sad to think that some Gaiman fans miss this story it s precious Chivalry35uite lovely The relationship was sweet and Mrs Whitaker was charming to read Nicholas Was45An excellent and precisely one hundred word twist on St Nicholas aka Santa Claus Ho ho hoThe Price4Ooh symbolism symbolism I adore this story possibly because I m so fond of cats The idea of a knightly cat guardian is wonderful Troll Bridge35I enjoyed this tale but something lead me to believe that it would be than it was when it finished so I wasn t as impressed with the ending Nevertheless it was immensely thought provoking and preoccupying Don t Ask Jack5Horrifying afflicting and downright disturbing Yep one of my favourite stories out of the entire book The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories3I really liked the vintage Hollywood theme but it didn t pull me in I think I maintained interest simply because it s a uasi account of personal experience for Gaiman as he admitted at the start of the book Riddled with idioms and scathing remarks on Hollywood it s very entertaining and humorous but not gripping enough for meEaten Scenes from a Moving Picture3ARGH I have written on my notepad SEXSEXSEXSEXSEX GROSSED OUT NEED SHOWER That pretty much summarizes how I feel about this story Bloomin heteros The White Road35Cool kind of story you can read over and over again and interpret in many different waysueen Of Knives45Very alluring I analysed this to death I fathomed all sorts of underlying messages and things I could take away Personally I took this idea of being trapped in a loveless marriage to result in the disappearance In addition it s also delectably written I devoured this story in one bite Changes4Exceedingly powerful especially the end The mere fact that Rajit a Scientist was referring to the people as Angels was of pivotal importance to me I took away my own meanings for this some of which I m certain Gaiman wasn t even attempting to convey I thought the significance of Angels meant that a conceivably genderless society or a society in which gender holds no meaning could be perceived as being that of an angelic peaceful community That s just a fraction of what I took away from this thoughThe Daughter of Owls2I didn t find this story interesting The title was inviting but the tale disappointed I followed everything that happened with little interest as to what would eventually happenShoggoth s Old Peculiar2Looking back I don t even remember this story Needless to say I wasn t that impressed Beautifully written as always oh Gaiman you wonderful thing but with little uality for me to recall I ll duplicate the comment for above I didn t find this story interesting The title was inviting but the tale disappointed I followed everything that happened with little interest as to what would eventually happenVirus3Interesting cryptic scary It reminded me of that short film titled Virus too Looking for the Girl445This reminded me a lot of Death in Venice and whilst I didn t have the opportunity to picture a beautiful prepubescent boy walking among the streets of Italy I still engaged with the divine narrative that retained this sense of beauty never being able to be obtained I m also reminded of McConaughey sBay Wolf3I m always captivated by mythical creatures so I relished this little anecdote though I don t remember much about it probably because I was nodding off Fifteen Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot5A collection within a collection an array of segmented texts that evoke mystery and awe I loved the relativity toward Tarot cards in particular especially The Fool We Can Get Them for You Wholesale45Hilarious and ambiguously intriguing They d been ready for a long time but they had to be asked It reminded me of Vampires having to be granted permission to cross the threshold into our world One Life Furnished in Early Moorcock3All I have written down is Something missing liked the beginning though Very informative April Cold Colors25All I remember is confusion The Sweeper of Dreams35A magical ideal one that need not be uestioned in the unknown and mystical land of dreams Foreign Parts35Excusing the awkward descriptions of symptoms deriving from venereal disease the alienation of the lower regions of the protagonists body is open to interpretation The real interest I had was determining whether this was a tale of possession or dispossessionVampire Sestina5Sensual and delightful it certainly appealed to my extreme love of Vampiresue material Kudos to Gaiman also for succeeding in writing uite possibly the toughest form of verse out thereMouse2Curious but a tale that scurried away pretty easily from my train of thought The Sea Change4I love the sea and auatic life in general therefore I was pretty gripped with this story I m also a sucker for mermaids When We Went To See The End of The World by DawnieMorningside age 11 144This really disturbed me I don t know why it just seemed like the complete representation of evil It maintained the sense of inventive fictitious evil whilst holding the innocence and relativity of real life The most blatant representation of this is the mere use of the narration of an 11 year old Desert Wind3Nicely told anecdote it really brings forth the sensation of regret and longing to be somewhere else which is the reason I read Gaimans books in the first place I would like to go with the people too Tastings45Oh sexy times I actually loved the idea of something so freuently deemed emotionless or meaningless in the promiscuity of modern society becoming a personal necessity to someone s character To be frank I pried open this story like some sort of literary autopsy and picked apart meanings and interpretations for hours Babycakes4 We ll figure something out An almost dystopian feel to this which I always admire Very haunting and inhuman yet possible Foreshadowing the horror of human existence Superb Murder Mysteries4I m not Christian so forgive me for not fully immersing myself in the retelling of creation or rather Gaiman s take on it I relished the wholehearted symbolism throughout though Snow Glass and Apples3I expected this to be one of my favourites but sadly it s something that I feel suffered from my high expectations I originally heard of this in Gaiman s extra in Stardust and thought it was going to be magnificent It was pretty good and will forever leave a stain on the Snow White tale for me personally but truthfully I was expecting I originally intended to read one story per night as it seemed pretty easy to do so all of the stories are fairly uniue and eclectic However I was far too engaged to pass up the opportunity to finish the book all at once I even made notes on each tale after finishing them Looking back it s uite hard to give an overall summary It s a wonderful disturbing downright peculiar collection of stories that spins you from one adventure to the next weaved in with Gaiman s imaginary genius Some were decent others spectacular few just okay I freuently sensed some stories were ones that either needed to be developed or ones that didn t have enough promise and shouldn t have made it onto the pageOverall rating 35

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From unimaginable evil A young couple receives a wedding gift that reveals a chilling alternative history of their marriage These tales and much await in this. This collection of short works some not uite complete is maybe a must read for real Gaiman fans who read everything he does 4 stars for them but not really for anyone else only 1 star for the general audience And I say that as one of those fans I really like what Gaiman does both in traditional and graphic novel form but Smoke and Mirrors is not representative of his best work Basically it is a collection of things he never bothered to give a final polish to Much of SM is things that were just workbook exercises not intended for publication Some fun ideas and entertaining for the fan or for those who want to study how he develops ideas but others should try American Gods Anansi Boys Neverwhere Good Omens with TPratchett or even Coraline or his Sandman graphic novels It does however contain a few real gems for fans warning different editions of the SM varied the collection slightly so referring to specific stories may be confusing when discussing the book

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    Gaiman is literary bacon short stories young adult fantasy adult fiction he’s good in anything “Smoke and Mirrors” is a collection of 30 or so short stories They run the gamut from sci fi to very short parab

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    Neil Gaiman never disappointsThat's what this book is smokes and mirrors an interesting collection of short stories and poems A diverse mix of crazy dark engaging weird and hilarious

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    I keep saying one Neil Gaiman book and I'll figure out what the big deal is Spoiler I haven't yet Though I did enjoy some of these stories indicated by a There's far that weren't enjoyableIntroduction PLEASE skip this is so so long It's a short story in and of itself Though technically he hid another short story within t

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    'Smoke and Mirrors' is the first of two short story collections written by Neil Gaiman This title was first publ

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    This collection of short works some not uite complete is maybe a must read for real Gaiman fans who read everything he does 4 stars for them but not really for anyone else only 1 star for the general audience And I say tha

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    Initially read in 1999 or thereabouts Not reviewed at the timeUpon re reading “The Goldfish Pond and Other Stories” by Neil GaimanI'm usually not that interested in the whole 'glamour of Hollywood' theme but this is probably the best commentary on it I've ever read Clearly partially autobiographical this tells the story of a British writer who's flown out to LA to talk about converting his bestselling no

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    Apparently I am not a fan of his short stories they are bad I gave his other short story collection book three stars and that was being kind This one is getting two because I am all out of kindnessA better review to come Here is my a

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    25 stars a few gems but way too many narrative poems and meh stories

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    Bearing in mind I read this on my kindle so some stories weren't included in the version I read Also this is hella long Al

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    A guilty pleasure sure but with Ray Bradbury's death I'd suggest that Neil Gaiman is the best storyteller we have todayConsider the words of Harry Bailly he of the Tabard Inn not George's brother And which of yow that bere

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