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In this virtuoso new work the poems range from simple lyrical statements through nostalgic comedy to deeply moving political m

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Y George Woodcock has said There are few Canadian poets with a grasp as broad as MacEwen's of the poetic dimensions of history

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Editations At the centre of the book two long works Letters to Josef in Jerusalem and Terror and Erebus demonstrate clearly wh

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    Brilliant collections of poems The Man with the Three Violins is one of the best things I have ever read it will stay with me for t

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    This was a confident collection of poems although there were some definite highs and lows She has a tendancy to write with very minimal imagery and that starts leaning toward telling rather than showingI particularly enjoyed the long poem Terror and Erebus about Rasmussen's account of the Franklin expedition She captured the bleak exploration with soul In Letters to Josef in Jerusalem she explores ancient citie

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