[Pdf ebook] Dealing with Darwin by David N. Livingstone

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Comed Livingstone shows how Darwin was read in different ways with meaning distilled from Darwin's texts depending on readers' own histories their literary genealogies and cultural preoccupations That the theory of evolution fared differently in different places Livingstone writes is exactly what Darwin might have predicted As the theory diffused it diverged Dealing with Darwin shows the profound extent to which theological debates about evolution were rooted in such matters as anxieties over control of education the politics of race relations the natur.

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Dealing with Darwin

E of local scientific traditions and challenges to traditional cultural identity In some settings conciliation with the new theory even endorsement was possible demonstrating that attending to the specific nature of individual communities subverts an inclination to assume a single relationship between science and religion in general evolution and Christianity in particularLivingstone concludes with contemporary examples to remind us that what scientists can say and what others can hear in different venues differ today just as much as they did in the pas.

read & download ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ David N. Livingstone

Using place politics and rhetoric as analytical tools historical geographer David N Livingstone investigates how religious communities sharing a Scots Presbyterian heritage engaged with Darwin and Darwinism at the turn of the twentieth century His findings presented as the prestigious Gifford Lectures transform our understandings of the relationship between science and religionThe particulars of place whether in Edinburgh Belfast Toronto Princeton or Columbia South Carolina shaped the response to Darwin’s theories Were they tolerated repudiated or wel.