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D put his shirt back on What do you want to knowI just want to know what guys are thinking I mean we have sex and stuff and nothing lasting ever comes of it I said taking a cigarette out and lighting it I knew I shouldn't be smoking in the room but I was too drunk to careI don't think I should say We don't know everything girls are thinking I think some things are better left unsaidI want to know I'd prefer shit to. RATING 475Can you believe I m actually reviewing a contemporary romance novel Because I can t I usually tend to stay away from this genre mainly because it doesn t give me what I need to escape reality and forget my real life issues One thing I know for sure the marketing behind this book was great It has a dedicated Instagram page and they knew how to target their audience which is exactly how I stumbled across it I saw some posts that featured some lines from the book and I was immediately intrigued mostly because I resonated with those words a lotI don t know much about the author from what I gathered he s like a motivational influencer than an actual writer He knows for sure how to interact with his audience and how to sell his productsThe Modern Breakup is a uick and easy read meant for those who are experiencing confusion frustration and stress in the dating scene They call it a contemporary romance novel but to me it s of a self help book for people who went through toxic relationships Mainly women That s why I enjoyed it so much but that s also why I feel like this wouldn t be appreciated by someone who can t resonate with the story on a personal levelFirst of all there s no actual story Our MC is Amelia a girl who just went through a bad breakup with Jay a guy who treated her poorly and that was incredibly toxic for her Amelia is in New York enjoying a little vacation with one of her BFFs Zara who seems like a super confident girl but deep down she s scared and vulnerable They re spending the night in a bar and they casually meet two guysFrom there the story actually stops and we get many chapters from Amelia and Zara POVs in which they talk with us readers about their issues with men with relationships with love in general They tell us what they went through how they felt how they feel at the moment what they learned from those experiences what they want to achieve in the future and stuff like that It feels like a friend telling you what you need to hear and less like a character from a novel The point of the book in my opinion is making you resonate with Amelia and Zara with their past experiences and most importantly with the motivational words they re telling you If you experienced something similar you will instantly feel close to those two you will recognize yourself in their words If you didn t there s literally no point in reading this bookview spoilerWhen the story goes on Amelia and Zara decide to spend the rest of the night at Nick s apartment one of the two guys they previously met Amelia and Nick have an instant spark they re almost having sex but then she freaks out because she believes he s recording everything he isn t and they proceed to have an incredibly deep and meaningful conversation about the modern dating scene during which Amelia keeps telling Nick how confused she is and how she doesn t understand men and Nick tries to enlight her in the most formal logical rational way possibleThis whole part was kinda bullshit because it felt unrealistic and fake hide spoiler

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When it comes to dating I seem to be going around in a circle The ones I want don't want me and the ones who want me I don't want AmeliaI don't know I just think there's too much miscommunication between guys and girls I mean no one knows what the fuck is going on We need to have the discussion We need to vent it and get it out in the open I said grabbing my drink from the bedside table sat on the edge of the bed an. Mindlessly browsing Instagram is entertaining then this

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Be clearer because I'm always confused I replied I could tell he was still a bit sexually frustrated but he seemed okay to chatGo ahead then ask what you want I'll try give it to you as straight as I can But don't hate the messenger responded taking the champagne from my hand and having someI won't promise So why do guys act so interested and then not get in touch at all I asked Excerpt taken from The Modern Break U. Perfect read for me at this point in my life Not sure how the male author nailed the female perspective so well but this whole book was amazing As a single woman in my late 30s I have asked literally all of the same uestions of men and had no Nick or Paul to ask for answers Great and easy read I ve never made so many highlights while reading Definitely a book that will never be deleted Highly recommended

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    I can't even get past the second chapter Unbelievably poor writing The characters are less developed than those in a children's picture book Why did the author try to write from the perspective of a woman The only thing I can come up with is

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    Mindlessly browsing Instagram is entertaining then this

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    I stumbled across this book on Instagram After reading several uoted passages from it I decided to read it even though I thought I would hate it I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it At times it's insightful A fun read almost like eavesdropping on a group of friends chatting at the table next to yours It hits the points it's trying to get across nicely It's dialogue heavy and the dialogue itself is realistic

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    i cannot even begin to stress how bad this book is truly the utterly worst book i have ever laid my sad tired eyes on in my 26 years on earth and though i can’t remember them i’m sure this takes baby books i read as an infant into consideration the characters are all fucking awful narcissistic wanks the writing is disgracefully infantil

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    RATING 475Can you believe I'm actually reviewing a contemporary romance novel Because I can't I usually tend to

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    What a load of cp This book was seriously cringeworthy and vomit inducing the whole way through The story was weak the dialogues were long boring and unrealistic and the characters were underdeveloped and annoying This book is not very long but it took me forever to read it because I didn't enjoy it and because it's so badly written Sorry but I cannot recommend this book

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    Well I have severe mixed opinions over this one There’s some really interesting insights into the modern dating world which I found helpful I actually ended up highlighting a lot throughout However I can’t st

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    Perfect read for me at this point in my life Not sure how the male author nailed the female perspective so well but this whole book was amazing As a single woman in my late 30s I have asked literally all of the same uestions of men and had no

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    This book is only 154 pages and it's a 154 pages too long Preachy relationship advice haphazardly fitted into the dialogueinner monologue of the most two dimensional characters ever

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    Not what I expected The uotes posted on IG made me expect something written in a nonfiction manner All I could think of is “no one

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