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    Original review but like why 90% of Sea Witch was fillerThe Good– Lovely prose in the first 13– Begins on a p

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    Edited to update that the prize has been given away Thank you so much to those of you who pre ordered reuested from your library picked it up on a whim etc I'm so very happy to have you all as readers Hey GR fam I hope you're as excited about Sea Witch Rising coming out soon as I am I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that if you preorder you can get a signed bookplate and Sea Witch RisingThrow Like a girl postcard from me as wel

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    Read my interview with Sarah Henning here YA FantasyType Standalone Book 2 of Sea Witch seriesPOV First Person – Dual FemaleRating Alia was willing to do anything for the man she loved With the infamous Sea Witch’s help she walked on land to prove it But it was an impossible task without risking the conseuences and her twin sister Runa would not allow that to happen if she could help it This book is significantly di

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    This was so freaking good Sea Witch Rising did not fall to the second book syndrome THANK YOU BABY JESUS I will admit that I was hesitant at first to dive into it because the first book was so freaking good but I can gladly say that I wasn't disappointed one bit The mermaids are bad ass and I love them allOkay

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    THIS IS NOW A THING yasss mami gimme

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    1 Sea Witch ★★★☆☆To be fair I didn't want a seuel and I read it anyway I gave 35 stars to Sea Witch but the story here just didn't hold my attention This is for me just another case of a standalone turned into a book series when it should have been left aloneEven though I didn't want a seuel I was still curious after all I liked Sea Witch like I said This book follows directly after the epilogue that wasn't my

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    Rating 3 StarsI did not get as engrossed into this book as much as the first one but it did thankfully get intense and pick up at the end of book 50 years have passed since Evie killed her best friend Anna and was transforme

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    This review can also be found on my blogCW loss grief loss of a loved one and war1 Sea Witch – 45As this is a seuel and directly picks up where the first book ends there will be spoilers for the first book in this review I don’t really want to dance around what happened and try not to give big spoilers away for this Got it? Good Sorry y’all who haven’t read this fantastic series but maybe it’ll give you a jump on reading it?So a

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    Buddy read with KirstyBookwormRating 35 starsAs you will see in my review for book 1 I absolutely adored it however book 2 I didn't feel lived up to my high expectationsSea Witch Rising follows the story of Runa and Alia the Sea King's mermaid twins A year ago Alia saved the human boy prince from drowning and has ever since been in madly in love with him knowing a relationship between them is impossible with her living under the sea Alia ma

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    I was stuck between giving 2 stars or 3 stars and settled on 3 and that's being generoussigh deeply disappointed I very much enjoyed the first book and had high hopes for book two Book two was so far from a follow on from book one I had to uestion whether I was reading a Duology Firstly book two is set in a modern time w

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Summary ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Sarah Henning

“The Little Mermaid” takes a twisted turn in this thrilling seuel to villainess origin story Sea Witch as the forces of land and sea clash in an epic battle for freedom redemption and true love Runa will not let her twin sister die Alia traded her voice to the Sea Witch for a sh. Original review but like why 90% of Sea Witch was fillerThe Good Lovely prose in the first 13 Begins on a promising note Some strong scenes at the beginning and end Unlike Sea Witch plot actually happens Setting Denmark well establishedThe Bad Prose dissolves into half assed mediocrity after beginning Henning struggles to introduce her elements and characters in a meaningful and impactful way U boatmine plot feels like an afterthought Secondary characters undeveloped and poorly characterized Elements of mermaid culture make NO SENSE Struggles to pick an internal theme Lots of telling over showingSea Witch Rising promises a story about sisterhood Sisterhood is the strongest magic after all Instead Henning delivers a room temperature actionromanceStorySea Witch Rising starts off on a promising note in contrast to the first book it actually has a plot and an interesting one too the power of sisterhood Runa will go to any lengths and cut any deal with the sea witch Evie to save her foolish twin sister from the death which awaits her if she can t kiss or kill Prince Niklas within four daysThere s many ways to play this In trying to save Alia will Runa drive a permanent wedge between them Will she save Alia at an unthinkable cost Will the girls struggle but ultimately repair their bond The simple scenario is ripe for possible tension and painInstead Henning uietly smothers the sister storyline in its sleep and begins a weak second arc In painfully simple plot progression Runa works with the cute and nice but bland Will to train a small coven of witches to destroy Havnestad s U boat program In the background Evie watches as the sea king spurned by the disappearance of the twins and running out of the magic drug he s addicted to whips his subject into a frenzy to wreak war on landA big part of Sea Witch Rising s problem is that Henning struggles to introduce her elements in a natural and meaningful way and often relies on telling over showing instead By beginning after Alia s already left for the surface Runa is left to convince us of her sister s importance with lots of meaningless I don t know what I d do without my sister lines to convince us after the fact instead of cementing their bond before the spell Instead of showcasing mines wounding mermaids near the beginning or mermaids suffering a close call with a U boat we re left with a halfhearted Oh those are bad Very bad Very very bad We must destroy themIt s incredibly weak and unconvincingThe long stretch of middle was the hardest to get through None of the characters are developed enough for it to be enticing and the is plot is reduced to a simple point by point progression Runa helps train the witches Runa talks to her sisters Runa heads out on the mission riddled with Runa s internal monologues and lacking cohesive theme or meaning It feels a lot like Henning had a couple scenes in mind she really wanted to write then half assed filling in the rest of the book and plot so those scenes could make senseEvie s part of the story told in sparse chapters was ultimately fulfilling Her inevitable showdown with the sea king was deeply satisfying as was the build up to it on both land and in the sea as the king drives dead fish up onto shore pummels the land with storms and grows increasingly desperateHenning does a decent job on individual settings her descriptions ranging from okay I ve got the gist to vivid But when it comes to the world at large although her research into historical Denmark seems solid her world building for the sea realm makes absolutely no sense Merfolk are described as doing very human things despite living underwater such as drinking ale and writing on paper The only difference is that they re spelled so they function underwater Why why would merpeople go out of their way to spell things to mimic human life when they could develop their own culture Why spell ale to remain bottled when they could waft it past their fins or breathe it in Why ale at all Plenty of animals intake mind and state altering substances Moreover other authors have taken the time to think and develop alternatives Why be so lazy and uncreative The whole point of writing fantasy is to develop these thingsCharactersEvie and Runa are developed decently enough in the beginning but Runa s character becomes muddled halfway through Both were likeable and easy to support in their goals but neither elicited a particularly strong emotional reaction Runa s chapters in particularly simply lack a reason to keep reading them there s never any tension no edge of your seat moments no romance no real connections with the other characters Her goals are short sighted and her internal conflicts are weak and unfocused We don t what Runa as a character wants or needsAs touched on above Henning simply hasn t written any key moments between Runa and other characters like Will and Sophie to build their relationships give meaning to them or develop them as characters and while there are some attempts at characterization Katrine and her lion s mane of hair it s mostly shallow Will is the most consistent in characterization and the character Runa is closest to but their budding relationship is room temperature at bestThere was certainly the space to develop these characters At 89000 words Sea Witch Rising isn t running long at all and a good deal of the middle when Runa is prone to long bouts of stating the obvious in telling over showing internal monologues is easily replaced with a heart to heart with Sophie and her feelings on her arranged marriage or a scene in which Will and Runa or Sophie and Runa need to rely on each otherWriting StyleHenning s writing style starts off clear readable and effective with few weak spots She conveys specific moods scenes and feelings to the reader with smart word choices and graceful prose It s not without its weak spots some weak and filter words a few too many that s but it does its job well But by the middle of the book it s fallen apart completely Sentence structure is a mess Henning abuses telling over showing words like feel and know and weak choices like make are abound Dialogue is accompanied by unnecessary adverbs and long unwieldy action tags where sharp characterization should serve to distinguish charactersThemes and RepresentationIt s hard to tell which is an intended theme in Sea Witch Rising and what s a throwaway line The blurb tells me it s supposed to be about redemption freedom and true love Freedom I understand Sort of It mostly comes in heavy handed at the end But there are so many half hearted things thrown around I would never pin redemption as a specific theme And true love Pfft Where With whomBesides the time Alia spends mute there wasn t really any attempt at representation There was room for Sophie and Runa to discuss their roles as daughters of powerful men expected to give up their autonomy to build his power but it s not than a throwaway thought in the first halfRecommended ForSea Witch Rising is shallow unfocused and underwhelming It s not actively bad it s just not good I have a hard time finding reasons to recommend it since it lacks the things people read books forThe power of sisterhood angle is a bust The romance angle is a bust Will is nice but he and Runa share no strong scenes and only know each other for four days There s no swooning no banter no deep connections The prose is lovely but only for the first third before it disintegrates into mediocrity More book reviews at Feathered Turtle Press

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Sea Witch Rising Sea Witch #2

S at odds what will Runa and Evie be willing to sacrifice to save their worlds Told from alternating perspectives this epic fairy tale retelling is a romantic and heart wrenching story about the complications of sisterhood the uncompromising nature of magic and the cost of redemptio. This review can also be found on my blogCW loss grief loss of a loved one and war1 Sea Witch 45As this is a seuel and directly picks up where the first book ends there will be spoilers for the first book in this review I don t really want to dance around what happened and try not to give big spoilers away for this Got it Good Sorry y all who haven t read this fantastic series but maybe it ll give you a jump on reading itSo as I said this picks up immediately after the last book Hell the prologue in this is the very last chapter of the first book Here s a uick summary of the ending for those who need it Evie saves Nik s life with magic at the sacrifice of her own She s dying in the sea but with some magical help she takes the life of an octopus becoming the Sea Witch as we know her Decades have passed The mermaids are frightened of her But one mermaid comes looking to be turned into a human so she can win the love of a boy Nik s grandson also named Nik these damn royals right And Evie does that for her stealing her voice and giving her days to win his love without itThat s where the story endsThe mermaid s name is Alia and she s one of the king s daughters Except she has a twin Runa who knows that she can t do this and doesn t want her sister to die She makes her own deal with Evie to go up to the top and to help her sister in any way necessaryThe heart of this story like the last is sisterly love and the bond between siblings It was beautiful to read that I m really loving all of these books that are coming out with that as its big focus and a huge theme that it deals with The relationship Runa and Alia have in the book was so believable They love each other to pieces and would do anything for the other but they also hate each other at timesAlso this book is about Evie Runa is one perspective and the one that dominates the book but Evie also gets a say Sarah said that this book because I was lucky enough to see her speak on the night this released is about those who are left behind Runa was left behind by Alia Evie was left behind by everyone because everyone she loves has now died And it s about the two of them in their own way coming into themselvesIt s also about finding people In the human world Runa finds people that are like her And they band together to try to make things right after the plan goes horribly wrong It doesn t help that it s the dawn of World War One and everything s about to get fucked anywaysAnd WWI is a big part of this story It s something motivating the merpeople and definitely Runa s father It took me a while to realize that her father was the same one That means that Runa has the same father that Anna did after her adoption by the merpeople The timeline really messed with me in this story It took me a while to actually get down the relationships and that people were basically the same from the first book Kind of confused me for a while until I got it downAnother thing that didn t work for me is the characterization of Runa s father It just didn t sit right with me for some reason It felt unbelievable And I never uite got the reason why he had become like this It never felt adeuately explained to me As the book went on it became central to the plot And I still never got it It confuses me still I m pretty sure I d catch it whenever I reread it but that was one major part of the story that didn t work for meI m also glad to report that unlike the first book romance isn t very central to the story It s there of course but this book has a lot action than the first one I liked that it had action The story went faster and my eyes didn t glaze over like they do with romanceThe ending was a really good one During Sarah s talk she kept saying that there s no other book in the works but that this one is being called a Sea Witch novel so that means there s always a chance that will come out Personally that makes me excited The ending closed off the plot for this book but left it open enough for to come in the future It d be interesting to see something set in contemporary timesOverall another great book by Sarah Henning I highly recommend you check her out because she has amazing books and eually amazing projects that are in the works

Summary ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Sarah Henning

Ot at happiness with a prince who doesn’t love her And his rejection will literally kill her unless Runa intervenesUnder the sea Evie craves her own freedom but liberation from her role as Sea Witch will reuire an exchange she may not be willing to make With their hearts’ desire. This was so freaking good Sea Witch Rising did not fall to the second book syndrome THANK YOU BABY JESUS I will admit that I was hesitant at first to dive into it because the first book was so freaking good but I can gladly say that I wasn t disappointed one bit The mermaids are bad ass and I love them allOkay so this one is about a bond between two sisters Alia Runa They are twins and one is out to save the other Honestly definitely got some little mermaid vibes but it was also different as well It was also a bit heartbreaking to hear what Alia went through just for love and then to have Runa fight tooth and nail to try and save herBesides all of that everything was a wild and fantastic ride I loved everything about this world and Runa Then there s Evie and my head was exploding with so much excitement The ending definitely got me and I m desperately hoping that I get a third book PRETTY PLEASE I need from this world