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Ry waking thought Am I gay Because I'm thinking I'd like to kiss him Actually I'm thinking there's a lot I'd like to do with his mouth and the rest of that tall confident muscular body Ah man I'm so gayBut what if he doesn't feel the same way about me And Jesus what about my parents And those bastards I loved this one It s witty funny and hotYeah that s it I couldn t stop smiling eitherI know the pics don t fit the MC but the chemistry and the story reminded me of My beautiful laundrette don t ask me whyMaybe it s because they fit together so perfectlyMaybe it s because they make my mouth waterMaybe it s because it s a secretMaybe it s because the parents are not that acceptingMaybe it s because one of them is hurt and abusedMaybe it s because one of them drives a carMaybe it s the fact that they get dirtyMaybe it s because they are hotMaybe they re just super cuteMaybe it s just the feelings they inspire meI felt soooooo good after reading it Stupid smile all the wayYou know I feel like watching this movie again

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My Summer of Wes Wes Mal #1

This edition is out of printI didn't know How could I All through high school I was beaten up and teased for being gay But I wasn't gay Or didn't think I was Now Wes the guy across the street who's taken me under his wing and been the best friend I've ever had won't stop invading my dreams hell my eve We re mixing it up over on the blog This month is YA month As many of you know I have little interest in books sans banging and full of teen angst so we compromised on My Summer of Wes My first thought was what the fuckadoodle s up with that cover shivers The word hideous comes to mind Repeatedly Seriously Does that dude who s supposed to be Wes have a mullet Now I ask you what self respecting gay dude has a mullet view spoilerOn the off chance there is a gay dude reading this who s getting butthurt over my lack of mullet appreciation my apologies BUTTTT if we could just have a uick powwow Let me assure you NO ONE appreciates your mullet Not the people at the grocery store Not the people at the gym Not the people at your doctor s office Certainly not the people at the club Possibly the people at Wal Mart Is this really your target audienceI think notIt s time for an upgrade my friend Trust me hide spoiler

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From school are still around And I'm supposed to go to college this fall Shit I need to sit down I can't breathe and I'm about to shake apart Then Wes puts his hand on the back of my neck gives me one of those encouraging sueezes and his bright smile and everything's okay again Yeah I'm hooked Oh boy Oh what a lovely story Malcom has spent most of his 18 years being ignored by his indifferent parents who just look the other way when he s constantly bullied for appearing to being gay His world is Vanilla pudding bland and tasteless and all this time our poor lonely Malcom is pretty damn sure he s NOT gay until the new family move in across the street and he s confronted by the wonderful bright positive force that is Wes What to say about Wes Where do you start He s gay he s not ashamed of it he s gorgeous kind loveable fun protective sweet sexy The list goes on He s almost too good to be true and he sweeps Mal right off his feet In Mals own words now there was a colourful little sprinkle on the vanilla pudding of my lifeThe first half of the book is dedicated to watching Wes bring Mal out of his closed shell as he breaks down Mals barriers Showing him that life doesn t have to be spent worrying and stressing about whats waiting around the corner In the very first scene where they meet Mal sees Wes stand up to the bullies who have been making his life a misery and to him its a revelation Its inevitable that over time spent with Wes who treats him so nicely flirting but not in a way that makes him uncomfortable Mal realises the simple fact that he is gay and he wants Wes and its patently obvious that Wes is attracted to Mal but he lets him come to the realisation in his own time The scene when he goes to Wes house and admits his feeling is just adoreable but its also hot and steamy too Once their feelings are out in the open to each other they can t keep their hands off each other and the love scenes are plentiful and oh so sweetly sizzling that they bring on the tinglesnormally it becomes repetitive but in this case it doesn t matter because these two endearing characters are so right for each other and the love scenes show exactly how they feel about each other There are a few little hiccups but its their love story that fuels the story and it is a love story in the truest sense For myself this was a case of insta love that works I fell in love with Wes before Mal did LOL I know that this will be the sort of story to go back to time and time again just to get that feel good feeling I fell in heart with both these engaging characters but it was Wes who stole it and I ll be surprised if he doesn t steal yours when you read this super book Another keeper sigh

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    My Summer with Wes is a sweet romance beautifully told through the eyes of Malcom Small It is a story of coming out friendship love and an awful lot of firsts for our beloved MC I loved this book there is no angst just an honest and true delivery of a summer of discovery for Mal who's eyes and heart are opened by Westo all that life CAN be I was swept along on this journey looking at the world from his point of

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    This BookThere's no better way to describe it It made my heart so happy It gave me butterflies in my stomach I loved Wes a

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    We’re mixing it up over on the blog This month is YA month As many of you know I have little interest in books sans banging and full of teen angst so we compromised on My Summer of Wes My first thought was ‘what the fuckadoodle’s up with that cover’ shivers The word hideous comes to mind Repeatedly Seriously Does that dud

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    I loved this one It’s witty funny and hotYeah that’s it I couldn’t stop smiling eitherI know the pics don’t fit the MC but the chemistr

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    BR with the girls–Susan Kat Heidi Karen Tara Elsbeth and Sonia First of all the saying don't judge a book by its cover fi

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    These guys are SOOO amazingIs a sweet romance beautifully told through the eyes of Malcom Small It is a story of friendship discovery coming out love and full of beautiful experiences of FirstsAmazingly sweet and super super HOTI cant wait for

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    Oh what a lovely story

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    35 Starsgood timesBesides having possibly the single worst cover ever published this book was sweeeeeet as apple piewith a pound of sugar poured on top Missy Welsh you are giving Ms Mary Calmes a run for her money as the ueen of fluff Absolutely ZERO angst or reason for concern or nare a furrowed browAnd for maybe 70% of t

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    Update for the edited and expanded editionThe changes are adding some angst and I like it even than the first edition 45 sugar coated starsOh W

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    The second time I’ve read this and I’m still very much in love with this book and all its sappinessThere is just something about this book that makes me go allYes it’s sugary sweet Yes the I love you’s are all over the place Yes it is very low on the angst and unrealistically lovey dovey at times But I don’t careI totally fell in love with Mal and his insecure ways How he has struggled all these years because he kept g

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