[PDF/EBOOK] The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories By David Leavitt

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The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories

The diversity and unity of gay love and experience in the twentieth century is celebrated in this acclaimed anthology which includes twenty one stories from the original collection published in 1994 together with fifteen new stories The texts range from the tender unarticulated longings of DH Lawrence's A Poem of Friendship to the explicit sexual Writers include both men and women gay and straight amongst them John Updike Edna O'Brien EM Forster Annie Proulx William Trevor and Edmund WhiteContentsEvensong and Morwe Song Charles Kenneth Scott Moncrieff A Poem of Friendship.

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    Read only few of the new onesThe introduction was refreshing to read especially considering the new notes that had been added versus the original keeping in mind that I read the first version at 21 and this revised one at 41 in between a life f

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    A truly impressive anthology of modern gay fiction This introduced me to many talented authors