Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue {read online} author Jeff Seymour

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    See this review at don't think this title gives a good sense for the depth of this book honestly I skimmed over it on the library shelf and didn't give it a lot of thought figuring it would be light with a yo yo plot bouncing between cartoon

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    I treasured reading Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue This book is a wonderful page turner of an adventure in an imaginative world that I absolutely fell in love with Nadya is a wonderful heroine She is strong smart stubborn competitive lovable and curious Beyond the rich characters it was the world that I fell in love with most I continued to feel surprised by new details about the enchanting universe and the chara

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    Read the second book in this series as a sensitivity read but since that's not on Goodreads yet I'm adding this one for my Goodreads challenge

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    I love the mix of technology and magic in this story The heroine and the whole crew are interesting both as individuals and for their relationships with each other The setting is great the cloudships are super cool Overall it reminds me of some of my steampunk favorites while still being uniue

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    Only after I finished reading this book did I realize that none of the action takes place on dry land How cool is that? Nadya is a skylung who has special abilities that allow her to care for the plants and animals living inside a large balloon on a cloudship She's hoping to be promoted to temporary first mate but she has some stiff competiti

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    It's another Marvelous Middle Grade Monday and I have a wonderful new book to recommend perfect for the occasion Jeff Seymour's debut middle g

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    The story Nadya wants to be first mate on the steampunk cloudship Orion but competition is stiff and she's desperate to find a way to pull out ahead of Tam her competitor But when Captain Nic is kidnapped by pairates Nadya and Tam al

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    The strength of this book is its characters uickly sketched but with enough nuance to hint at backstory Great research on ship anatomy and using a garden to power a balloon are just a few of the creative elements in the boo

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    What a fun adventure story for kids Nadya lives a wonderful life among the clouds with her friends Though she has little memory of her parents Nic the owner of the ship looks after her well He looks after the rest of the crew too al

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    I found this book to be an interest grabber from the start and the story filled you in on background exactly when needed The characters each had distinct personality and anyone could relate to at the very least Nadya who was the eccentric and easy to like main character This imaginative story took me on uite the adventure and depicted life as a Skylung on an airship in fair detail The only reason I would hold back on

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Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue

Orion running and no one knows that better than Nadya Skylung who tends the cloud garden that keeps the ship afloat When the unthinkable happens and pirates attack Nadya and the other children aboard all orphans taken in by the kindhearted Captain Nic narrowly escape but the rest of the crew is captured. It s another Marvelous Middle Grade Monday and I have a wonderful new book to recommend perfect for the occasion Jeff Seymour s debut middle grade novel is an absolute delight and I am already eagerly waiting for a seuelNadya Skylung is a member of the crew of the Cloudship Orion which in this richly imagined world plies its trade from city to city powered by a cloud garden Nadya s role is to help keep the plants in the garden happy and healthy Far than just tending to them as skylungs like Nadya communicate with the plants in a manner that is part telepathic part empathetic and much cooler than I can describe hereWhen pirates attack and seize most of the crew Nadya and her friends much decide whether to follow orders and escape or risk everything to save the only family she s ever known Nadya is heroic headstrong and a bit of a pain in the tush and you won t be able to stop cheering for her even when she stumbles and falls flat on her face A very real and very entertaining character but the supporting cast is eually complex and funWhile the plot of this novel is exciting it is the whole world that will really pull you in I read a lot of middle grade and love many books but only a few worlds over the years are so compelling I want to go live there for a while Aside from those created by JK Rowling and CS Lewis I can t think of any world enticing than Jeff Seymour s It isn t that it feels safe or comfortable but then Harry Potter faces lots of danger and it doesn t make me want to visit less There is just so much texture and depth behind every tidbit you learn about the cloudships and the cities you want to explore and learn But I guess we ll have to rely on Mr Seymour I hope we get to see of Nadya and her friends and learn about this fantastical and fantastic worldA real gem I predict this will go on to be a favorite cherished book by middle grade boys and girls It has that staying power which as a kid would have made me visit and re read again and again Reposted from the My Comfy Chair review blog

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Alone and far from help only Nadya and her four brave and loyal friends can take back the Orion and rescue the crew And she'll risk life and limb to save the only family she's ever known But this attack was no accident What exactly are the pirates looking for Could it be Nadya they've been after all alo. What a fun adventure story for kids Nadya lives a wonderful life among the clouds with her friends Though she has little memory of her parents Nic the owner of the ship looks after her well He looks after the rest of the crew too all kids found around the world all needing a home One day a dark fog overtakes their ship Before they know it sky pirates board the ship take captive the 3 adults and steal the ship Now Nadya and the rest of the crew must repair the ship fight pirates and save Nic Can a few kids do the impossible You ll have to read the book to find out I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book in the series The story does feel familiar if you have read The Fog Diver by Joel Ross But this book has its own charm and readers looking for an exciting story will not be disappointed


From debut author Jeff Seymour and bestselling illustrator Brett Heluist Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events comes this breathtaking fantasy adventure starring an extraordinary new heroine and set in an unforgettable world where ships can fly It takes a very special crew to keep the cloudship. See this review at don t think this title gives a good sense for the depth of this book honestly I skimmed over it on the library shelf and didn t give it a lot of thought figuring it would be light with a yo yo plot bouncing between cartoon danger and feeble character development I was probably influenced by The Star Thief by Lindsey Becker which also featured an airship and The League of Seven by Alan Gratz which featured the same illustrator Needless to say I disliked both of those Unexpectedly I very much enjoyed this one Nadya lives on the Orion an airship captained by the altruistic due to survivor s guilt Nic Along with four other orphans she s learning how to keep the Orion running as well as developing her skills as a skylung with Mrs Trachia Skylungs can breath the ultra light garden air inside airship balloons and keep the plants and creatures that flourish inside them happy and healthy Nadya loves her home and everyone in it except maybe Tam who acts like a jerk and also rivals her for the coveted position of first mate However none of that really matters after pirates capture the adults leaving Nadya to rally the others for a desperate rescue She and her friends must bring all their skills together in order to get their family back but the risks might prove than they can handleFor a book that uite literally has rescue in the title these characters spend far too long waffling about whether or not they ll actually do any rescuing And even before that it takes us nearly a hundred pages before anyone actually needs rescuing So in other words it moves a little sluggishly into the real plot Additionally Tian Li really plays a remarkably small role in the story and her character feels thin compared to the vibrant Nadya Pepper and Tam Salyeh comes into his character rather slowly but does eventually feel as solid as the others As for the adults Nic and Thom play important roles but sort of seem to exist only to do that rather that having dynamic personalitiesApart from these minor issues however this book really outmatched my expectations Nadya elicits so much sympathy balancing her ambition with her loyalty and compassion I really loved how the plot of the book in many ways stems from the character development Nadya and Tam s fight in the first few chapters sets up the real conflict of the book so well without feeling forced like the author just needs to say something so one of the characters has to give a scripted spiel Even before all the excitement really gets going the pace stays pretty snappy with enough character introductions and small thrills to keep it engagingNadya s main emotional arc throughout the book really seems to be accepting that she might not really understand where other people are coming from or what struggles they might face but the author accomplishes this in a compelling way not by screaming KNOW YOUR PRIVILEGE on every page And Nadya helps Tam to understand that he might not know her as well as he thinks either and his difficult past doesn t give him license to act like a jerk The back and forth between these two works so well it s realistic and not overwhelmingFinally I loved that these characters face conseuences They don t just have a grand old time facing down the pirates and lark off into the sunset afterwards And they don t just very nearly die but everything turns out ok The books ends on a hopeful but bittersweet note which is exactly how I like my fiction even children s fiction Especially children s fictionOverall an exciting intriguing and often funny adventure that doesn t limit itself to light hijinks I m looking forward to the next installment

  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue
  • Jeff Seymour
  • English
  • 06 July 2017
  • 9781524738655

About the Author: Jeff Seymour

Jeff Seymour writes hopeful heartfelt fantasy that blends modern characters with timeless plots and offers something new and fantastic on every page His debut middle grade novel Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue was a finalist for the 2019 Colorado Book Award in Juvenile Literature and his epic fantasy Soulwoven got over a million reads while being featured on Wattpad Over eight years a