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Captured the imagination of Mennonite leaders who belonged to a church known for rural and peaceful agrarian life than for social protestWhether in terms of religious faith and identity race immigrant rights or sexuality the politics of belonging has historically presented both challenges and possibilities for Latino evangelicals in the religious landscapes of twentieth century America In Latino Mennonites Hinojosa has interwoven church history with social history to explore dimensions of identity in Latino Mennonite communities and to create a new way of thinking about the history of American evangelicalis.

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Latino Mennonites

Felipe Hinojosa's parents first encountered Mennonite families as migrant workers in the tomato fields of northwestern Ohio What started as mutual admiration uickly evolved into a relationship that strengthened over the years and eventually led to his parents founding a Mennonite Church in South Texas Throughout his upbringing as a Mexican American evangélico Hinojosa was faced with uestions not only about his own religion but also about broader issues of Latino evangelicalism identity and civil rights politics Latino Mennonites offers the first historical analysis of the changing relationship between relig.

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Ion and ethnicity among Latino Mennonites Drawing heavily on primary sources in Spanish such as newspapers and oral history interviews Hinojosa traces the rise of the Latino presence within the Mennonite Church from the origins of Mennonite missions in Latino communities in Chicago South Texas Puerto Rico and New York City to the conflicted relationship between the Mennonite Church and the California farmworker movements and finally to the rise of Latino evangelical politics He also analyzes how the politics of the Chicano Puerto Rican and black freedom struggles of the 1960s and 1970s civil rights movements.

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    An insightful read Well written and informative The book provided me with an appreciation for the often hidden and under appreciated work done by church leaders as they tackle difficult issues confront stereotypes and work to widen the horizons of all This is an important book that highlights voices that need to

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    This is an insightful and original contribution to multiple historical fields especially Latinoa evangelicalism and Mennonite history Readers of this book might also want to check out this author interview on the Religion in America

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    I am bothered by Hinojosa's use of the gendered term Latino rather than Latinao or Latinoa and for the most part he ignores the Hispanic Mennonite churches in New York City but overall this is a well researched fascinating necessary book