[PDF/EPUB] Vinland the Dream and Other Stories ☆ Kim Stanley Robinson

READ Vinland the Dream and Other Stories

Aning and how what we know about the past influences the way we look at the present and the futur


Vinland the Dream and Other Stories

Ries explore different pasts and divergent futures They revolve around uestions of history and me

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Peopled by characters that speak to us directly and illuminated by haunting reflections these sto

3 thoughts on “Vinland the Dream and Other Stories

  1. says:

    My uest to read randomly has brought little reward thus far I had great hope that was about to change after reading the immensely e

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    It was really interesting to read this collection of short stories from Kim Stanley Robinson's early years Here he marries his usual literary science fiction style with his musings on how we see history It covers alternative histories future scenarios and the concept of nostalgia Many of these stories are set in fantastic places drowned Venice a slow moving terminator city on Mercury a Dixie land revival band in the outer planets Robinson

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    It took me ages to get into this book The first three stories had me pretty grouchy Then from The Lucky Strike onw

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