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Erate to escape Since the day of her birth the blind tellers of Mangeria have prophesied that Juliet is ‘The One’ What will she have to do to fulfil her desti. The Reject is the seuel to The Mark where the author set up a gritty post catastrophe dystopian world set in the State of Mangeria near where a now submerged Cape Town South Africa once stood Bulbring envisions is highly stratified and essentially feudal society with worker castes and a ruling class It is a brutal existence where you are tolerated only as long as you are productive Each person is stamped with an indelible mark that assigns an identifier and caste at birth The mark is generated by The Machine a giant solar powered computer which can also track individuals by their mark Our protagonist is 15 year old Juliet 7 known as Ettie who was born to be drudge in service to a Posh ie upper class familyThere is a little bit of the fantastical in this world Juliet is the Chosen One destined to bring down this oppressive society and there are talking birds that tell the futureDon t let this put you off these fantastical elements are really not over done so we are not talking about a urban fantasy type of book I would say that there is science fiction than fantasy in this world particularly in The RejectThe Mark ends with Juliet planning to escape from Mangeria by boat with a young Posh man with whom she has fallen in loveThe Reject begins immediately after the events of The Mark The revolution has broken out and the city is in flames But in a disastrous turn of events the escape boat is hijacked by a Reject ie a non person as far as society is concerned who Juliet dubs Captain Gollum a name he unironically embraces having no knowledge of Tolkien If that isn t bad enough a storm blows them out to sea leaving Juliet Captain Gollum and Reader the blind past trader ie he has read books in a desperate struggle to survive I don t want to be guilty of massive spoilers but I think I can safely say that our small band of survivors discover that Mangeria isn t alone in the world and that the conflagration the catastrophe that blasted the world may not be entirely in the past They have some some remarkable adventures before returning to Mangeria to complete the story I would also say that the biggest science fiction elements are in The RejectWhere The Mark set up set up the world The Reject puts the story and action on Juliet and her companions Juliet already had to mature beyond what we would expect from a 15 year old in order to survive but in The Reject we see her pushing her capabilities and building an iron will to survive The author also gives Captain Gollum a character arc that is very satisfying and nicely if subtly developed Like a good dystopian story it gets readers to ask themselves could I make it in this world what would my life be like if I was in one of the worker castes what kind of person would I be as a PoshSetting aside the fantastical elements like the Chosen One and talking prophet birds Bulbring s is easily acceptable I can see a society reverting to feudalism to maintain structure in a brutal environment and it would definitely suck to be in a worker caste And if you are wondering what else has survived the conflagration besides people and at least one species of bird yes cockroaches do indeed make it through the apocalypseThe Mark and The Reject are YA novels but I found them engrossing stories with layered characters I cared about I can see these books being used as teaching tools and sparking discussionI think there could be story to be told in this world but I won t feel cheated if the author chooses to end the story with The Reject

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Juliet Seven is waiting on a seacraft offshore from war torn Mangeria hoping that her beloved Nicolas will soon join her Instead the boat is pirated by a Reject b. I bought this for the school library so that the Grade 10s who had to read The Mark could move past the unsatisfying conclusion of this book s preuel The Reject is an improvement on the previous book with regards to pace and character Gollum really stole the book while Ettie had good reason to be annoying But I am still disappointed Bulbring constantly takes the easy route Instead of satisfying her reader with all the exciting scenes making use of suspense and allowing the reader to enjoy some nail biting moments she skips them altogether and then tells the reader about these scenes from the perspective of after the event What a let down It gave me the feeling that this was a very fleshed out outline but not a solid storyBefore this review puts you off this book if you are a high school kid in SA who is wanting some closure ignore my comments This book was not written for me not my age nor my interests nor my preferred reading This book will give you the closure you want mostly

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Oy stinking of rot and oil A storm rises and they are swept away They reach a new land but all is not what it seems in this perfect place of refuge Juliet is desp. Edyth Bulbring brings her readers back to Juliet Seven s world in The Reject Events in book one The Mark were left a little in the air with Juliet escaped on board a stolen yacht with a price on her head while Mangeria was dumped into turmoil There was no HEA for her and her love NicholasIt s going to be difficult to review The Reject without massive spoilers so I m not going to discuss specific plot points At its heart this is a uest novel with Juliet aiming to return to Mangeria and reunite with Nicholas Except the Fates have other things in mind for her and she s blown far off course with two major side uests as it wereThe story isn t straight up SF but blends in elements of fantasy as well so be warned that occasionally there are dream like seuences involving beasts of omen like hadeda ibises and yes even a great white shark This novel reads far grittier and darker than I expected Juliet is a hard young woman and most certainly a product of her environment This means that she s not particularly likeable but her strong will to survive and yes her bitterness make a lot of sense She doesn t allow folks to push her around Or if they do push she will find ways to push backI did feel that the pacing was a little off with The Reject but then Edyth does compress a lot of time in the story and although there are events that take place they are almost lost in a kind of narrative summary My suspicion is that this novel suffers a little bit of what I term as middle book syndrome where there s a measure of setting up for a book three Not that I ve heard whether a book three is in the works but it wouldn t surprise me a book were to drop at some point in the future The first half of the novel feels like a detour offering important back story before it gets on the move againThere are some pop culture nods that made me smile which I suspect may go a little over the head of readers who haven t watched older films But I enjoyed the intertextuality I will however suggest that folks might reread book one before dipping into book two especially if some time has lapsed since the last read and here the fault lies with me the reader I was a little overwhelmed with the cast of characters and their relationships in the last part of the story where things really start moving I think if I were solidly grounded in the context this wouldn t have been so much of a problem for meThe Reject offers a cracker of a story and when it really gets going it rushes at a headlong pace perhaps sometimes a little too fast in my opinion I would have liked to have seen immersion in the world a bit tactile sensory input to flesh the setting out But these were not dealbreakers for me I enjoyed seeing Juliet s interactions with the people around her the way she s often in denial about her own feelings and also how she tries and perhaps even fails to do better than the people in her past who let her down

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    I bought this for the school library so that the Grade 10s who had to read 'The Mark' could move past the unsatisfying conclusion of

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    Edyth Bulbring brings her readers back to Juliet Seven's world in The Reject Events in book one The Mark were left a little in the air

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    The Reject is the seuel to The Mark where the author set up a gritty post catastrophe dystopian world set in the State of Mangeria near where

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    I hear you when you cry out in your sleep It shreds my dreamsSometimes lies are told not in what is said but what is not saidThe clown smiles do

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    A great seuel to The Mark It is much better than the first and I thoroughly enjoyed it The story does become rather complex and convoluted I shall reread it and hopefully it will all fall into place satisfactorily Characte

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