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    I read this several years ago and just re read the first story this time as a refresher I like old Scottish stories that feature the highland belief in second sight and Macdonald doesn't disappoint This story is typical of Macdonald where the hero has to struggle to fulfill his destiny Overall a good short story to introduce a reader to a touch of what Macdonald has to offer

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    A collection of MacDonalds short stories Enjoyed it

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download ¾ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ George MacDonald

N the moonlight of passion mysterious and mingled ever with faint shadows of pain I walked as in an unresting sleep Utterly as I loved her I was yet alarmed and distressed to find how entirely.

download The Portent and Other Stories

The Portent and Other Stories

Perhaps she was tired of me Perhaps her new studies filled her mind with the clear gladsome morning light of the pure intellect which always throws doubt and distrust and a kind of negation upo.

download ¾ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ George MacDonald

My being had grown dependent upon her love; how little of individual self existing self upholding life I seemed to have left; how little I cared for anything save as I could associate it with h.