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    Evoking the dry humor of Terry Pratchett and absurdist trope subversions of Monty Python Gibson flips the class

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    A rock giant a Ratarian wizard a half elf and a dwarf halfing walk into a bar The Part About the Dragon was Mostly True is another humorous romp from Sean Gibson I would expect nothing less from an author whose worlds are layered and whose affinity for fecal jokes knows no bounds Follow a ragtag team of adventurers on their semi perilous uest

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    This is not the first work I'm reading by my friend Sean Yup that's right I'm totally flashing about my I know the author ca

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    You know those times when you come back from a hard night of singing for your beer having flashed a smile to melt not just your cohort's hearts but whole drunken villagesYeah me either but Heloise doesAt least that's what she keeps t

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    My main issue with this genre of fantasy comedy is that often than not all the promised wit shines at you from the very first line I know wow look who's here to bitch about too much of a good thing But this can't just be me can it I'm going to try a bad analogy here stay with me It feels like staring at your cell screen at max brightness lying in the bed at night with the lights switched off It takes a while to adjust The comed

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    Writing a review of a book can sometimes be as daunting as heading out on a uest to slay a dragon so I’m goin

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    I couldn’t wait to read this book a new adventure from a character Heloise who I really enjoyed in the book The Chronicle of Heloise Grimple I have been waiting for a long time to read a story about her and I finally received this ARC from the authorLet’s come to the storyThe villagers no maybe citizens of

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    I received this book from the author is the expectation of a fair unbiased review Which is what follows as I don’t wish to be turned into a glorphidHeloise is just as beautiful smart and courageous as ever just ask her Oh yeah she has joine

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    Okay my fellow readers of the fantastic the fantasy and the fun don’t miss this epically epic We have a band of adventurers led by the glorious Heloise Well maybe not led so much as went along with She is the magnificent Bard who relates the whole story truthfully well maybe not completely true It’s hard t

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    Originally published at RisingshadowSean Gibson's The Part About the Dragon Was Mostly True is one of my favourite fantasy books of the year It's a delightfully humorous and highly enjoyable story about a dragon attack and its afterma

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Potty humor; enter for the comic fantasy and linger for the playful tone winking asides and obscure geek approved references Long live Rumscrabble Tooltinker and his merry mates” – Eric Liebetrau Managing Editor Kirkus ReviewsSean tells stories with the smirk of a mischievous child a child that's smarter than you and somehow knows every word in the English language and probably a few others he made up The strange and funny fantasy world he creates in The Part About the Dragon Was Mostly True is full of puns and smirks and gentle elbows in your ribs You'll be charmed and drawn in from the first few pages Peter Martin Senior Editor The Strategist NY Magazine “This is a book What You told me to be honest wait why are you making air uotes when I say ‘honest’ And why are you getting out your knife” – Rumscrabble Tooltinker Unlicensed Prestidigitator“Urk kunk grummh nuk kur grubble knuck” – High Chieftain Gnurk Blurglesplick of the Orcs of the Gloom Forest Hey they can't all be complimentary“Undoubtedly one of the best books I’ll never read” – Kenneth the Pretty Okay Sometimes Wandering But Usually Sedentary Minstre I couldn t wait to read this book a new adventure from a character Heloise who I really enjoyed in the book The Chronicle of Heloise Grimple I have been waiting for a long time to read a story about her and I finally received this ARC from the authorLet s come to the storyThe villagers no maybe citizens of Skendrick tired of the attacks of a mighty dragon decide to hire a handful of heroes to solve the situation relying on the charming bard Heloise to spread their story in the inns of the region It won t be easy to find the desired help but in the end a handful of heroes answer the callLet s talk about the main characters you know the classic heroes engaged in a noble uest a common element of classic fantasy Well forget themThe braves who answer the call are a new group of recent formation an elf of great skill and courage a rock giant a little slow but present when it counts a wizard with a bad temper and an unbridled imagination for the epithets and in the end a half dwarf half halfling master of prestidigitationBefore reaching the goal they will experience a series of hilarious situations told with verve and in an elegant style worthy of the bard storyteller Not everything will go according to plan but there will be an opportunity to meet strange and original characters often with unexpected conseuencesThe dialogues are also very funny made even crazy by the suabbles between the members of the group which often lead to discussions close to the absurd The author through Heloise s scratchy pen manages to snatch a smile from every chapter whether it is the description of the citizens of Skendrick or the encounter with an outpost of OrcsIt s a story that I really liked both for the plot funny original and told with a light style and for the characters each with its strengths and weaknesses in which everyone will find their favorite

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The Part About the Dragon Was (Mostly) True (Mostly) True (Heloise the Bard #1)

Sure you think you know the story of the fearsome red dragon Dragonia How it terrorized the village of Skendrick until a brave band of heroes answered the noble villagers' call for aid How nothing could stop those courageous souls from facing down the dragon How they emerged victorious and laden with treasureBut even in a world filled with epic adventures and tales of derring do where dragons goblins and unlicensed prestidigitators run amok legendary heroes don't always know what they're doing Sometimes they're clueless Sometimes beleaguered townsfolk are hapless than helpless And orcs They're not always assholes and sometimes they don't actually want to eat your childrenHeloise the Bard Erithea's most renowned storyteller at least to hear her tell it is here to set the record straight See it turns out adventuring isn't easy and true heroism is as rare as an articulate villager Having spent decades propagating this particular myth which incidentally she wrote she's finally able to tell the real story for which she just so happened to have a front row seatWelcome to Erithea I hope you brought a change of undergarments things are going to g This is not the first work I m reading by my friend Sean Yup that s right I m totally flashing about my I know the author card I could go on to brag about our friendship being as epic as Heloise s adventures but that might not be a good idea make you guys too jealousI first met Heloise along with some of her entrepid friends here on GR in a series of adventures where we readers could choose how the story would continue I had heard of games doing that but not of books so I was intrigued So when I heard about the half elven bard getting her own well deserved book I had to sign up for an ARC of courseDespite the jealousy invoking friendship between me and Sean my opinion of this book is brutally honest anyone knowing me knows that the adjective brutal basically describes everything I do and in no way a bought opinion Sean only now got the book deal he wouldn t be able to afford meFor those here who are living under a rock somewhere behind the moon the book is about an adventure the aforementioned half elven bard Heloise has and let me tell you that the ahem dragon is not the worst here as we also get downright stupid human village town councils and other encounters that are deliciously ridiculous Gandalf might have famously said Flee you fools but the name of the game here is LAUGH at the fools DAnd laugh I did Not only is Sean s writing here crisp and full of zingers it also has a very nice flow to it that transports us from one mishap to the next letting us witness certain people stumble from here to there and back again No it is not high fantasy Instead it is the kind of story you share with friends around the fire until you all suffer from APITBFLTM acute pain in the belly from laughing too much look it up it s a certified ailment So do I recommend this book And if so to whom No The word recommendation won t cover what I m gonna do to anyone refusing to buy read and praise Sean s book and I don t even get protection money hm my Italian side of the family must be very disappointed right now No seriously if you like humour sometimes light sometimes silly sometimes wonderfully evil as well as a wild assortment of what fantasy creatures are ACTUALLY like when there is no PR making them appear like uber heroes this book is for you Read it I know you ll love it or else P

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Et messy ADVANCE PRAISE FOR THE PART ABOUT THE DRAGON WAS MOSTLY TRUEEvoking the dry humor of Terry Pratchett and absurdist trope subversions of Monty Python Gibson The Chronicle of Heloise and Grimple flips the classic fantasy setup of a ragtag band of heroes on a uest to slay a fearsome dragonGibson’s story is clever twisty and bursting with sidesplittingly funny one liners Fantasy fans are guaranteed a laugh Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW“Sean Gibson’s The Part About The Dragon Was Mostly True is the rare book that is full of action and excitement but is also a natural effortless extension of the writer’s humor and personality I felt like I was reading a version of Lord of the Rings by way of Joss Whedon only funnier and with Rock Giant poop jokes” – Scott Weinstein Author of Team of Steves and Weekend Update Co Producer Saturday Night Live“Friends and foes alike what we have here is a genuine ripsnorter Come hither lords and ladies and revel in the hijinks laden misadventures of the strangest band of bumbling heroes this side of a discarded Monty Python sketch Think Pratchett and Tolkien only with an avalanche puns and Writing a review of a book can sometimes be as daunting as heading out on a uest to slay a dragon so I m going to approach this one like the 38 year veteran gamer I am and write it with the assistance of my trusty gaming dice and a pre prepared set of reviewing statementsRight let s do thisThis book is a rolls dice deeply affectionate parody of the sword and sorcery fantasy genre While it s rolls dice not uite in the same league as Terry Pratchett I would rolls dice definitely place it head and shoulders above any other works of comedic fantasy I ve readThe author is a rolls dice master wordsmith with a rolls dice hilarious turn of phrase that will leave you rolls dice chuckling mirthfully into your small beerThe characters are rolls dice instantly recognisable to any fantasy lover and you will rolls dice definitely enjoy spending a few days in their companyMy favourite character was rolls dice Rummy the half dwarfhalf halfling and master prestidi presgit pretisdi amateur magician He s like rolls dice everybody s favourite slightly tiresome uncleThe plot rolls dice moves along at a cracking pace without ever feeling rushedThe dialogue is rolls dice no Paul that s too mean even for you rolls dice again sparkling with a sly worldly wise witI would rolls dice wholeheartedly recommend this book to any fan of fantasy andor humour and give it an overall rating of rolls dice 5 stars Note to self don t tell anyone you re rolling D20sI would say that author Sean Gibson is a rolls dice oh dear rolls dice again but gets the same result a sexual deviant who definitely shouldn t be left alone with small children Sorry Sean but you know you have to go with what the dice say