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This series provides an ideal platform to study chess openings By continually challenging the reader to answer probing uestions throughout the book the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge Carefully selected uestions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor you.

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The Benko Gambit

R progress as you learn This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledgeThe Benko Gambit is a popular choice for those who like to seize the initiative as Black For the price of a pawn Black gets tremendous ueenside pressure and puts White on the defensive early in the game Players are attracted by the fact that Black's plans are so clear.

Summary The Benko Gambit

Cut while White is often reduced to simply dealing with Black's threats In this book Benko expert Junior Tay invites you to join him in studying his favourite opening He examines the main plans for both sides provides a repertoire for Black and answers all the key uestions Essential guidance and training in the Benko Gambit Utilizes an ideal approach to chess study Includes a Benko Gambit repertoire for Blac.

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    Covers all of the main variations but I thought this book really shined when it came to analyzing and explaining the middle game ideas Not that you would expect to reach these positions Still a really good book when it comes to middle game instruction Kind of what this series excels at

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