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Ee invites you on a journey prompts uestions about sexual relations and the role that women might play when sex hasn't been confined to a cupboard In a world where women are securing power and influence the story asks a simple uestion What if a woman insisted on putting her needs fir. This goes in my Kindle s best of the best folder Fantastic writing

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The affair with Luther seemed destined he mesmerised Claire But so much else that followed in that eventful year astonished her That one man could teach her to be so much discerning and demanding That monogamy is not the only way to live People lived in a variety of polyamorous ways. There are a lot of things you should know about Lutheran Maid because Lutheran Maid is a cataclysmic discovery He or she is the very best writer of Femdom on and I have read over 800 books of Femdom here and easily sampled twice that many But what you need to know first and best of all is that Lutheran Maid understands deeply the oh so subtle and beautiful and TRUE realities of the Ds or dominantsubmissive relationship with the man on the bottom for some of us If you go by the count of how many men read Maledom on lots and how many read Femdom far fewer you may surmise that it is easier an comfortable to be into dominating a woman than submitting to her I think cowardly as it takes courage to be the submissive and men generally don t want to take the risk and dominance is so much obvious given our much stronger physiognomy At any rate I chose submission The greatest discovery of many I made in reading Lutheran Maid is that this author realizes that Ds in a man s mind as submissive is uite natural and has a deep sexual logic to it And this author knows how to write about this better than any other It reminded me that before I ever touched a book of erotica or looked at my first Playbook magazine I found it thrown out along a country road in the bushes long before that I chanced upon the thrill of submission Setting out upon one of my very first adventures in masturbation I happened upon an image of myself forced by some dominant foreign power the Russians I think it was and then another time dominants from outer space to crawl about in a pasture in broad daylight naked and vulnerable That it was with the girls in my class of course added to the titillation but the wonder of discovery attached to the submission Lutheran Maid understands that male submission can simply be a natural discovery like that like mine at puberty It is not necessarily learned from wicked erotica the seed of it lies fallow in our imagination in our hearts And Lutheran Maid can write about this discovery in so many scenarios in so many innocent discoveries yes indeed innocent innocent because natural Read a sample of Lutheran Maid you will forever be grateful that you did and you may discover for the first time that you like the taste the flavor of submission Or likely rediscover in an astonishing way

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Exploring sexualities and identities That there were other women who felt the same and who expected so much That to cuckold a man didn't necessarily mean to abandon him Claire learned that Thomas her husband might not be very masculine but he could still be loving The Intimacy of Thr. I loved this book It needs an edit for errors Speaking of errors the cliff note to me said that take what you want convince the takee that he s better off and when a child is born via a lovers sperm let normal people raise them somewhere else Cuckoldry is the acid test for selflessnessIt s about a female led marriage where sex is with her choice of men almost to teach her husband who she really is When it takes that visual I m not saying it s wrong I m suggesting that if read with an ppen mind this book alone will teach the reader the best that this three way will end Accepting consensual infidelity as an expected norm from a husbands point of view is his vote against himself To vote for another man to take his place where his real life as a man began is to recognize his wife s sexual happiness as a greater good A willing cuckold is a gift that can t be taken back In fact it can be regifted by his wife as often as she sees fit That s when it become polyamoryThe gain a cuckold receives is obtuse maybe masochistically a polygonal view of himself That bell too can not be unrung On a good day that bell rings for services to be rendered a meal to renourish his submission It s a cuckold s willing surrender that makes him honest while his wife enjoys his witness to her most excited betrayal The one that makes him whole and real I agree will the prior comment about hiw this author really gets it Well I get it too For fiction this was palpably real I no longer believe that homosexual services are anything but confirmation Not about the weakness or strength of a dom sub relationship but about how a woman perceived to be a goddess needs emotional and the structured comfort of a trusted listened while contemporaneously begging to be taken sexually by the aggressive lust of her lover For her to have both she must value both and this book really defines that gift of sharing Successfull a V relationships stabilizes and becomes a variable Triangle

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    There are a lot of things you should know about Lutheran Maid because Lutheran Maid is a cataclysmic discovery. He or she is

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    I loved this book. It needs an edit for errors. Speaking of errors, the cliff note to me said that; take what you want, convince the takee that he's better off and when a child is born via a lovers sperm, let normal people raise them somewhere else.
    Cuckoldry is the acid test for selflessness.
    It's about a female led marriag

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    This goes in my Kindle's "best of the best" folder. Fantastic writing.

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    A remarkable writing debut from an exceptionally gifted writer. Lutheran Maid offers a very original perspective on the Psychology of Human sexuality and related contemporary social issues. The book will appeal to a wide aud

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    I initially stopped reading this book at about page 130 of 330 pages because I didn’t really like some of the things I saw as I skimmed ahead. My curiosity got the better of me and I continued to pick away at it over the following days.

    My concerns were valid, but what I missed were the continuing pieces of character development which I felt were terrifically insightful. This book has a fair number of charact