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The Called

Over When Malachi is kidnapped Jeff and Russell come to Hazel’s aid Gathering an army of noble allies from the magical beings that are currently reviled on Earth they ready themselves for a deadly battle for control of the opening gateway between the universe.

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Incorporating myths from Cherokee Wiccan and Celtic cultures this complex seuel to Harvest of Changelings explores many facets of prejudice within an adventurous storyline After their last battle the four changelings have been living in Faerie examining their ne.

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Wly discovered powers Meanwhile the defeated Fomorrii are uietly influencing human movements on Earth organizing religious and governmental “antimagical” groups Sensing this shift towards intolerance Malachi and Hazel return to help the fae who need to cross.

About the Author: Warren Rochelle

Warren Rochelle Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Mary Washington lives in Charlottesville Virginia His short fiction and poetry are published in such journals as Aboriginal Science Fiction Forbidden Lines Crucible The Charlotte Poetry Review the Asheville Poetry Review the North Carolina Literary Review Romance and Beyond and Icarus A critical book Communities of the

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    OK it's my book and I am hoping others will read it too The seuel to Harvest of Changelings See my blog for details

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