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Stop Eating Your Heart Out

De Emotional Freedom Techniues EFT Inner Child work 12 Step recovery journaling creative visualization meditation gratitude conscious living and so much Compulsive overeating is conuerable If you or anyone you love want freedom from emotional eating this book is for y. This was such a great non fiction read Everyone should read this book At one point or another we all find ourselves using food as the cure Thanks so much Meryl for writing this book and putting so much of your own personal journey into it There was so much information to absorb that I will be taking time in the near future to re read your bookAgain thanks so much for sharing your journey

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Illions of others who use food to self soothe The book's focus however is on recovery In her wisdom as a licensed professional clinical counselor the author enumerates methods that have worked for her and her clients over the past twenty years Tools for recovery inclu. Start filling your heart upDo you identify with any of these statements I am preoccupied with food eating and weight I am aware that my eating patterns are not normal I eat when I am not physically hungry I eat very little in pubic and binge in private I eat to comfort myself and relieve distressing feelings I tend to eat when I am stressed anxious or depressed Food has become my friend my lover or my drug of choice I feel ashamed of myself due to the uantity of food I consume I feel powerless over my eating behaviorThe complete list of statements can be found on pp 16 17 of Meryl s bookIf so then you may very well be an emotional eaterAlthough that reality may be hard to accept the hope that Meryl s book offers is undeniable As she states The goal of this book is for you to have freedom from emotional eating This means that your relationship with food will change it will no longer be your best friend or your worst enemy food will just be food used for pleasure at times and for nourishment Being freed from emotional eating also means you are able to feel your feelings and deal with them rather than numbing yourself with foodAnd the you come to love accept and appreciate yourself the food will just be food rather than your drug of choice pp 76 160 And she delivers on this hope with a 21 day plan to help you break free from the trap of emotional eating As a recovered emotional eater she s made it though this process herself and as a therapist and author she now shares this program with others You ll have to get your hands on your own copy of this book I highly recommend it but until then here s a uick sampling of what the 21 day plan involvesBecoming Self HonestDay 1 Eating History Taking an honest self inventory to determine how you have used food in the pastDay 2 Food Mood Diary Exploring the connection between food and feelings by tracking emotions and triggers associated with every bite you takeDay 3 Personal Journal Using writing as a tool to identify process explore and release feelings as well as gain increased awareness and insight into your eating behaviors thoughts beliefs and habits Finding SupportDay 4 Creating a Support System Developing a support system of friends family members support groups to help sustain you through the processDay 5 Self Care Identifying and implementing ways to nurture yourself and put your own oxygen mask on before helping othersDay 6 Therapy Exploring therapy options for additional support in your growth and healing process Spirituality and Spiritual GrowthDay 7 Higher Power Connecting with a source outside yourself be it God nature a spiritual connection a Higher Power or any other source of connection that feels right to youDay 8 Prayer and Mediation Decreasing the need for food compulsions by filling yourself up with prayer andor meditation practicesDay 9 Creative Visualization Manifesting your dreams and goals with specific techniues to envision freedom from emotional eating and a newfound ability to eat for pleasure and nutritionEnergy TechniuesDay 10 An Introduction to TFT and EFT Dealing directly with cravings and emotional discomfort by tapping on acupressure points to help release feelings stress anxiety and traumaDay 11 Rapidly Integrated Transformation Techniue RITT Integrating energy techniues with a spiritual component to decrease the intensity of overwhelming emotionsDay 12 Personal Energy Work Monitoring how your energy levels rise and fall throughout the day in response to particular people situations activities and foodsGoing WithinDay 13 The Inner Child Breaking free from the shackles of your past by developing the Healthy Adult part of yourself to work with your Inner ChildDay 14 Right HandLeft Hand Dialogue Accessing the subconscious feelings and needs that have led to emotional eatingDay 15 Parts Work Embracing the Inner Critic Using self compassion and parts work techniues ex Chair Work Two Hands Talking and Right HandLeft Hand Dialogue to create a dialogue between your Inner Critic and Healthy Adult to better understand and address your unmet needs and desiresPersonal HousekeepingDay 16 Mini Inventory Increasing your self awareness and accountability by taking an inventory of your shame based past experiences character traits and personality vulnerabilitiesDay 17 Giving It Away Sharing the results of your inventory work with someone else to help release the associated shame and guilt and ultimately find compassion and empathy for your past actionsDay 18 Making Amends Taking responsibility by acknowledging the hurt you may have caused others making amends and adjusting your future actions Conscious LivingDay 19 Forgiveness Letting go of toxic resentments and grudges by forgiving yourself and othersDay 20 Gratitude Shifting your attitude from noticing what is wrong to appreciating what is right As Meryl notes When we are feeling grateful we aren t reaching for that first compulsive bite p 178Day 21 Healthy Eating Becoming mindful of your eating practices habits and triggers and learning how to feed your your body what it actually wants and needsIf you re ready to stop eating your heart out then open it up to this book You may very well find yourself that is your true self on the journey towards a truly satisfying and nourishing life

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Stop Eating Your Heart Out speaks to anyone's challenges with food weight and emotional eating and then offers a multitude of effective self help tools As the author discloses her very personal struggle with food and out of control eating she is telling the story of m. Emotional eating We all do it at one point or another Sometimes we eat mindlessly when we re bored or sitting in front of the TV I know I m guilty of it I don t find it all that surprising that there were many instances where I could think of myself just sitting in front of the tv eating One of the most ironic instances is me eating dinner and watching The Biggest Loser Now I m not overweight by any means But I have gained weight in the past year or so Some people tell me that I was too skinny before and they like the look of me with meat on my bones but I know that I weigh than I would like And I also know that some of my weight gain is caused by overeating and not enough exerciseStop Eating Your Heart Out The 21 Day Program to Free Yourself From Emotional Eating gives readers tools and tips to work on triggers and issues that surround their eating habits I believe it s meant to be done by doing one exercise a day one day at a time but since I was reading this for review I didn t have that time to take I did however do some of the exercises as I went along They are simple but some of them can be emotionally charged so you may want to make sure your prepared for thatThere are lots of different tips and techniues to try Some of the most interesting to me personally are the ones involving energy techniues I think that these could not only be helpful for overeating but in other areas of my life as wellNow I do have to admit that at the first mention of a higher powerspirituality I became a bit skittish I m not a religious person and don t like to be preached to I know that religion and spirituality are different concepts but sometimes people can blend the two and the line becomes blurred Beck was very open about her discussion of spirituality and higher power in terms of self work and what that means in regards to overeating She made some important distinctions which I greatly appreciated She stated that spirituality unifies and religion separates and that spirituality lies beyond religionI took this to mean that religion has a set of rules that you must follow or be left out of the group and spirituality is free form You can be spiritual in whatever way makes you feel comfortable You don t have a set of rules that you have to follow or anyone dictating what you need to doInterestingly this book also references another book that I read a little over a year ago called Zero Limits by Joe Vitale The concept of self work is the same but there are less varied techniues I think that s one reason I was less happy with that book because I felt that it just kept repeating the same things over and overThe book often references the Twelve Step Program similar to AA but alcohol is replaced with food It s not completely the same but it has a foundation using that This book is individualized though You get all the tools to use but you don t necessarily have to do them any certain way and you don t have to use them all if you don t want to This is an excellent resource for someone struggling with overeating or other food issues It also has a list of other valuable resources that you can refer to if needed In addition to helping people resolve their issues with food I think this could be used generally to increase positivity in your every day life as well I m grateful to the author for sharing her book with me so that I could write this reviewI received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Admired for her authenticity Meryl Hershey Beck a licensed professional clinical counselor is appreciated and respected for her perseverance in doing the hardcore work and her clarity in finding no kidding solutions to end the misery of addictions She spent the first half of her life as a closet eater gaining weight and feeling overwrought Once she became active in 12 Step support groups th

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    Emotional eating We all do it at one point or another Sometimes we eat mindlessly when we're bored or sitting in front of the TV I know I'm g

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    Way too out there in the realm of uestionable non Christian spiritual energy sources spirits? for me I did appreciate two phrase changes we c

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    Good start but got way too religious for me

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    Start filling your heart upDo you identify with any of these statements? I am preoccupied with food eating and weight I am

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    This book helps people deal with emotional eating and has a clear 21 day plan to euip a person with the tools necessary to break destructive eating patterns When I received the book I was very excited to work with the tools so that I could better address and stop my emotional eating Below is a summary of the book and some of my exp

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    I really would give this book 45 stars The only reason is that some of it is based on OAAA I don't think that's bad in any way but

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    Stop Eating Your Heart Out is a fantastic book and I wish it was around 20 years ago Ms Beck's book is full of useful resources and exercises

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    While this book obviously addresses emotional eating and the author herself has spent decades using and teaching the techniues described within I feel that her tools are far wide reaching Meryl Hershey Beck's compassion com

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    I loved being able to preview this valuable offering while working on the copyediting and feel like I was healed in the process Whether your relationship with food is an issue or not there is much to be gained from reading and participating in the encouraging and effective program set forth in Meryl's book What

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