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summary Windjammer Run Welkin Weasels #3

Ago On their tail is the seasick Sheriff Falshed commanded by the stoat rulers to stop Sylver at any cost And if that's not bad eno

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Windjammer Run Welkin Weasels #3

Sylver and his band of weasels take to the high seas in search of the humans who mysteriously deserted the land of Welkin many years

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Ugh behind them is a ship crammed to the gunwales with bloodthirsty rats convinced that Sylver is secretly hunting a pirate's treasu

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    Sylver the weasel and his outlaw band take to the seas in The Welkin Weasels; Windjammer Run This book was phenomenal and it was a bittersweet moment when I read the last page I'm not ready to stop reading about Sylver's adventures with his outlaw band I'm not ready to stop reading about pompous Prince Point or Sheriff Falshed In this book Sylver and the outlaw band set out to sea in search of Dorma Island They believe the humans to be th

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    More enjoyable than vol 2 whimsical a bit of a nod to Alice in Wonderland and humorous too