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A father that didn’t know or want me We were doomed right from the startBut this was our romanceAnd this was our disasterAnd hopefully this would be our second chance#bikers #secondchanceromance #contemporaryromance #alphamale #spinoffseri. 45 stars for meFirst time author for me and I will definitely be reading the next one in this series I like the author s writing style and the editing was good Jesse and Laney are both products of a very dysfunctional upbringing and both children of MC members They initially meet when they are young teenagers and their relationship gradually builds over time It s not insta lust or love But the love that develops is very deep Jesse doesn t know the love of a father rather he knows only hatred shown to him by his father the MC president He and his big brother Butch are taken to the clubhouse to live when they are young after their mother dies of an overdose Laney s

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Ride or Die #1 Devils Highwaymen #1

Aid But like moths to a flame we couldn’t stay apartWe lovedWe lostWe foughtWe criedAnd then we shattered each other’s heartsJesse was a hard man a biker outlaw for the Devil’s Highwaymen MC I was Laney the daughter of a dead mother and. cheater cheaterscumbag TDTL TSTLThe hero is very full of issues and our heroine deserved better Don t go Jesse Stay with me please she said between kisses across my shoulders I don t know why you re doing this to us but please stop There s only so much I can take before you break us The whole place reeked of sweat stale beer and pussy and I fuckin loved it immediately feeling myself loosen upI didn t even use a fucking condomI slid myself out of Natasha and put myself away before buckling my jeans back up She stood up and picked her panties up off the ground uickly assessing that they d been ruined and she threw them in the trash Then

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USA Today Bestselling Author Claire C RileyRide or Die #1A Devil’s Highwaymen MC novel‘We would blow up this world and create something beautiful in its ruins’Jesse Laney 1985We were each survivors of our upbringing lost unloved and afr. 4 Stars Genre Contemporary Romance Type Book 1 of A Devil s Highwaymen MC Series POV First Person Dual Jesse Hardy was the son of the President of the Devil s highwaymen MC After the death of his mother he and his brother Butch had no choice but to live with their father They easily adjusted to their new life in the club He always felt like his father didn t liked him but he never cared because he had his brother the only true blood family he ever needed Always was just like forever a vicious lie upon an angel s lips Always died just like everything and everyone else Always was never forever Laney was the daughter of one of the

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    1 I AM SO PISSED StarI’m a huge fan of MC books I like intense reads The grittier the better After several days of searching I finally finally found a book that sucked me in right from the start The writing was good and I easily connected with the story and the characters It was angsty as hell but I’m an angst addict so I was happy And then everything went to shit And no matter what happens next nothing wil

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    We were both human and we both made mistakes but our mistakes were what made us and what defined us as people Ride or Die is the first book in A Devil's Highwaymen MC Series An MC Romance full of angst heartbreak raw fury and grit Claire C Riley offers a new riveted creation with complex characters action and a story with a beautifully broken second chance romance I fucked up real bad Jesse and Laney are both

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    4 ★★★★ Stars   Genre  Contemporary Romance Type Book 1 of A Devil's Highwaymen MC Series POV First Person – Dual   Je

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    The only thing worse than a cheater is a doormat heroine who'll let's cheater finger her AFTER confronting him for

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    #cheater #cheaterscumbag #TDTL #TSTLThe hero is very full of issues and our heroine deserved better“Don’t go Jesse Stay with me please” she said between kisses across my shoulders “I don’t know why you’re doin

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    ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewI am a huge fan of Claire's writing and was really looking forward to this bikerMC romance book This is one of my favorite genres and it isn't easy for authors to come up with new story

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    45 stars for meFirst time author for me and I will definitely be reading the next one in this series I like the author's wri

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    35 StarsThis is a new to me author and figured I'd give it a shot since I love MC stories This was good and nothing over the top There were some twists that surprised me which I really enjoyed but I think the Hh chemistry needed a little I wasn't truly sold with it really Plus this could've used a little editing as well Overall t

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    45 STARS Review to come I really enjoyed Jesse Laney storyI really liked Laney they are survivors of their upbringing Laney you can’t help but love her mother is dead and her father that didn’t know about her or want her I just really felt for LaneyJesse is a alpha male who annoyed me at times he is a biker and a hard man He keeps pushing Laney away I understood why he was doing it the you get into the bo

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    Have not read warning on about scene of unprotected sex with ow and next morning unprotected sex with h Ew

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