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Hungover Blurred Lines #2

Y want my wifeUnfortunately so does anotherEveryone’s working against usTrying to pull us apartThen one nigh.

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Twenty years ago I had an affairI was a teenagerShe was a housewifeNow she’s backAnd still wants meBut I onl.

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T changed everything I woke up hungoverNakedAnd with the wrong woman in my bed Tom's story both past and prese.

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SOME FACTS ABOUT MENATIONALITY I am a New Zealander with Croatian heritageSPORTS As a teenager my favourite sports were karate badmington and running I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team my gym teacher made me do the last one As an adult I've couched soccer and have completed two marathons numerous half marathons and one 30K run Though I have been slack of late

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